Book Review: A Season of Hope by Aanandika Sood

Aanandika Sood Book Review

A Season of Hope by Aanandika Sood is the first book that I received to review under the #BlogchatterEbook Carnival book review program 2020. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this short book written by Aanadika Soon.

Book Title – A Season of Hope (A Quite Story of Love)

Author – Aanandika Sood

Pages – 57

Genre – Fiction; Sub genre – Romance

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About the Author –

Aanandika Sood is a journalist and writer. She likes to live mostly inside a world in her own head, reading and spinning stories and wishing for a Bollywood-esque life. Often called melodramatic, she aspires to stay so till the end. She blogs about books and her parenting struggles fails (and sometimes wins) at and lives in Kolkata with her husband and two children, Bhindisood and Cutletkumar.

Book Blurb –

Walking their own paths, Amrita and Sahil had been content and busy with their own lives on two different continents. They had known each other in passing but never came very close. One fine day, destiny demanded that they come within each other’s periphery. Maybe after years of autumn, it was time now for a season of hope.

Book Review –

The book is short and well divided into chapters, keeping it simple and easy to run through as a day’s read. Cover of the book is simple yet inviting, it transpires clearly what to expect from the book – Romance and Emotions.

The language used by the author is simple with a few punches of emotional palpitations making it feel real.

The characters are built carefully, keeping in mind the progress in the story and time. The plot revolves around the protagonist couple Amrita and Sahil, who are school friends settled in their respective lives, yet missing on companionship. Along with the main lead, the supporting characters take the story forward with a well-written plot and tight narration.

The emotional connection of the characters and the city of Chandigarh is well crafted. I especially liked how she has used real brand names and locations to create a connection with the characters. Like Mocha from Overstory, Sector 17 plaza market which is well known for tourists and residents.

True to her ‘Bollywood-Esque’ inspiration, the author has also tried to bring a love triangle into the protagonist’s story. A lethal addition of attraction and career aspirations, to be fought with emotions, love, and family responsibilities.

The book has a great storyline and enjoyable to read, however, a few grammatical errors could have been avoided with good proofreading and editing. I hope the author will rectify them to keep readers engaged with the book’s feel without any hindrance.

It is a good short read and gets 4.5 stars from me. You can download your FREE copy from Blogchatter using this link –

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  1. This book looks so interesting and I will sure to check out thanks for sharing an honest review

  2. Loved the review Dipika. I wish to read the book someday. Your review was shoer and crisp, that encouraged me to read it ASAP.

  3. I love to read books with simple language and story line. Glad I read your review before Inpicked up the book. Thanks Dipika !!

    1. That sounds like an interesting love story. Writing fiction is very tough. Will go by your review and download and read this one soon. Plus will download your book too.

  4. Seems like a nice book according to your review. Grammatical errors put me off too though many of the stories and books have good concepts. I also edit content a lot.

  5. I like books that build on their characters and take through their journey. This sounds like an interesting book. Simple language sometimes is the best way to express. Will give it a read.

  6. To be honest, grammatical errors are a major turn off for me when it comes to reading books. A good storyline goes for a toss if we start losing interest due to these editorial issues. Although, after reading your review I am intrigued to read the book.

  7. Short stories and that too a romance genre is a good light weekend read. Connection with a place so strong works well only when a person visited it else the disconnect remains.

  8. From your review of A Season of Hope by Aanandika Sood sounds intriguing. Sounds crisp and well developed character with love triangle that will keep us hooked till end.

  9. This book sounds interesting a short, sweet and fast read. Thanks for your crisp and honest review. Will download both the books.

  10. When it comes to fiction I love to read romance and your review has got me excited to read this book by Aanandika.

  11. Sounds like a warm and a lighthearted read that’s perfect for a weekend read. Love the crisp review, Dipika. I’ll add this to my TBR

  12. That is a very earnest review Dipika. I will surely be picking this one up at the earliest

  13. The storyline of the book is so beautiful. I will definitely read this book . thanks for your review

  14. The book seems to be a good light hearted read. I love sweet romances and this one seems like a good one for a weekend read. Your review is very sharp and crisp, Thanks for sharing it

  15. I downloaded and read the book and I like that the language was simple and romantic that would keep the readers entact till the end.

  16. I like to read a books or novels. I think the book will be interesting as it is a romantic story. Thank you for the review.

    1. Thank you so much

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