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Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

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Munching Time – Best Healthy Snacks for Kids

My Love for good food is never hidden, I enjoy food be it at home or outside. Yes, I am guilty of being a Foodie! Grew up tasting some beautiful & humble dishes + generous portions. Yes, who doesn’t acknowledge the Punjabi hospitality?

Well before I further dwell more on love for food, let’s talk about healthy lifestyle and food. It keeps us going, make us healthy, fit, provides much-needed energy or can do the exactly the adverse – Choice is ours. You ask a mother what concern’s her the most – her first response will be – kid’s eating habits. Researchers believe due to unhealthy eating habits in kids – ailments like obesity, hypertension, diabetes is very common in children.

One such distraught mom told me once – “See how weak my Golu looks, doesn’t eat anything that I make at home“. However, Golu looks perfectly fine, in fact, a little over chubby. Another friend once mentioned how her child is too much into sweets, like cakes, candies, chocolates. These all account for unhealthy eating lifestyle.

Best Healthy Snacks for Kids to beat untimely hunger

There are plenty of healthy snacking options for untimely hunger pangs and also keeps you lite on the tummy. (Please don’t torcher those poor intestines). Sharing few of the easy healthy snacks we can give to kids.

1. Salads or Raw Veggies – serves as best healthy snacks option

My young lady loves munching on veggie sticks, I have been giving her since teething time. Celery, carrot, cucumber sticks or even tomato wedges. I give her couple of these healthy powerhouse sticks 30 minutes before mealtime. She enjoys having her easy yummy snacks over chattering about her day at school. This helps me in feeding her goodness of raw veggies and also keeping her engaged in healthy conversation.

best healthy snacks

2. Nuts of Life – Eating Healthy

Nuts are very important for health and are easy to digest. Packed with the nutritional goodness of Vitamins, Minerals, Energy, Anti-oxidants & Omega 3 fatty acids. You just have to give them a handful of these power-packed nuts. She likes them a little roasted or with raisins. Another healthy option to kill the hunger & add nutritional value to kids lifestyle.

3. Oats and Veggies – best healthy foods

We love to have cutlets in breakfast, she and her Dad are a fan of homemade veggie cutlets. At times I also pack these for her tiffins. Recently I tried cutlets with oats and puffed rice, it turned out crispier than usual and tastier too. A delicious healthy recipe made with boiled veggies and sauteed to perfection, or can be baked too.

Another dish with oats and veggies is porridge, we love it and make this quite often. In fact, she has been eating vegetable and oats porridge since got her pearly whites. Preparing healthy and delicious baby food is very easy, check out Baby Brezza on thinkbaby.

4. Fruits for Life

I love the fact that we live in a country with varied tastes, regions and seasons. All have their own specialties-  like the onset of summers bring citrus happiness in abundance in Oranges. Ratnagiri’s famous Mangoes – Alphanso. Apple from the high mountains. We get the immense variety of fruits and I made a habit to have a seasonal taste at home for snacking. A special rule to it – NO unseasonal fruit is allowed at home – that means artificially riped.

5. Homemade Snacks for binging

They say ‘do as the Romans do, when in Rome‘; so how can we leave the temptation of farsaan (local deep-fried snacks) when in Mumbai. Make them healthy, and at home (if possible). A huge variety in healthy baked/roasted munchies is also available in the market. I usually prepare them at home, by replacing few ingredients into whole wheat grains and by baking. Tea time seems incomplete without ‘methi thepla’ (thin fenu-greek flatbread) or suji toasts (semolina rusk).

These are a few of my favorite snacking options at home. I also give her plenty of protein via eggs, the richness of cheese and curd smoothies on odd-even days. This keeps the mundane out of eating and we enjoy our palate. Hope you like these healthy options for snacking, do share yours in the comments below. Healthy can be tasty too, like Cookies and Cream.


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  1. That’s delightful list to keep the munch alive for moms and kids. I also prefer salads and eating oatmeals to keep me healthy
    Interesting post, enjoyed a lot
    Thanks for sharing
    Dr Bushra
    Do visit mineN for Necessary Exercise during Pregnancy

    1. Thank You so much for reading & liking it Doc.

  2. Very useful post for all young moms. Thanks for sharing this, Dipika !!!

    1. Thanks for reading dear

  3. Very useful post for moms. We always struggle to find healthy munching options. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks a lot dear for liking & reading. Love

    2. Thanks a lot for reading and liking.

  4. What you mentioned is right! we should always include veggies and fruits in snacks. My kids love fruits anytime but I haven’t introduced them to oats yet.

