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Anti-BAC led crompton
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Germ-Free Homes with Anti-BAC LED Bulbs

Germ-free homes with Anti-BAC Led Bulb. As a mother, my biggest area of concern is keeping daughter safe from unwanted guests like germs, infections, and flu. We often think that if the home is clean, dust-free, sparkling bright it’s safe from germs too. But these invisible monsters lurk around the most common places and areas …

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bulk storage boxes from Tupperware

Essentials of an Organized Kitchen – Storage Boxes

Kitchen is one place in our home which is planned and designed with utmost care. Right lux levels (recommended lighting levels), windows, clear ventilation, continuous water supply, and kitchen storage. An organized kitchen is everyone’s favorite, we spend quite a lot of time in the kitchen so why not plan it for our delight. Colorful …

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celebrate holi

Holi Celebrations with #HoliHoppers

Happy Holi!! The ‘festival of colors’ and joy, fun, frolic, delicacies, and love. Like any other Indian festival, even Holi has an amazing story which is passed over generations as a classic example of the victory of good over evil. Why Holi is celebrated? Holi is celebrated on the full moon day falling in the …

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Best Classic Hollywood Movies to watch online

Best Classic Hollywood Movies – Watch Online

I am a huge movie buff! Self-acclaimed movie enthusiast, I even don’t mind watching a classic or favorite movie multiple time, by which I mean hundreds of time. When it comes to spending some self-time or ‘me-time’, catching up on old classic flicks tops the chart. If you are an 80s kid like me, then …

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women's day gift ideas
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10 Best Women’s Day Gift Ideas for 2019!

Are you looking for that special gift to give your special woman this coming international woman’s day celebrations? You can choose to go from store to store hoping to find that out of the ordinary gift or you can read this guide for 10 of the best women’s day ideas to surprise your woman this …

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best tiffin box India for kids
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Tiffin Packing Hacks – Appealing and Nutritious

Children develop taste buds in their initial years and introducing diverse and nutritious recipes is always a challenge for their mothers. Different kids react differently to food, taste, texture, visual appeal and cultivate preferences early on, which in later years transform into food habits. Therefore, this is the time when one should consciously focus on …

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Mary Kom unveils bull and girl at Kanakia in Mumbai

Mary Kom Unveils Bull and Fearless Girl at Kanakia Wall Street

Indian pride and boxing icon, Mary Kom unveil replicas of The Bull and a Fearless girl at Kanakia Wall Street, Mumbai. The structure shows a charging Bull and a confident little Girl facing it fearlessly, it explains a lot about our society. Mary Kom was in her best sporty avatar and quipped that this fearless …

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self care and love

The Self-Care Habit: Mastering the Art of Putting Yourself First

As our daily lives become more complicated and filled with responsibilities of all kinds, we start to pay less attention to ourselves and just try to keep swimming in the sea of stress. We go to work, take care of our families, and are with friends when they need us. However, in all that, we …

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best bollywood jodi
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Best Bollywood Jodi to Watch out – Arjun Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra

Best Bollywood Jodi to Watch out – Arjun Kapoor & Parineeti Chopra! Bollywood mainstream movies contain the best humanly emotions heightened with glamour and visual magic. I am a die-hard romantic and always believe that we all have an innate liking towards love & romance. The very reason why some stories and characters are stuck …

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term insurance policies
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Protect your Family’s Future with Term Insurance Policy

Protect your Family’s Future with Term Insurance Policy – The family is most important to us, and we try everything in a personal capacity to safeguard our loved ones. However, certain things are beyond our control, right? Here comes the need for future planning and investment plans.   When it comes to financial planning and …

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Soy protein health benefits
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Health Benefits of Soy Protein – Soy Is Good!

We have been hearing/reading about Soy Protein a lot recently. However, most of us are convinced that it is just like any other protein, only made out of soybean. Well, once you read this post through the very misconception of judging Soy Protein as ‘any other protein‘ will shatter itself. DuPont is a global leader in …

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5 Common Gynecologic Problems and solutions

5 Common Gynecologic Problems and solutions – The issues related to gynecological problems have become very common. Today, almost every single woman suffers from some kind of gynecological problem or other. The most common five problems which are faced by majority women are: Dysmenorrhea The most common of all other gynecological problems is the issue …

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Parambrata Chattopadhyay – A Smart Actor And A Smarter Producer

Parambrata Chattopadhyay – A Smart Actor And A Smarter Producer – I am a movie enthusiast, and quality cinema always attracted me. When it comes to choosing between a flashy commercial movie and a content-driven movie, my first choice will always be the latter. Talking about contemporary and parallel cinema, there are many actors who …

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