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Hands-on Learning & Growth: Role of Educational Toys For Kids

educational toys for kids

Hands-on learning through educational toys for kids – Gone are the days where students are carefree, and school is synonymous with fun! Today, education is all about mugging up theories or just parroting out some standard definitions and concepts. And …

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make learning fun for kids

5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Kid

Little children are innately curious and love to explore. They love to learn new things and literally soak up knowledge like a sponge. It becomes all the more essential to make learning fun for them to grasp and enjoy the …

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extracurricular activities for kids

10 Amazing Extracurricular Activities For Kids

We all, as parents, look for extracurricular activities for kids to teach them additional life skills, apart from academic knowledge. These are important to demonstrate passion, talent, build confidence, and learn essential skills. All such qualities are needed to live …

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STEM Learning

8 Ways to Begin Building Extreme STEM Learning Environments

“To raise modern questions, unused conceivable outcomes, to respect ancient issues from a modern point, requires inventive creative energy and marks genuine development in science.” – Albert Einstein The acronym for STEM stands Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM instruction …

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CBSE schools in Kolkata focuses on overall growth

Role of Education in the Cognitive Development of Children

Role of education in the cognitive and psychological development of Children – Education is one of the vital pillars of life. The cognitive development, psychological, and personality aspects, largely feeds from the quality and versatility of the kind of education …

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avoid plagiarism detection tool

4 Common Ways How Students Avoid Plagiarism Detection

How students avoid plagiarism detection – Modern Technology and the internet are changing the ways of learning. It is offering many shortcuts for students that are proving harmful in many ways. Today, students have the key to access any information …

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eduauraa online learning

Eduauraa premium quality education at affordable rates

Premium quality education at affordable rates with Eduauraa! Education is everyone’s basic right, the instantaneous shift to online learning in 2020 has given nightmares to many parents. Especially to those who faced the daily fight of meeting the demands of …

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good reading habits

8 Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Children

Today, in this post, we will discuss ways to develop good reading habits in the children. Good reads are like nirvana for many, for some it is a relationship of life. Books are the best friend, who never leaves your …

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handle exam anxiety in students

7 Easy Ways to Handle Exam Pressure

The word ‘exam’ inadvertently bring lot of pressure in students life, and also those in their ecosystem. I remember the time, when during examinations, dad would cut off the television network and other distractions. It was only study and no …

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why I need extracurricular activities in school

Need of Extracurricular Activities for Students in School

If you are a parent, you very well know what I am referring about! Extracurricular activities for school students, activities that kids undertake over and above school based teaching curricular. Now a days, students are given an array of choices …

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