    1. Hey thanks for stopping by and reading. Oats is healthy we moms know it, but making it yummy snack is tricky… try it by adding little in cutlets or crusty finger food.
      Thanks for connecting…

  5. fabzindia says:

    I think many of us underestimate the power of snacks – the fact that they can energize as well as the fact that they can lead to overeating! These are some great practical suggestions for the whole family!

    1. Thanks a lot for stopping by & reading ?

  6. Thats a great list Dipika. Only if all the moms understand this and follow this. Thanks for always linking up with us for #MondayMommyMoments

    1. It’s a pleasure always to write for #MMM..
      Thanks for liking & reading. Love

  7. Fabulous Mom Life says:

    I loved all the options! Roasted nuts, finger fruits like grapes, muesli etc are our favorite healthy snacks.

    1. Yes healthy options can be tasty too ?
      Thanks for reading.

  8. I usually go back to fruits and nuts!! Easy to eat and carry around too

    1. Yes Fruits & Nuts are the best options available. Thanks for reading & liking.

  9. Amazing ideas. I usually rely on fruits and nuts but am going to try the other options you have mentioned. Thanks for sharing..

    Sharing our experiences recently published

    1. Thanks Neha for reading and liking the idea. 🙂

    1. Thanks Smita for reading and liking it.

      1. ??

  10. alpanadeo says:

    Very informative post. I liked the idea of veggie and oatmeal cutlets. And very true, it’s always way healthier to make snack at home instead of eating junk. This way kids gets to learn the importance of healthy eating habits.

    1. Hey Thanks Alapana for stopping by and reading. I truly appreciate your time and value your feedback.

  11. Shub says:

    Wonderful info here! If we stick to homemade food and simple recipes, health will be maintained and improved in every way.

    1. Thanks for reading & commenting. Much appreciated

  12. Wow I am loving all the options, raw vegetables are good options!!! I love farsaan 🙂


    1. Thanks Richa for reading & liking.

  13. I like the list because its healthy and solves hunger problem… do share your recipe for oats cutlet …

    1. Thanks a lot for liking it, sure would love to serve you over coffee 😉

      1. I am looking forward 🙂 🙂

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  15. Extreme vital list you have created my dear and I am glad you have such healthy choices for the kiddo’s snacking, kudos!

  16. interesting post about foods

  17. Nice compilation for kids (and parents of course). It’s hard to feed the kids, but I think fruits and nuts are something that they wouldn’t refuse normally. And, then delicious recipes can always be cooked with healthy ingredients.

    1. gleefulblogger says:

      Thank You, Kishore, yes true and if the habit of healthy eating in the family is induced since the very beginning Kids adapt to it. Thanks for stopping by.

  18. I’m always ready for Oats Upma, one of my fav dishes.

  19. It’s a good article to refer to when planning kids meals and snacks. Donshare some more home made snack options.

  20. jhilmildsaha says:

    These are the best and healthiest options for kids. Semolina rusks are my favourite too and i often give my daughter to snack.

  21. I love salad and nuts! Salads are soooo amazing, I can munch on them as much as I want without regret… I love nuts too, but i cannot control the amount and I grow horizontally! ?

  22. Nisha Malik says:

    Nuts are my favorite. I love munching them to cure my untimely hunger pangs. Salad is something I can’t have my meal without.

  23. My son is very selective about his food habits. But he too likes nuts especially cashew nut but he is very picky eater in terms of fruits and vegetable. Working on it. 🙂

  24. flavorsofworld says:

    Very nice and useful post.. I always try to make something unique for my angel.. thanks for sharing this

    1. Ria says:

      Great post !!! #clickwithinstax

  25. Papri Ganguly says:

    I believe that fruits are the best snacks for kids.

  26. These are some of the best food lists.. Fruit is very ideal snacks for kids..

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  30. Ruchi Verma says:

    I really needed such post to know what to make for kids so that they are happy your quick and easy recipe are beat …will try soon

  31. Heer Jalundhwala says:

    Nuts and home made snacks are good. The main thing is making them eat veggies and fruits. That’s a real challenge. And also I agree that diabetes and cholesterol problems have become too common lately.

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