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Know it all about Google Cloud Web Hosting

Google Cloud web hosting
freelancing jobs

I chose to be a Freelancer – Women’s Choice Matters

message in a bottle

Message in the Bottle – Life’s Irony

Rima was scrubbing her gear when Gary came running towards her, little eyes beaming with excitement and heart-thumping so fast that she could hear it …

kids writing challenge #youngpentalks

Budding Writers Writing Challenge – #YoungPenTalks 2022

#YoungPenTalks – Kids Writing Challenge – Does your child have a story to share, a poem to narrate, or prose written somewhere in the corner …

best books to read in 2022

The Best Books to Read Before the End of February 2022

2022 has brought us some incredible books by some good publishers like HarperCollins. If you want to read the books that people couldn’t stop talking …

finding self

Tips to Onset on the Self-Discovering Journey

Have you ever wondered why the self-discovering journey is so much talked about on the internet? Asking self what one really wants from life is …

Horror Ficion

Man from the Shadows!

spooky tales

My Champa Tree

The magnolia trees bloomed to the full glory today, Bindiya loves standing beside the front gate to smell the fragrant breeze flowing from the orchid. …

short horror story

Mortal Burden

Karthik woke up with the humming sound coming from the backyard. He remembers shutting down and parking his thunderbird correctly, last night despite having the …

Flash Fiction

To the Moon and Back!

Vandana looked impeccable in a red and beige gown with golden peacock embroidery work from her favorite artisan. Adorning her signature heart-melting smile, she is …

story writing

And It Begins… Chapter 6

It was Maya’s birthday everyone surrounded her for a cake cutting celebration and coffee, Jatin too joined them. Maya could see tension building inside her …


Beyond Desires – Chapter 5

untold bargain

Untold Bargain – Chapter 4

The annual performance report was tabled to discuss rewards and recognition of all factory workers. Sushma awaits for this time of the year eagerly, she …

Love Story

Sweet Dilemma – Chapter 3

The Churchgate station was swarming with people hustling around to reach their destinations. As usual, Sushma reached before time thanks to the close proximity of …

romance fiction

Sharp Edges – Chapter 2

‘Isn’t this your phone, Maya?’ Jatin Kaushik asked by flashing the latest model of iPhone 12 Pro in his hands. ‘Oh, shoot…. Did I leave …

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