4 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Use for Academic Writing in 2022

best Paraphrasing tools online

The Best Paraphrasing Tools and why to use these for academic success – Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills that a student needs to possess if he/she wants to do well academically. Paraphrasing using your own words and writing style can be a little difficult for beginners.

It takes more time to write the whole essay or a thesis from your mind and there are always risks of errors. To avoid these issues, you can use online paraphrasing tools. These tools can help you write highly accurate and readable material without wasting any of your time.

This article is about the 4 such amazing paraphrasing tools that you definitely need to check out. These tools can help you create original material that contains zero plagiarism and is free from errors.

What are the Best Paraphrasing Tools?

There are a number of things that these tools can do for you. They can help you rewrite some old concepts creatively. With these tools, you waste very little of your time since they can work with thousands of words simultaneously.

Most paraphrasing tools are available for free online, and they are very simple to use. Some tools even support multiple languages which means you can use these to convert content from one language to the other or paraphrase in that same language.

Now that you know what makes paraphrasing tools so awesome, let’s take a look at the best tools for academic paraphrasing one-by-one

1. Paraphrasingtool.ai

Best Paraphrasing Tools

This is a great tool for academic paraphrasing that offers paraphrasing, summarization, content generation, and plagiarism checking options to its users for free.

Using this tool, you can also scan your written text for grammatical errors and inconsistencies. This tool can help you transform some old text into a more creative, readable, and near-human version.

The tool incorporates a free AI content generator that analyzes the old text and makes sure to keep the paraphrased version error-free and relevant. You can also use this tool to add citations to your written articles in MLA, APA, and Chicago formats. This amazing tool can help you compress large text and summarizes it so that it becomes easier to understand.

This tool includes a text improver that rearranges some parts of the content to make it more consistent and relevant to the main theme. we suggest you try out this tool since it is best in terms of speed, accuracy, and overall performance than most free paraphrasing tools.

Key Features

  • Can paraphrase about 80% of the content in one go
  • Can change synonyms as well as the sentence structure
  • Includes a citations generator and a grammar checker as well
  • Can help you shorten large text using the summarization feature
  • Can paraphrase about 1000 words simultaneously 

2. Paraphrased.io

This unique tool can help you paraphrase your content in readable, medium, or unique versions. You get a different result in each of these modes and can choose one based on the requirement of your instructor.

This tool has an option where it asks you whether you want to change the sentences or just the words. You can paraphrase your content while not changing the keywords using this tool. There is a box where you can enter the words or phrases you want to leave as they are in your final output.

With this tool, you can manually change the synonyms for words that do not seem quite right. You are given a list of suitable synonyms which you can browse to find the best match.

This best paraphrasing tool has all the features and characteristics which make it the best for writing SEO content with minimum to no plagiarism. Using this tool, you can maintain the accuracy as well as the relevancy of your old material which increases the overall quality of your text.

Key Features

  • It supports common HTML tags
  • Can help you rephrase sentences on demand
  • Can paraphrase in 3 levels i.e., readable, medium, and unique
  • You can manually change synonyms
  • The tool supports exporting to .txt, .pdf, and .docx, files, 

3. Writing Universe

best paraphrasing tool

This is another great tool that has been developed to create the most accurate content. This tool allows you to enter words and phrases that you do not want to change which makes it great for writing SEO articles.

This tool can handle large word count and it contains minimum ads to disrupt the process. This amazing tool can work with any type of text including college essays, surveys, reports, and other related things.

We have picked this tool for its friendly interface, great user experience, many customization features, and most importantly its accuracy when paraphrasing your content.

This tool uses machine learning to analyze various features of your text like readability, complexity, spelling mistakes, etc., and then it offers the best solutions that suit your needs.

This tool can work with 1000 words at the same time and it can convert the text into 3 different versions based on the paraphrasing extent.    

Key Features

  • You can paraphrase more than 1000 words in one go
  • It shows the word count, as well as character count in your text
  • You can reset the tools after you are done paraphrasing
  • You can add custom synonyms
  • You can choose to rearrange sentences  

4. Best Rewriter

This last tool in the list is famous for its amazing UI and error-free paraphrasing. There are various useful features like a random rewrite, fixed, rewrite, bulk rewrite, and protected keywords.

All these features allow you to control the amount of text that you want to paraphrase and keep some parts as it is. You can choose whether the sentences are to be paraphrased or not.

This tool can transform your content into low, medium, or high versions based on your needs. You can use this tool to paraphrase about 1500 words which helps save a lot of your time.

You can manually check and edit the output to make the content exactly how you want it to be. This tool can help you write content with immaculate grammar and spelling. The final product is always more readable and searches engine-friendly which makes the tool so great.

There is a reset button at the bottom of this tool which you can use to remove the content once you have paraphrased it. This ensures complete security and confidentiality of your content.         

Key Features

  • Can be used for SEO-related articles as well
  • Includes a reset button
  • Offers very easy access and a friendly user interface
  • Can paraphrase in 3 versions i.e., high, medium, and low
  • Offers very strict security of your content

Final Thoughts

So, these are four of the best tools that you can use for academic paraphrasing. You can use these tools to write killer essays, book reports, thesis, assignments, and much more for free.

Using paraphrasing tools like these helps you develop better writing skills and improve your vocabulary. You learn new ways to describe the same situations which makes you more articulate in real life as well.

We really hope you have found this list of paraphrasing tools helpful and we wish you the very best in every step of your educational career.


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