Why is Exclusive Breastfeeding recommended?

breast is best

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The true Elixir of Health from Mother to Child – Breast Milk. Learn about exclusive breastfeeding baby.

Social media is buzzing with exclusive breastfeeding baby posts and various activities around it. August is the national ‘breastfeeding awareness month’ focussed on – ‘What is best for your baby?’ Breastfeed is the true magic potion for babies. The power-packed nutritional jab which helps them survive the most crucial period of life.

I remember the pre-natal counseling sessions we attended six years ago. We learned about nutrition and the advantages of breastfeeding baby exclusively for the first six months. When the baby was born through natural birthing, she was immediately handed to be fed. That first time latches and struggles to get it right etched a memory in me forever.

Do you know that the vital nutrition and antibodies pass to the baby through breast milk? These valued antibodies help babies fight infections and viruses and enhance the survival chances.

Breast is Best – benefits of Breastfeeding Baby

Breastfeeding baby exclusively or exclusive breastfeeding for the first six months is crucial, as it’s the ideal food for new-born. Packed with the power of nutrients and minerals, antibodies, DHA and natural vitamin E. When we say ‘exclusively’ it means only thorough breastfeed. Baby must be breastfed within the first hour of birth with Colostrum, the first yellowish milk breasts produce, and is rich in antibodies. ‘Baby’s first immunization.

exclusive breastfeeding baby essential tips

Breastfeeding your baby is a heavenly feeling, a delight which fills the heart with contentment. Though it is not always easy for new moms. With the right care, support system, and nutrition one can sail smoothly through the breastfeeding phase. Mother’s nutrition is as important as that of a child’s.

Do you know babies who are exclusively breastfed have natural immunity against infections? Such as meningitis, stomach infections, ear-eye infections, and lower respiratory diseases?

Breastfeeding also has some long-term advantages for the mother. Exclusive breastfeeding reduces the chances of breast cancer and postpartum depression.

Breastfeeding boosts intelligence in babies

exclusive breastfeeding baby

Many researches have hinted at the connection between breastmilk and baby’s intelligence or cognitive growth. Through mothers’ milk, DHA and natural vitamin E passes on to the babies. DHA is a known attribute for brain development.

Breastfeeding baby also improves cognitive development and growth at the age of 5 years. As per research conducted by the UK Millennium Cohort Study. According to the study, “breastfed children are smarter in vocabulary skills and are likely to perform well in school studies.”

FeedIQ is a term widely used for activities and techniques used for boosting baby brain development, from the birth to first six months. As mothers, our role is vital in the process of cognitive development. We provide an immediate environment to our babies, which makes us their nurturers from birth to later stages of life.

Breastfeeding baby – Nutritional Facts

breastfeeding babies

Essential fatty acids like DHA (docosahexaenoic acid) are key building blocks of baby’s brain development. The role of DHA and other essential fatty acids is to build neurons and bind the brain cells for effective functioning. But does the body create DHA by itself? The answer is no, it does not. Hence the baby has to depend on external sources for this essential nutrient. Mother’s milk is the right source of DHA and essential fatty acids, combined with natural vitamin E. The natural Vitamin E benefits include powerful anti-oxidant properties that prevent any oxidative damage of DHA.

Hence, the mother’s nutrition is the first priority. During lactation phase, our body passes through various changes and we need to keep it nourished. Health supplements like Abbott’s Simmom IQ+ help during lactation with a healthy supply of nutrients to the baby as well as the mother.

Breastfeeding Baby boosts cognition & sensory growth

Cognitive development is a process, breastfeeding a nutritious diet for the baby is just one stage of it. FeedIQ begins well before child’s birth, in fact from the pregnancy itself, when a mother’s womb provides the right nutrition to boost the fetal growth. Mother’s milk is the best nutrition with DHA to boost brain development in the baby. During later stages, there are various brain-boosting activities that help make children smarter.

