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Know Why Home Tuition Still Best Choice for Students

Why Home Tuition is Still Best Choice for Majority of Parents. Genext Students Is The Ultimate Solution to help students and their parents. We are technology driven. Yet at the end of the day, we feel overwhelmed and accomplished by human touch and emotions. When it comes to education and upbringing of your child you […]

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Play Date with Kids at Timezone

If you are looking for a place to unwind, for the entire family, some entertainment and gaming too! I have just the right place to share with you – Timezone. An indoor gaming zone which caters kids of all age groups and of course their parents too! Last weekend, we got an opportunity to spend […]

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It’s Sleeping Time – Silence Please

Sleeping – I had many issues with it earlier, but after becoming a ‘mommy’ realisation struck me how wrong I was! Baby – “Mommy I am sleepy” Mom – Ok baby let’s go to bed… Baby – Yessss… it’s play time – on bed!! Mommy – *faints*  Don’t you agree, when the little angel arrived she had […]

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Exams & Coping Mothers

Exams & Mother’s Stress is directly proportionate… when I flashback my memories I can still see the palpable stress on my mom’s face, but today I can just smile and tell her; “Hey! mom, see I have made it through”…. The time has shifted it’s course, today I am a Mother and braving the exams […]

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Five Lessons I Learned As A Mom

  When motherhood knocked at my door, I wasn’t ready for this new role…. Contemplating many ‘WHATs‘& ‘HOWs‘ I finally took up this challenge with a confused state of mind. Slowly and steadily the new developments got sync in my system – I am going to be a Mother! As exciting the thought was; same […]

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