Your Last Month of Pregnancy Checklist – 12 Crucial Things

last month of pregnancy checklist

Things to do in the last month of pregnancy! Just a little more time and the little cherub would be in your arms already. You have done a fabulous job so far mamma! just wait for a few more months.

Now that you’ve reached the last stage of pregnancy, and soon you’ll be giggling, talking, and feeding the little bundle of joy in your arms. You probably might have been advised to take as much rest as you can, but there are other things you should never ignore. The fabulous journey of going to be a Momma is reaping its benefits.

From packing your hospital bag to get your baby’s car seat installed, here are 12 important things to do in the last month of pregnancy to ensure a hassle-free delivery!

last month of pregnancy checklist

1. Stay Active & Healthy

With so much development taking place inside you, you need to keep up your nutritious prenatal diet and exercise routine. Try walking, swimming, and gentle stretching as they are the safest pregnancy exercises for the last trimester. Also, continue to get rest as needed, drink plenty of fluids, and don’t forget to take your prenatal vitamins, as you had been doing the past eight months.

2. Stick to Prenatal Visits

In your final weeks of pregnancy, you can expect some routine prenatal tests and examinations from your doctor to ensure both you and your baby are in good health for childbirth. Don’t skip them as they will help you avoid any late pregnancy issues (if they happen) and give your doctor a sense of whether or not you’re approaching labor. At the same time, talk to your doctor about any questions or concerns you have related to childbirth.

3. Pack Your Hospital Bag

Since you have entered the last month of your pregnancy, you may deliver your baby in the next few hours, or maybe it’ll take a week for your little cherub to arrive. You never know when you’ll go into labor; hence it’s best to pack your hospital bag beforehand. Pack up on a maternity nightdress, sanitary napkins, toiletries, nappies, wipes, a hospital gown, and whatever else you find necessary. Create a hospital bag checklist to ensure you’ll have all the essentials in the hospital.

4. Prepare for Breastfeeding

get ready for breastfeeding prenatal sessions during last month of pregnancy
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The last month of your pregnancy is also the time to brush up on your knowledge about breastfeeding. Attend a breastfeeding class, talk to other breastfeeding moms, join a local breastfeeding support group, read books, blogs, and articles about breastfeeding, and watch breastfeeding videos (they prove quite helpful for latching). Also, buy yourself a couple of nursing bras and at least two nursing pillows to help ease breastfeeding.

5. Upgrade Your Phone’s Storage

You’ll be taking a gazillion photos and videos of your little bundle of joy once he or she arrives, and this can fill up your phone’s storage capacity pretty quickly. Nothing can be annoying than cutting off your baby’s first coo video or erasing the 50 pictures of her first bath at home. Hence, be sure your phone isn’t clogged up with unnecessary things, and you have turned the backup on to avoid horrible “losing all your photos” moment.

6. Stock Up on Entertainment

Infants bottle-feed or breastfeed at least 10-12 times a day, for at least 20 to 30 minutes. So, you’ll need something to keep yourself entertained during feeding and when you get a break from caring for your little bundle of joy. As you’re going to be way too tired and sleep-deprived after childbirth, stock up on some light stuff to keep yourself engaged while laying or feeding. Having your favorite magazines or books would be nice!

7. Get Your House Ready

last month of pregnancy setup
Photo by Ömürden Cengiz on Unsplash

Instead of leaving chores for the last minute, utilize this time to clean and organize your house. Babyproof the house by making it free from dirt, dust, stains, and grime. You can seek help from a friend, family member, or a housekeeper. If you have older children and pets already, find someone to watch them while you’re at the hospital.

8. Get the Car Seat Installed

Hopefully, you have a comfy car seat already. If not, you better get one because you can’t take your newborn home from the hospital without it correctly installed — it’s a law in many countries. Take the time to install the car seat right or find a certified car seat inspection station to get help from a pro.

9. Pre-register with & Tour the Hospital

Some hospitals or birth centers allow you to pre-register before childbirth to complete the necessary paperwork and insurance ahead of time. If the same in your case, pre-register at there and take a tour. This will help you get familiar with the place and plan your route in the event of traffic. Consequently, you’ll feel more relaxed during labor and delivery.

10. Pre-Wash Baby’s Clothing

Your newborn’s skin is susceptible. Hence, it would be great to wash your baby’s going-home outfits with safe, chemical-free detergents to ensure they aren’t contaminated with harmful substances which could be irritating to your infant’s delicate skin. You can even use a gentle fabric softener to prevent the clothes from being itchy.

11. Go on a Date

last month of pregnancy go on a date
Image by BRUNA BRUNA from Pixabay

It’s tough to predict when you’ll go out alone with your better half after the baby arrives. Your little one will demand all of your attention, leaving very little time for both of you to enjoy things together. Spend a few quality moments together and make the most of the last few weeks as a couple before your family grows. Go out for meals or walk, go to the cinema, or go wherever you like!

12. Pamper Yourself

Finally, do whatever you like to pamper yourself. Treat yourself to some essential maternity clothes. Take a childbirth class and relaxing baths. Have a manicure, pedicure, haircut, or facial. Get a prenatal massage. Schedule on a date night with friends. Try taking pictures of the baby bump. Or simply try to get some more rest. Do it; you too deserve a bit of pampering!


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  1. Last few months of pregnancy are the most crucial from the preparation point of view. The best one is go on a date. It is so important to spend some quality time with your partner before the new born becomes the center of attention.

    1. While I didnt get to do much for my 2nd pregnancy,, for my 1st one, we re did the entire room to accommodate the new baby stuff. While we dont buy stuff for baby before its born, other things were organized n kept ready to welcome her. Also yes pre booking hospital also gets u good discounts on maternity packages.

  2. These are some excellent tips and I agree last month of pregnancy is crucial one . get ready with things and having a pre-planning with important stuffs always help. along with other things, pamper yourself is equally important. this is a great way to reduce pregnancy stress and having some quality “Me time”.

  3. This is an excellent checklist by the guest author. Making house ready for baby and taking visit to hospital is surely an important one in the list .

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    1. Glad you like it, thank you

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