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Art Classes – Set Your Child Free

“Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness”.

Anni Albers (American Textile Artist)

Defined as “the use of the imagination to express ideas or feelings, particularly in painting, drawing or sculpture” in the Oxford Learners Dictionaries, I have always considered art to be one of the purest forms of expression. Art has been an integral part of our human civilizations for many centuries now.

From the days of prehistoric art to today’s contemporary art, art itself has metamorphosed drastically. It is believed that even before mankind learned how to talk, they communicated with each other using art. I am sure we have all seen visual depictions of the day-to-day lives of even the cavemen in their caves and dwellings, in books, or during our visit to archeological sites. Used to express and communicate beauty, conceptual ideas, or technical proficiency, art comes in many forms and is put to various uses by us all.

I believe that art is also a reflection of one’s state of mind. Whether it is love or anger, sadness or happiness, pain or pleasure, art depicts all these human emotions and more. Perhaps that is why, on the day my daughter, Kavyanjali was born, I had promised myself that I would definitely expose my daughter to art. However, given her super energy and hyperactivity even at 9 years of age, I honestly was not even sure if my daughter would even have the patience to sit through 15 minutes of an art session. Thanks to ZILLSKILL and its wonderful art teachers, today, not only does she sit through these sessions, but looks forward to the next. ZILLSKILL is a one-stop destination for all things extracurricular for kids.

Pablo Picasso, one of the legends in the field of visual art had said, ‘Every child is an artist…’. I truly believe art is a language that knows no boundaries and is not restricted by age.

Health And Mental Benefits of Art –

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life”

Pablo Picasso

A mother to a child, I enrolled my daughter in art classes not only for the fun element in art but also because of the various health and mental benefits it offers. In fact, when it comes to mental health, it is not uncommon to recommend ‘Art Therapy’ as one of the possible treatments. Some of the improvements I have seen in my child since enrolling in art classes include:

  • Improved Imagination: To create an object on any piece of paper as art, it takes imagination. As my kid indulges more in art, her imagination has only developed further.
  • Improved Concentration: Art has helped improve her concentration as it requires attention to detail and focus while executing.
  • Boost In Confidence: Studies show that seeing one’s completed art helps release the ‘feel-good hormone’ in humans. Art has helped bring out the best in him by boosting her confidence. You should have seen the pride on her face when her art was displayed in the school.
  • Relieved Stress: Creating art is considered similar to meditation. Creating art helps him to slow down and take a step back. It keeps her mind engaged, away from distractions, resulting in improved focus and calmness.
  • Enhanced Motor & Analytical Skills: Art encourages a lot of exchange of signals from the brain to different body parts. Art has helped in improving her motor skills and I can also see it has taught him some analytical and problem-solving skills.

Art And Its Various Types –

They say that even nature is a form of art. Perhaps that is why it is very difficult to find a specific classification for the various types of art. However, when it comes to art, it is the visual art that most adults and children feel attracted to, my daughter being no exception. Even visual arts come in many types like painting, drawing, sculpting, printmaking, photography, crafts, architecture, and many others.

Amongst all these, however, I believe the following are some of the art classes that are best suited for children of all ages:

  • Pencil Shading: A form of drawing where a pencil is used to give the drawing its form, space, and light. Using varying intensities of light and dark strokes, the drawing can even be given a 3D effect.
  • Pencil Drawing: The art of free-hand sketching using just a pencil on paper is called pencil drawing.
  • Doodle Art: In this type of art, one simply scribbles or draws aimlessly. Usually, while doodling, one starts drawing and then continues to innovate as one moves on to create unique art. These are usually abstract and random in nature.
  • Oil Pastel Drawing: The use of oil pastels to add colour to various drawings and bringing the drawing to life is called oil pastel drawing.
  • Mehendi: The use of henna (a paste formed by crushing fresh henna leaves with water) to make artistic representation or temporary henna tattoo is called Mehendi.
  • Calligraphy: Calligraphy is the visual art of decorative handwriting using pens, brushes, and other writing instruments.
  • Mandala Art: The literal translation of this Sanskrit name is a circle. In this art form, the art is formed by geometric symbols combined together. This art form is very popular for various spiritual traditions as well.
  • Photography: Capturing life on a film using a camera and then processing it to bring out images is called photography art.
  • Bottle Art: Art drawn on bottles using paint is called bottle art. The bottles could be painted fully or partially to express oneself in this form of art.
  • Pot Painting: Painting of art on pots usually made of clay or ceramic is called pot painting. This art has been in existence for centuries and is one of the oldest forms of art forms known to mankind.
  • Origami: An art of Japanese origin, origami is the art of paper folding. The name is derived from two Japanese words, ‘Ori’ and ‘Kami’ which translate to ‘paper’ and ‘folding’ respectively.
  • Tapestry: A form of textile art, the tapestry is usually done on handwoven thick textile fabric. In this art, pictures or designs are woven on thick fabrics using colored weft threads. Embroideries on a thick cloth too are considered tapestry art.
  • Warli Art: Originating from the North Sahayadri range in Maharashtra, this is a traditional art form still being practiced by tribals there. This is a great example of folk-style paintings.

Why I Believe in ZILLSKILL?

When I enrolled my daughter in ZILLSKILL when she was nearing her 9th Birthday. Like most girls I know of, she too was hyperactive, always jumping around, running around the house, and never sat in one place. I was really looking for avenues where she could channelize her energies in the right direction and that is when I was introduced to ZILLSKILL by a friend of mine. A demo session later, I found that my daughter had found an instant connection with the experienced and trained teacher at ZILLSKILL, and I knew I found the right platform for my daughter.

ZillSkill Art Classes for kids

With various activities listed, I am confident there will always be a relevant activity for my daughter on this platform until she turns 15. On ZILLSKILL, she not only got exposed to contemporary art and craft sessions but also to some unique concepts of offbeat art, like coffee art, tribal art, mandala art, etc. These extremely engaging sessions are conducted in a safe atmosphere. ZILSKILL offers a lot of options under art that my child can get exposed to. Here’s a list of all the interesting art workshops that are currently being organized by ZILLSKILL.

Here’s a little conclusion with a bonus –

Interestingly, that isn’t all. ZILLSKILL also offers a number of additional features that provide your kid a splendid experience. The Reading Corner is a gathering spot for youngsters with inquisitive minds who wish to learn about what happens under the sky and well into them. With a single click, you may access short and long blogs, an A-Z Encyclopedia of Hobbies, News Articles, Children’s Stories, and much more.

ZAP is a brilliant concept devised by ZILLSKILL. The ZILLSKILL Assessment Program is a great place to start if you’re interested in learning more about the activities forum. Gardner’s Multiple Intelligences are used to lead a kid or parent through a set of questions.

All users will benefit from the Referral Program! You’ll get more benefits if you recommend more friends to ZILLSKILL. Every user who signs up for ZILLSKILL using your Referral Code earns you up to a year of free Premium Plan membership. You can introduce friends and get a year’s worth of exclusive membership benefits.

So, what are you waiting for?, Use my referral code GLEE101 and enroll your child today to get up to 1 year of free access to the ZILLSKILL Premium Plans. I am sure you will thank me later for this. 

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