Infants should be exclusively breastfed for the first six months of life to achieve optimal growth, development, and health.

This is the reason experts and nutritionist advocate exclusive ‘breastfeeding’ for the first six months. (Though the tenure can extend, first six months are crucial.) Breastmilk is a true elixir for baby’s brain and holistic development.

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  1. Very rightly said. breastmilk is the elixir of Life and gives baby all the nourishment it needs in the first 6 months of its life.

  2. Yes, breast is the best and breast milk is the elixir of life. It is an experience which helps both mom and baby and also helps in raising a healthy baby.

  3. So true, breastmilk is the elixir of health for the baby. Breastmilk has so many benefits, much more than just providing nutrition. Baby’s proper brain development & good health depend on the brain boosting nutrients provided by the breastmilk.

  4. Breast feeding is best for health and development of the baby. It’s importance cannot be stressed enough as breastfeeding has long-term benefits which last right into adulthood.

  5. There can be no alternative to mother’s milk which is undoubtedly the best for an infant. You have highlighted the benefits comprehensively

  6. This is a really informative post .i hope such awaeeawar raising posts help bring changes in our HR policies at offices.

  7. Mother’s milk is always precious for her baby. I remember how much content I used to feel when I breastfed both my kids.

    1. Yes Geet, thanks a lot for reading.

  8. I did EBF and really its good. I also sugget all new moms for EVF. I took 6 months leave for this. Motherhood is not an easy job.

    1. True Sayeri, motherhood is tough. Thanks for reading.

  9. My friend is expecting, I will be sharing this helpful post with her soon. It will help answer all her queries.

    1. Thank you Mayuri.

  10. There were times when I weaned off my daughter that I actually missed breastfeeding. A very useful post, Dipika!

    1. In understand Anshu, felt the same when daughter was weaned off.

  11. This is so useful post for every mom, not only for new moms but also for fathers who should know the power of BFD …you just nailed the post

  12. True buddy, I exclusively breastfed my kid too also for the reason that he was lactose intolerant and thus BM became twice more necessary.

    1. Oh yes, then it becomes all the more crucial to provide the right nutrients and well feed the baby. Thanks for sharing Roma.

  13. Breastmilk is the most important thing for a baby. You’ve rightly pointed out the benefits.

  14. This is a treasure trove of information, Dipika. This is definitely helpful for non-parents and new mommies alike. I will share with my friends. Thanks a lot.

  15. Ma ka dudh sach me amrit hi hota hai, maine bahut saal.piya n mujhy uska swaad aaj is age me bhi yaad hai ??
    Apni bitiya ko bhi maine kaafi tym tak breastfeeding karwaya
    Aapki post bahut hi informative hai, sabko ye information milni bahut jarurui hai ??
    ?????? Good job dear

  16. I use to talk to the baby in my womb -that u wil be exclusively breastfed until 6 months and then till we can go on. N I’m so happy it worked well

  17. Hats off for the time that you would had dedicated for such a detailed blog on such a sensitive topic. Beautiful blog will definitely share the same with my other friends too. Thank you for sharing!

  18. Absolutely, breastmilk is the elixir of life! Extremely important for the first 6 months of a baby’s life.

  19. Very nice and informative post. Definitely sharing with new mums and mums-to-be.

  20. It is the best if you are able to BF your bubs. Nothing compares to mother’s milk.

  21. My doctor advised for EBF. It has so many benefits. Its not only good for the baby, it has good benefits for mother too.

  22. It is amazing to know how breastfeeding plays such a crucial role in the baby’s growth and development and how exclusive breastfeeding for 6 months can provide the baby with all the essential nutrients to fight off infections and promote brain development. Very informative post.

  23. Breast feeding is very essential for babies. New born babies’ should only be fed breast milk because it’s important for them!

