Easy and Quick Kid-Friendly Breakfast Ideas

quick breakfast for kids
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Healthy and Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Breakfast ideas
Photo by Phil Hei on Unsplash

Breakfast – The most important meal of the day, as you break your fast from the previous night, i.e. after a gap of 9 – 10 hours. Hence, breakfast should be healthy and wholesome.

“Many studies have linked eating breakfast to good health, including better memory and concentration, lower levels of “bad” LDL cholesterol, and lower chances of getting diabetes, heart disease, and being overweight.” ref – WebMD

Breakfast scenes two years ago – Getting kids to sit and have a proper breakfast is the toughest task in a mother’s life. I had these toughest three years when little missy would refuse to eat or drink anything in the morning. The breakfast scenes became a daily horror and her little tummy would stay hungry for many hours. However, a little over three years, she showed some mercy on her sobbing mother and the food started staying inside until it got digested. Ever since then, we are having a proper breakfast every single morning.

What they want to eat?

You give them the choice and the first reply would be – not now! Healthy food and dishes churn out from home kitchen would be on the lowest fold of the list even when they mention what to eat. If you commit a mistake of asking them – ‘What do you want to eat today at breakfast?’ the answer will put you in further misery. ‘Give the same thing again Mom – cereals and milk, scrambled eggs, or whatever!

Didn’t I tell you – Motherhood is the wackiest job on the Earth! Being the mothers of these smart kiddos, now even we know a few hacks to turn the junk food into healthy and quick delicacies.

Quick and Healthy Kid Friendly Breakfast Recipe Ideas

Healthy Idli or Veggie Dosa

Idli as healthy kid-friendly breakfast ideas

I always keep freshly made idli/dosa batter in my refrigerator. Kids love these fluffy rice balls and yummy crisp dosa, plus its easy to make early in the morning if you are handy with the procedure. Make plain idli, serve with butter or coconut chutney. I avoid going with elaborate ‘sambhar’ exercise in the mornings. Dosa is easy to make on the hot griddle, and to make it extra healthy, add mixed veggie mash as inner masala.

Veggie/ Eggs burrito or Rolls

We love finger food, and this is one of the best breakfast ideas of wholesome food in the morning. These rolls can also be given in the child’s tiffin box as it’s non-drippy and easy to make in early rush hours.

I prefer the filling of green vegetables like cauliflower, green peas, corn, methi (fenugreek) sabji, cabbage, etc. You can also make paneer (cottage cheese) or scrambled egg rolls. Stuff the filling into whole wheat chapati, add a little tomato sauce and voila delicious roll/ burrito is ready to be gorged on.

Vegetable / Cheese Sandwich

vegetable sandwich kid friendly breakfast ideas
Photo by OLA Mishchenko on Unsplash

This is my personal favorite, and I can have a sandwich in breakfast every day! Make sure you use brown bread or multi-grain bread over the regular. Sauteed mixed vegetables or well washed raw veggie, like – cucumber, tomatoes, lettuce, onions, beetroot (blanched), capsicum. Add cheese slices (make sure you use a healthy cheese like goat cheese or low-fat cheese).

You can prepare paneer bhurji and use instead of veggies to make a paneer-grill sandwich.

Pro Tip – Slight grill the sandwich, as it brings nice buttery aroma and enhances the appetite.

Poha/ Puffed Rice

healthy recipes for kids breakfast
Image – commons.wikipedia

Most famous Indian street food – Indori Poha a healthy and super easy to make breakfast dish. ‘Jhat-phat’ breakfast! Poha is healthy and is made out of rice also known as flatted rice. Quick to prepare and easy to digest, plus its super delicious. Our Poha recipe has potatoes, peanuts, onion, coriander leaves and coconut for garnishing. It’s a healthy mix and can be given in the kid’s tiffin also.

Many people deep fry the potatoes and peanuts, but I prefer boiled potatoes and roast the peanuts. Add these with all other ingredients in little oil garnish with green leaves, freshly grated coconut and a pinch of lemon juice.

