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I am a MOM, Your Superhero! #MujheSabNahiPata

I am a Mom, and Mom knows best! Being a mom is about learning and discovering new, sometimes trivial, things that you never knew existed before. People rightly say that motherhood changes everything. It’s the phase when a free bird settles on the ground and start nurturing a new life. Motherhood is a journey, an …

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fun and learn activity box
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Keep Kids Engaged with PediaSure Fun and Learn Activity Box – #UnboxGrowth

When you have kid/kids at home, vacations can be a real challenge! No, I am not even counting the endless questions and repeated requests for outdoors. Especially if you are a nuclear family and have minimum hours in hand for child’s play. Let’s talk about some fun and learn kids activity box to keep them …

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baby development

Does Environment Influence My Baby’s Cognitive Growth?

Does environment play any role in your child’s cognitive development? I am sure most of us agree that yes, it plays a huge role. However, the real question is to what extent? There are various factors that play an influential role in the baby’s overall growth and development. Growth which begins from the time of …

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Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health

Motivating Your Child for Healthy Oral Health – The oral health is one of the greatest assets that we have as it has a great impact on the overall health apart from contributing massively to the creation of first impressions. As it is such an important aspect of our daily lives, the oral health should be …

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quick breakfast for kids
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Easy and Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

Healthy and Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipe Ideas Breakfast – The most important meal of the day, as you break your fast from the previous night, i.e. after a gap of 9 – 10 hours. Hence, breakfast should be healthy and wholesome. “Many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower …

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infant simulation brain growth
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Why is stimulation important for the Child’s Development?

Importance of stimulation to feed IQ to your baby When a child is born, so takes birth the responsibility to bring up a smart, healthy, and wise human being. We as parents provide them with the best nutrition, education, social and moral understandings. For a parent, the biggest goal of life is – see the …

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getting pregnant
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How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s

How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s – things to consider for getting pregnant during the 40s Pregnancy is one of the most special phases in the life of a woman. This is that stage when a young woman transforms into a mother having the responsibility of nurturing a new and vulnerable life. This …

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learn everything meningitis
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What You Should Know About Meningitis

How a WhatsApp discussion led me to understand Meningococcal Meningitis! We were heading towards the school exit when suddenly a lot of commotion could be seen and heard from the far distance. Teachers and ancillary staff were running to pick a student, who might have fallen due to a heat stroke. Summers in north India …

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cognitive development
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All you need to know about Infant Cognitive development

Stop worrying about infant weight, let’s talk about Infant Cognitive Development –  Motherhood brings various challenges with it, some tricky and few outright trivial. Challenges from basic hunger need to the overall development of the child. The first six months of motherhood is exclusively dedicated to nutrition and breastfeeding. When the child outgrows of our …

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breast is best
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Why is Exclusive Breastfeeding recommended?

The true Elixir of Health from Mother to Child – Breast Milk. Learn about exclusive breastfeeding baby. Social media is buzzing with exclusive breastfeeding baby posts and various activities around it. August is the national ‘breastfeeding awareness month’ focussed on – ‘What is best for your baby?’ Breastfeed is the true magic potion for babies. …

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Child eye care
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List of Most Common Children’s Vision Problems

Most Common Children’s Vision Problems – Children’s Eye Care – Children are only next to the elderly when it comes to having a weak system. In fact, there is a sharp rise in the number of children with health problems. Among these, the most common ones are eye problems. While there are many such eye …

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5 Ways to Boost Immune System in Children

Ways to Boost Immune System in Children – Monsoons bring change in weather, making colds and flu household names. Recently when daughter fell prey to seasonal flu, she had to miss on her school for a week. Kids get irritational, moody and weak with such bouts of seasonal sickness. Bitter medicines and home-brewed concoctions are …

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kids activties

5 Best Ideas to Engage Kids in Short School Breaks

5 Best ideas to Keep Kids Engaged during Short School Breaks! The onset of the second half academic year brings lots of short school breaks. Especially if you are based in Maharashtra, these small breaks can be extended for five days to a week long. Ganpati festival holidays, long weekends, Krishna Jayanti, Diwali vacation. Commencing …

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Learnings from the First time Mom

Learning from the First time Mom – baby brain food and much more. Recently during a tele conversation with sister-in-law, I learned about her pregnancy. Such a happy and ecstatic news this was. I immediately switched to ‘do’s and don’ts mode’, without even realizing how irritating it gets for mom-to-be. She gets a heavy dose …

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