  24. I really hope the fashion to formula feed stops with out generation. Breast milk is truly the elixir for babies.

  25. I have seen women give up breastfeeding by 6th month but I couldn’t deny my child her nutrition. So I have kept at it even tho she turns 2 in oct. I truly feel such posts should be written on a massive scale and shared as well.

  26. This is such a motivation boosting post for new mums or those who are expecting. In countries like England and America, breastfeeding workshops are carried out to where all important information is given and there are also breastfeeding clubs where new mums can come with child so they can talk and child out with other mums while also motivate others who are struggling to breastfeed.

  27. Indeed exclusive breastfeeding have so many benefits both for baby and mother. Get to learn more about breastfeeding via this post

  28. Motherhood is not an easy job. It needs special care, responsibility as well. Requesting all mothers for EBF because its going to help your child’s brain development.

  29. Amazing and informative post. Vitamin E and DHA is very necessary for the kid’s brain development. Very insightful thoughts.

  30. Breastfeeding is certainly one of the most important topics which needs to be discussed to eradicate certain issues.

  31. Informative post! Loved it

  32. Breast milk is the ideal food for any baby, for the best growth and development mentally, emotionally and physically. Very nice post..

  33. Nothing can match breastfeeding values and it is certainly best for kids.Your post is really helpful for many moms…

  34. Breast milk is rightfully called liquid gold and elixir. Theres just no end to its benefits.

  35. Breast milk is best for baby. I breastfeed both my babies for 2year as i know the advantage of breast milk and want to have that boosting power

  36. Loved this post! informative and crisp. Loved your blog too, all the articles are amazing

  37. I know EBF is not so easy. I am saying it from my own experience. But I did that for 6 months.

  38. Indeed Breastmilk is the golden gift a mom can give to her child. With its immense benefits it also makes the mother-baby bond stronger.

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  40. No matter how many good formula feeds come up, nothing can replace breastfeeding! Breast milk has so many amazing nutrients!

  41. A sensitive topic beautifully written.Breast milk is a baby’s best friend but sometimes you may need help.Great post.

    1. True that Amrita. Thank you for stopping by.

  42. Very well written and informative article. Exclusive Breastfeeding and that within the 1st hour are new information for me.. Thanks for sharing this.

  43. This is such a useful post. Though my son could not latch due to medical emergencies but I have him breast milk via bottle. I used to pump it out to make sure he gets the nutrition. I am determined for my next child . Thanks for sharing x

  44. No doubt breast milk helps in cognitive growth and also strengthens bond of mother and baby.

  45. Yes breast milk is the best milk for babies. My daughter will turn 2 next month and I still breastfeed her. Very informative post. I have been told by doctor’s even to give up breastfeeding but I would never do that. Not until I feel that my child is getting enough nutrition already.

  46. As you mentioned first six months is crucial in baby’s nutrition .Breast milk is the best food during that time. Thanks for creating awareness on this topic.Much needed.

  47. Breast milk is very important for a baby, it has got all the essential nutrients that a baby needs in the first six months and it also helps in developing a stronger immune system!

    1. Absolutely! That’s the reason it’s called Liquid Gold. Thank you for stopping by.

  48. learnt so many new things. Thank you for writing.

    1. Thank You

  49. Very very informative post. Karma was also exclusively breastfed till she was 7 months old thanks to the right support and information. Really appreciate the fact that you started with the importance of colostrum as feeding of that is within the first hour still not widely practiced across India. It’s such an important point for moms to know! 🙂

  50. I can vouch for all these points as i have EBF my kid and even extended BF, I agree that babies who are exclusively breastfed have natural immunity against infections such as meningitis, stomach infections, ear-eye infections, and lower respiratory diseases. Also they turn out to be very independent too.

  51. Exclusive breastfeeding is recommended till 6 months as it has several benefits for the baby as well as the mother. You have covered all the points in your post, it’s a must read post for new parents.

  52. I have done with EVF and I feel happy for that. Evry mom wants to give the child the best care and love. Like this, EVF is imp and beneficial for mom and baby both.

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