5 Ways to Boost Immune System in Children

Ways to Boost Immune System in Children – Monsoons bring change in weather, making colds and flu household names. Recently when daughter fell prey to seasonal flu, she had to miss on her school for a week. Kids get irritational, moody and weak with such bouts of seasonal sickness.

Bitter medicines and home-brewed concoctions are not an easy task for children. Diminished appetite, weight loss, fatigue, leave them drained out of all bodily strength. But there are many ways to boost immunity in kids.

Germs lurking at most common places, ready to attack the vulnerable targets. Kids using common drinking places at school, sweating under the sun for outdoors, soiled clothes in monsoons, unclean hands, and feet. These all invite the whole army of germs or parasites to attack. We may not be able to control germs but can definitely boost kids immunity.

Ways to Enhance Immune System in Childen

1. Stop the Junk

We are guilty of introducing junk to kids, aren’t we? I remember the first time gave her ‘deep fried french fries’ from this famous Junk food joint. Indian cuisine has a plethora of options for healthy snacking, transform unhealthy munching with healthy snacking. Deep fried or instant food lack nutrition and minerals. Cheat days are allowed, but don’t let junk, not overpower healthy eating habits.

There are many healthy snacking options available, read  Munching Time – Best Snacking options for Kids.

Preservatives are as bad as junk, as a mother it is our responsibility to stop any kind of misleading intake by kids. Packed fruit juices, instant mixes, ready-to-eat foods, and many other processed food items are harmful in long run. Control the intake limit of processed food and preservatives in the child’s diet.

2. Immunity Boosters – Power Gummies

Immune system booster

Power Gummies Kids are delicious soft chewable gummy bear candies, packed with Vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Power Gummies are packed with clinically proven ingredients that supplement the child’s nutritional needs for healthy development and growth. It helps in improving immunity, strengthens bones and joints.

At times daily food intake is not sufficient for the nutritional requirements, that’s when health supplements come in picture. Having 2/3 power gummies candies in a day post meals is an ideal dose of growing kids. It helps to meet the energy requirements of your growing child to keep them fit and active.

Power Gummies kids come in two variants – Calcium & Multivitamins.

The best part with these cute little edible gummies is – they come in some delicious flavors. Immunity booster supplements help kids grow and enhance their ability to fight with deadly viruses or diseases. To get your own healthy dose of Power Gummies click here.

3. Give them Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

This is the first tick on our checklists, however, we must aim to provide them a healthy dose of farm fresh food. Vegetables and fruits are the right sources of natural vitamins, minerals, and anti-oxidants.

Whole fruit is a better option than the juices. Make fruits and vegetables a regular habit in the child’s food intake. Give fresh fruits and vegetables in smaller quantities, four to five times in a day. Diet rich with fresh fruits and veggies boost child immune system and protect them against incessant cold and flu.

We follow seasonal fruits diet routine, add the seasonal fruits and vegetables in daily diet. Salads are right source of natural fiber, make sure to give a bowl (depending on the age) full of fresh veggies to kids.

Add one-fruit-a-day schedule in the school tiffin box. Kids sit together to eat in school they polish off the fruits without any hassles.

boost kids immune system

Teach them Hygiene and Cleanliness

Clean hands reduce 50% chances of catching deadly infections or flu. Make this a regular habit at home.

[ctt template=”3″ link=”0BjIC” via=”yes” ]’Cleanliness is next to Godliness’ – Mahatma Gandhi[/ctt]

make sure they clean their hands frequently, especially before and after meals. Hand sanitizers are another way of keeping hands germ free. Make sure to provide them with one at school, the most common place to catch infections.

We trust Godrej Protekt handwash and hand sanitizer for complete germ-free protection. Safe on child’s delicate skin, but tough on germs. Check out their entire range for protection against germs here.

Basic cleanliness is a good habit, explain kids the need of cleanliness. But first make sure, we teach only when we follow the same ourselves. I emphasize on strict organizing, storing things properly, using only what is needed and never hoard any stuff. By following these easy rules, we can bring major changes in kids lifestyle.

5. Do Not Self-medicate your Child

The most common mistake we inadvertently commit is self-medication. However, strong our motherly instincts prompt, keep away from giving medicines to kids without expert approval. We usually keep OTC drugs for common colds and flu.

