3 Most Common Eye Problems in Children

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The Most Common Eye Problems in Children – Children Eye Care – Children are only next to the elderly when it comes to having a fragile body system. In fact, there is a sharp rise in the number of children with health problems. Among these, the most common ones are eye problems in children. While there are many such eye problems, a few among them are rather common. Here, we are going to list out all of these and explain in brief how you can have them treated by a reputed children’s eye care specialist.

children's eye care

Most Common Eye Problems in Children

Children have a natural predisposition to developing several eye problems because of genetic and environmental factors. However, unlike adults, they might be unaware of this problem or simply not be able to tell you about them.

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So, it is up to you as their parents, guardians or well-wishes to ensure that any eye problems you suspect they might have been diagnosed. This is the first step towards helping them get treatment, if necessary and helping them lead a better life.

Now, let us tell you the most common eye problems found in children these days.

1 Nearsightedness

eye problems in children

Myopia or near-sightedness is a very common eye problem in children. It is important to spot this condition quickly or the problem might grow bigger and demand more aggressive treatments in laser surgery. If you child sits too close to the TV or has trouble viewing things at a distance, you should have their eyes checked out.

For myopia, the best children’s eye care treatment is prescription glasses. This is the safest and most effective method opted by many optometrists. However, you need to ensure that your child(ren) wear their glasses all throughout their day. Select a good lightweight frame to ease them into wearing them. Also, be sure to visit eye doctors routinely to keep track of eye power.

2. Long-Sightedness

most common eye care problems in children

Hyperopia or long-sightedness is another very common eye problem in children. It is characterized by children being unable to see things that are closer to them unclearly. This often results in them being unable to do simple things like reading, writing or even using a computer properly. If you see your child struggling with a school textbook or squinting at a screen from afar, you should have their eyes tested for hyperopia.

The treatment for this condition is again prescription glasses. Another alternative is contact lenses or even laser surgery. A reputed and reliable optometrist will be able to guide you towards the best treatment for your children. Be sure to learn all the necessary steps from your eye doctor for treating hyperopia and all related children’s eye care.

3. Lazy Eye

Children eye care common eye problems in children

Amblyopia or lazy eye is one more common eye problem. But unlike the first two on our list, this one is easy to detect. If your child has a squint in one eye or their eyelid droops on one side, then they might have this condition. You should visit a children’s eye care specialist soon to get it diagnosed and seek the proper treatment.

One can get amblyopia for several reasons like weak eye muscles, focus problems in one eye or even congenital cataracts. The treatment will be based on the diagnosed cause of the condition. However, in all cases, regular check-ups to ensure the corrective measures are doing their job.


While these three vision problems in children are the most common. There are a number of others like conjunctivitis and pre-septal or orbital cellulitis that you should also get to know. Be sure to visit a reliable eye doctor routinely and immediately in case of emergencies to ensure long-term eye health for your children.


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  1. Bahut useful post hai, kitni information hai ??
    Aapki post se yaad aaya mujhy bhi eyesight test karwana hai ?? thanks dear

  2. Something’s are always better to take care before it’s too late …there are so many eye related problems which need to be understood and taken care before

  3. As a routine check up, I need to take my son to an eye specialist and get his eyes tested too. Thanks for sharing this post xx

  4. We should not neglect this and go for eye’s test in short interval , it should be taken care before

  5. When it comes to children, nothing should be ignored. This is a very informative post. I will share it with my friends and family too.

  6. I had this experience first hand recently when my daughters incomplete work was blamed on distractions but during a routine eye check-up we realized she needs glasses

  7. Actually, there are a lot many eye problems which we can face as kids and being parents we really need to consult a right ophthalmologist. I myself had eye glasses very early in life.

  8. My kid is watching too much videos. I am afraid and I will go for a eye checkup soon. Thanks for sharing this post.

  9. This is very informative and all parents should be aware of this. My daughter had the habit of watching too much of nursery rhymes. I have shifted her focus now in other creative things.

  10. this is an amazing write up, and so informative. my son has been complaining of blurry vision from distance in his class, i have to take him to doctor soon

  11. I have a focal problem in one eye and never told my parents and it led to me developing short sightedness with 2.5 power! I urge every parent to get their kids an eye checkup! It is very important!

  12. that’s a very informative and helpful post.its very important for parents to get their kids eye checked.

  13. Very insightful article. I have short sightedness and I often worry that my child my also suffer the same. However, I will keep my eyes open, pun intended, now that I have come across these symptoms.

  14. now days kids are watching videos and playing games in mobile. It actually causes the harm. Thanks for sharing such alarming post

  15. The change in lifestyle of children lead to some of the eye problems. Indeed being responsible parents we should be aware of this

  16. All children, even those with no signs of trouble, should have their eyes checked at regular intervals. We should always aware of it..

  17. Eye exam should be taken seriously like annual.check up. Usually, parents tend to wait until there is any problem. But it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  18. Eye sight problem has literally become common these days. Thank you for sharing such informative post.

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    1. Agree! Digitization has its benefits and so has fails. Thank You.

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