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best Paraphrasing tools online

4 Best Paraphrasing Tools to Use for Academic Writing in 2022


The Best Paraphrasing Tools and why to use these for academic success – Paraphrasing is one of the most important skills that a student needs to […]

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make learning fun for kids

5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Kid


Little children are innately curious and love to explore. They love to learn new things and literally soak up knowledge like a sponge. It becomes all […]

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Websites for college students

7 Online Tools and Websites every College Student needs to Use


7 Best online tools and websites for college students – In this modern world of the internet, college students’ life is becoming easier and easier. This is why, […]

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top indian edtech companies

How Indian Edtech Startups Shaping the New Education Scene in 2020


Just a few years ago, correspondence courses or online courses were looked down upon from traditional education setups – colleges, universities, etc. Then came the phase, […]

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develop kid's self-esteem

How to Develop Your Kid’s Self-Esteem


In this article, we will learn about how to boost morale and kid’s self-esteem! As parents, we can sense when our kids are feeling good about […]

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all inclusive education

What is Inclusive Education and Why it’s Important?


If you are a parent, whose kid or kids are studying in a school, I am sure you know what is Inclusive education. I first heard […]

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good reading habits in children

8 Ways to Encourage Reading Habits in Children


How to Encourage Reading Habits in Kids? We often struggle when it comes to the reading habits of children, they usually run away when it comes […]

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handle exam anxiety in students

7 Easy Ways to Handle Exam Pressure


The word ‘exam’ inadvertently bring lot of pressure in students life, and also those in their ecosystem. I remember the time, when during examinations, dad would […]

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is CBSE board better than ICSE for my child

CBSE or ICSE Board, Which is a Better Board for Kids Future?


Which is a better, CBSE or ICSE board, IB or IGCSE? These are just a few of widely accepted boards across the country. Let’s learn in […]

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early childhood education

Why Early Childhood Education and Care is Important?


Early childhood education and care – a single thought that can bring sleepless nights to many parents. Admission procedure at schools is grueling, but searching for […]

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benefits of home tuitions

How home tutoring services can help children to prosper in Education


Most guardians are worried in recent days: Kids are battling in school and you’re simply not certain how to help them. So you generally turn to […]

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Why home tuition are important

Looking for home tutoring? Check Out, Genext Students!


You want the best for your children you push yourself, and them, relentlessly to ensure they get that extra mark that can make all the difference […]

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Home Tutions

Why Genext Home Tuition is the Best Choice for Students?


Why one-to-one tuitions still the Best Choice for the majority of Parents. Genext home tuition is the Ultimate Solution to help students and their parents. We […]

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