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short romance story

Whispers of Desire – #StorytellersBlogHop


Speaking about my life, it’s a mess. I was dumped over a text by my best friend turned fiance last week. My landlord has given me […]

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dark romantic story

The Secret Crush – Last Chapter


Aman has successfully imbalanced her equilibrium, and he is happy about it, which means she will be forced to think about him. It is going to […]

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romantic fiction

The Secret Crush – Part 5


Natasha checked the inventory with staff when the studio’s front door announced an arrival. She directed her staff to attend to the client and went back […]

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romantic fiction

Secret Crush – Part 4


Out from the work-ethics shackles, Aman was now free to follow his heart. He has the details etched in his memory forever, inadvertently his feet took […]

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secret crush part 3

Secret Crush – Part 3


Vikram was on the phone by the lawn when Natasha entered, he turned to give his signature comforting smile. He was looking a little frail, thanks […]

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romantic story

The Secret Crush Part II


Natasha is a regular at Emirates First Class, traveling more frequently than vagabonds, en route to her latest travel transitions, she was escorted by Aman – […]

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Secret Crush

The Secret Crush – Part 1


It’s a payday, and Natasha never delays her payments she knows how everyone eagerly awaits the credit notifications, including her mother in the far distant village. […]

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are we suddenly becoming anti-social

Are we Suddenly Becoming Anti-social?


Life is better with a little Laughter! Don’t you agree? But, do you see random smiling faces on the streets, in shopping malls, public places these […]

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short story

Because Life is a Choice…


Naina knows if she won’t say anything now, she will never be able to. The fight is not about her anymore, after all, she is known […]

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happy relationship

5 Open Secrets That Make A Relationship Work


Is there a foolproof strategy for a happy relationship? Any secret potion that makes a relationship work! Only if we knew, half of the world’s unhappy […]

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women who inspire

Who Inspires you the most? Women Role Models


Everyone has one person that inspires them the most. The person who makes a huge difference in your life’s decisions and everything around it. Mostly, this […]

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short love story

Little Time To Love – StoryTellersBlogHop


Sushma was wheeled into the trauma pit, the confusion and chaos were palpable across the hall. Visitors, nurses, doctors everyone hurriedly looking at the bride who […]

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Google Cloud web hosting

Know it all about Google Cloud Web Hosting


If you are a Google Cloud Platform user and you are looking for a web hosting provider to create a website, Google Cloud web hosting is […]

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freelancing jobs

I chose to be a Freelancer – Women’s Choice Matters


Why are freelancing jobs thriving and a perfect choice for women today? Before we start judging the book by its cover, let us clarify this post […]

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message in a bottle

Message in the Bottle – Life’s Irony


Rima was scrubbing her gear when Gary came running towards her, little eyes beaming with excitement and heart-thumping so fast that she could hear it from […]

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