Mild syrups or home remedies are fine, but repeating the medicines from earlier prescriptions are a big NO. Let the experts decide on what is right for the child when it comes to medication. Over dependency on medication play havoc with the body’s self-defense mechanism.

Also, try to observe the child’s allergy triggers. For example – many kids are allergic to dairy products, so they should avoid any food item related to dairy produce. Discuss the reasons for medication with your medical advisor and aim to curtail medicinal dependency as much as possible.

These are a few easy ways to boost the immune system for kids, we also have many superfoods which provide strength to fight colds and flu. Will share such a list of superfoods soon with you. Till then keep children safe and protected against infections and common flu.


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  1. Helpful post hai ??
    Sach me self medication to hume kabhi bhi nahi karna chaiye aur hygiene n cleanliness to must hai hi

  2. I really like your pointers but yes strongly believe that we should not be self declared doctor for our kids

  3. I always thought my daughter about Hygiene and Cleanliness and it’s the best way to strong immune system..

  4. Power gummies! Now that’s a good option for kids. It’s a cause of constant worry to boost kids’ immunity system. Something like this is a win win for parents as well as kids!

  5. I really loved the points you mentioned. For immunity what I personally feel is let kids eat healthy and play outside or any one physical exercise should be there in daily routine to stay fit always.

  6. Healthy eating and helping children learn the importance of hygiene and cleanliness can really help boost a childs immune system and protect them from these bouts of illness!

  7. Children have the weakest immune systems. So, it is necessary for us parents to make sure that the kids are eating right in order to build a great immune system.

  8. Actually I applaud that you shared the opinion of self medicating a child. It’s really painful to see parents giving cough syrups for sneezing from the prescriptions, without knowing the real cause. Immunity building is a challenge but I believe to opt for traditional way.

  9. I try hard to give best in food . Give chawamparash and power gummies too my baby, to make their immunity strong . JUst eat healthy and stay healthy but my fussy eater make my all hardwork waste many times.

  10. I am so glad your first pointer is about Junk Food. Somehow we Moms feel that our love does not show up till we treat them to sweets and cakes and more. And that compromises their immunity seriously

  11. Kids have really weak immune system and we as parents have to be extremely careful specially with their diet so that their immunity becomes strong

  12. I make sure my kids eat healthy but along with that a dose of multivitamins is essential, I feel. Power gummies are a great option which kids will gobble up like chocolates!

  13. Power Gummies look good options the kids anyways eat more chocolate, this seems good option

  14. I try to give my baby dose of multivitamin and I think these power gummies are indeed helpful in boisting the immune system in children

  15. I am so against the junk food when it comes to my little one and I am glad he cooperates when it comes to ice creams, chocolates. Though still he is prone to throat infections and I am still trying to find ways to solve this. Thanks for the post!

  16. Can we adults have these gummies too? I have always been low on immunity since childhood! I hope this would benefit me too and anyway I love gummies ?

  17. Yes right food is important but we can’t deny the fact that kids supplements are also required since we can’t force kids to always eat balanced diet.

  18. I support clean eating even for kids. they help in boosting immunity naturally.

  19. Very useful tips ? Thanks for sharing

  20. A healthy ,clean ans balanced diet is great for kids but as you said, kids are not always in a mood to eat healthy diet and in that case we definitely need kids supplements.

  21. I too agree with what u HV written ,we should not go for self medication n eating healthy is a must

  22. Thanks for sharing such useful tips

  23. Important points.
    Kids must have home-food, rather than junk-food. Proper nutrition is necessary.

    1. Thank you Anita, glad you like it.

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  25. Good informative post But I have a little doubt -are these gummies really beneficial ?

    1. Yes Monika, these are. My daughter is taking these on daily basis, and that is the reason I have mentioned it in the post.

  26. Considering the world we are living in, it’s critical out children have a strong immune system. I too do so if the above except give boosters.

    1. Absolutely! Thank you for stopping by and reading.

  27. Very informative post . Love all the tips you mentioned.

    1. Thank you Rashmi.

  28. Are the power gummies easily available in all the medical stores ??

    1. Gitanjali these gummies are available online. You can get in touch with Power Gummies social media handles and they can help you.
      Thank you for reading.

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