Methi Thepla –

methi thepla kid-friendly breakfast ideas
Pic Credit – Archana’s Kitchen

Indian breakfast list in incomplete without remembering Methi (fenugreek leaves) thepla. This is comfort food, and best food to carry in kid’s tiffins. You can take wholegrain flour, fresh methi leaves, low fat curd to knead fresh dough. Adding additional veggies like carrot, raddish, onion, etc adds up the flavor.

I often make thepla in the morning breakfast, and serve with fresh homemade curd. You can also serve thepla with tomato ketchup or have with chai.

Stuffed Paratha

I am born and in North India, hence paratha is something which is tuned into my upbringing. It’s a different story that I love gorging on all those delicious stuffed parathas with homemade butter and curds. There are various options for filling and make yummy parathas – Onion, Paneer, Aloo, Mooli-Gajar (carrot and radish). I bring seasonal preferences for stuffing the parathas like winters call for Gobi paratha. Ajwain-namak paratha is comforting and can be paired with hot ginger tea, (Carom/Caraway seeds)

Indian stuffed paratha
Image – archana’s kitchen

Missa paratha (mixed) Sattu paratha (gram flour filling) or you can mix fillings based on your taste and preferences. For health and nutrition, I use multi-grain flour with ragi, millet, quinoa, soy, and wheat flours.

These are few that I make religiously and repeatedly! (didn’t I share the love of parantha) Easy to make and wholesome. I roast the paranthas in homemade desi-ghee (clarified butter).

Oats and Veggie Cutlets

Everyone love cutlets, especially when you make those funny quirky shapes with kids. I don’t try my hands on baking (read horrible baker), but these cutlets come really well out of home microwave convection oven. Just a little prior preparation and quick choices make this dish come handy at rush hours.

Check the recipe here – Tarla Dalal, vegetable cutlet recipe.

All you need is boiled potatoes, green peas, carrots, beans, corn, coriander leaves, soaked oats, and some quirk to make funny shapes. You can also add SOY for added nutrition from soy protein. You can shallow fry these cutlets in a non-stick pan or bake them in the convection oven, serve with mint chutney or tomato sauce. Oats is filled with health benefits, high in fiber mixed with all the vegetables it brings crispy cutlets.

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These are just a few of the breakfast ideas that bring up smiles on the kid’s face. Easy to make, and I bet kids cannot say NO to these yummy dishes.


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  1. Options to bahut acche hain aur baccho ko pasand bhi aayengey ?
    Hum bahut badi joint family me rehty thy to kuch na kuch naya bana hi rehta tha to baccho ne kabhi khane k liye pareshan nahi kiya ?
    Haan, ho sakey to plz cabbage avoid kariye, iske barey me kuch negative sun kar maine lena bandh kar diya hai

  2. Paranthas are our fav too.. Being a North Indian but brought up in Ahmedabad we enjoy both paranthas, Theplas and bhakris. I give them with achar or chhunda, and we are sorted. Haven’t tried veggie roll for bf.. Good options dipika, will try the veggie roll now.

  3. Hi Dipika,

    Great post with some lovely mouth watering menus. As most Indians, I love parathas and puris. However to feed a kid is a different ball game all together. You need to keep innovating new recipes to make things attractive for kids. They love new things and a little bit of innovation goes a long way to satisfy their taste buds.

    Thanks for sharing this post. Have a great weekend. 🙂

  4. Good options… never tried Veggie Burrito and Oats veggie cutlet will surely try. Thanks. Its quick to make once the menu is decided.

  5. Oats and veggie cutlets are something I will definitely try. And I personally love oats with eggss. Poha is also a great option!

    1. Thank You Zainab, glad you like the options.

  6. The veggie rolls has all the healthy veggies and even those which are generally disliked by kids. These are Tasty and healthy recipes, Dipika. I will try all. Thanks for participating in the blog party.

  7. Dr. Surbhi Prapanna

    Wow these are excellent options and being a vegetarian I also follow more or less these options for my kids tiffin . love the idea of cutlet, it was new to me, will try for sure.

  8. These options will not only be loved by kids. Poha is my personal favourite all time breakfast as well. I am going to try your Oats and Veggies Cutlet.

  9. These are such healthy and tasty items. Will try them out for our next weekend breakfast!

  10. My kids too love parathas, I must try your other recipes as well. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thank You Roopali, glad you like the ideas.

  11. Paranthas, Poha & Burritos (‘Dosa’ Burritos) are almost a daily affair at home. However, the kid prefers traditional south Indian breakfast like Idly/Dosa-chutney, Masala Dosa, Paniyaram etc more than my favorite low-oil paranthas or poha/sabudana khichdi. I guess, that’s because I never made her feel that she had ‘choices’ which could be easily conditioned by tantrums. 😉

    Nevertheless, she doesn’t have her breakfast if she has to finish it in just 15 minutes or less before school & then I console myself with what your pediatrician said! And thanks to the school which gives her the first tummy break at 10.30 AM.

    Loved your breakfast ideas, Deepika.

  12. I love the recipes you have shared, Dipika, esp the parathas and the cutlets. Poha and upma being regulars, kids will any day prefer the cutlets and the stuffed parathas….Umm…I am drooling even as I type this comment! 🙂

  13. I completely agree to your reference about asking them about breakfast as it fires back, been there, done that and cried. But now, even we have a tiffin calendar which serves as a breakfast for the kiddo and include most of your suggested dishes such as poha, sandwich, rolls.

    1. I think the calenders from schools are blessing in disguise for us 😉 Our brain gets less screwed and kid eat what’s the day says. Thank you so much for reading Rohan.

  14. Poha, Paneer Parantha and scrambled eggs are things that even my daughter loves. She is now in 7th grade. As you say earlier on we had difficulties getting her to eat her breakfast but now she seems to relish breakfast.

    1. Oh, that’s wonderful, kids give us such a hard time when eating gets fussy. Thank you for stopping by and sharing your experience with us.

  15. Wow these are some really yummy ones and I am surely going to try for my girl.

  16. I am going to save this and save my time each morning thinking of what to pack next, thanks!

  17. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and the options you’ve given…paneer sandwiches…egg rolls…oats cutlets…are not just healthy but very yummy too. Thanks for giving me new ideas I can try out, D!

  18. These are all great breakfast ideas for kids. I am a fan of rolls too and agree that it is a great way to include vegetables in kids meals. I also give it to my daughters in the tiffin box.

  19. i came here for recipe ideas, but now looking at the pictures i got so hungry, would rush to get a bit 🙂 interesting recipes.

  20. I like the veg rolls…I sometimes give rice and curries for breakfast as this fills the kiddos..

  21. […] ‘tiffin recipes’ for kids, becomes a very important factor that introduces a variety of foods to kids and helps in building their food preferences. Therefore, while focusing on preparation is a must, […]


    Here are the ideas to make kids happy with their favourite recipes :-
    1. Vegetables / Cheese Sandwich
    2. Poha / Puffed Rice
    3. Methi Thepla
    4. Stuffed Paratha
    5. Oats and Veggie Cutlets
    These are just a few of the breakfast ideas that bring up smiles on the kid’s face. Easy to make, and I bet kids cannot say NO to these yummy dishes. #ClickWithIntsax

  23. Pankti Hemant Parmar

    A much relatable situation as I always say ‘maa kuch bhi chalega breakfast mein’, to what will you have in breakfast today by my mom ? . Well, breaking the fast after long hours with munching over something healthy and at the same time delicious is very essential for the modern generation kids. The answer to today’s question is the healthy breakfast options which children would love eating (even me) are Idli’s (my all time favourite breakfast), vegetable sandwich which hardly takes few minutes to get prepared, Burrito and Poha are also a good and healthy option. Vegetable cutlets and Stuffed paranthas are something which I can never say NO to! They make you salivate even before they’re been made. This post made me hungry now! ?? Really nice blog written. Loved it.

  24. #ClickWithIntsax Methi Thepla, Stuffed Parathas, Oats and veggie cutlets, Vegetable/ Cheese sandwich, Poha/ Puffed rice are really some of the recipies that kids really like to eat and enjoy at the same time. Healthy plus tasty is what makes it perfect. Awesome tips Dipika maam.

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