How Indian Edtech Startups Shaping the New Education Scene in 2020

top indian edtech companies

Just a few years ago, correspondence courses or online courses were looked down upon from traditional education setups – colleges, universities, etc. Then came the phase, when conventional degrees were enough to land you in a decent job, but going up the growth ladder required an accelerator. Executive courses from foreign universities or Top-notch Indian institutes attracted the corporate sector to leverage their career expansion.

This shift of skill-based learning through online or offline channels gave leverage to Indian corporate growth accelerators. Online education startups started their Indian journey in the year 2004 with satellite-based smart classrooms. According to RedSeer report, today, the Indian EdTech startups market is estimated to reach 3.5 billion USD by 2020.

What is EdTech? It is a combination of – ‘education’ and ‘technology’. Education delivered with the help of technology, mostly using virtual reality and automation.

The gradual shift of conventional medium to digital expedited during the coronavirus lockdown phase. Schools and educational institutions accepted this change with open arms and adopted new tech-based solutions more aggressively than ever before.

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Top 5 Indian EdTech startups shaping new skill-based India

1. BYJU’s

Top Indian edtech startup companies
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The most familiar name when it comes to Indian EdTech startups. A homegrown (Bangalore based) online education company grown into one of the top EdTech companies in the world. Have you seen their recent collaboration with Disney to make it further attractive for younger kids?

BYJU’s use augmented reality, audio-visual modes for imparting engaging education. They offer a wide range of educational assistance, from primary classes to competitive exams. To enroll for a free demo, click here.

2. Entri

The biggest USP of this EdTech startup is tapping the regional markets, we often neglect the prospects of vernacular medium in securing jobs or higher education. Entri identified this gap and started an app in Malayalam (regional language of Kerela). Soon, this became a success story and people from the neighboring regions shown interest in learning skill-based education.

Today, Entri has Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada added into the earlier Malayalam platform. It also helped more than 1 million to secure their dream jobs. Check their website or download the Entri app here.

3. Unacademy

Indian Edtech startups
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Preparing for specialized competitive examination, Unacademy has all resources for you! One of the largest online learning platforms in the country, Unacademy pioneers in providing phased wise online education assistance in cracking various competitive exams.

Based out of Bangalore, Unacademy offers education materials, audio-video modules of learning for all major entrance exams in India. To learn more about this Indian Edtech startup, click here.

4. Toppr

Mumbai based Toppr is another success story of Indian EdTech Startups to inspire many budding entrepreneurs. Toppr supports conventional learning via online tools and materials along with competitive entrance exams.

Live classes attract many students to enroll for Toppr as it also covers all major educational boards in India. To book a free demo at Toppr, click here.

5. Vedantu

Vedantu is an Indian EdTech startups that prides on it’s quality teachers. It has around 500 quality teachers, teaching more than 1 Million hours to 40,000+ students spread across 1000+ cities from 30+ countries. The stats say for itself, Vedantu online tutoring services emphasis in confidence building between student-teacher via live online classes.

It offers personalized one-on-one classes to group online classes. Covering from grade 6th to 12th, Vedantu helps students in interactive learning and competitive examinations too. To attend free Live online classes with Topps, click here.

Top Indian EdTech startups

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  1. Yeah my distant learning BCOM was not favoured much but now everything is online and distant learning because travel is banned and pandemic is around. Hope things change for the better soon.

  2. Among all I am only familiar with BYJU’s learning program, experienced it too. Noted rest programs, definitely going to share this useful apps info with my family’s kids.

  3. I have done a couple of courses from Udemy.Never knew about these Indian startups.Thanks for the list.

    1. good to know, thank you for stopping by.

  4. Not aware of other learning programs than Byjus. Will check them. Thanks for informative post

  5. I agree that during recent time, technology has become an important part of education. and it is really impressive that there are so many edutech startup apps that shaping new skill based India. I had heard about Bujus before, but all others are new to me. will check out them also. thanks for sharing dear.

  6. I have heard of BYJUs and Vedantu in recent times. With home schooling and online learning to catch up pace, parents and kids are looking for newer avenues to learn and grasp concepts from. Both my kids use Khan Academy and they love it. Thank you for your informative post, I will surely check out the other services mentioned here.

  7. I totally agree list of apps you have mentioned really impact the learning system and among these vedantu is one of which my daughter also use

  8. This trend of upcoming Edtech startups is a welcome change for the Education sector because it not only provides more modern interfaces but also is generating more employment opportunities for educators.

    1. I heard about Bijus app. Rest are new to me. My daughter was doing Khan Academy and she liked it. Pandemic has changed the education system to s great extent.

  9. Interesting list you’ve compiled, but i cant help but wonder how long the euphoria of distance learning will last – once the pandemic subsides.

    1. Ideally, it should be. Having seen the benefits of it, gov’t should take steps in including home-schooling as the right parameter of education.

  10. Both my daughter’s are using these apps and I can say that they are very interactive and user friendly. I am quite satisfied and I think parent’s should try as this is going to be the new normal.

  11. Tencholofy had changed even the way we study and now tuitions and classes can be done at home with the help of technology. And they came more in light thanks to the lockdown and shutting down of schools n educational institutions.

  12. Education system finally got a well deserved makeover. You have shared great options here Dipika. BUJU”S is my most favourite these days. It not just makes learning fun, but also ensures that the information is retained well.

    1. I agree, BYJU’s is market leader as of today, but there are many other options too available with equally good features and much affordable.

  13. How true, earlier distance learning wasn’t given much importance while now Edtech is the way ahead. Using technology for learning and broadening our horizon will increase our scope of work and profession too.

  14. Very informative post.
    I am aware of Byjus learning app. Thanks for sharing this post. Will check out for other options too and will surely recommend and share the post in my contacts.

    Given the new normal we need to creat a learning space for our kids.

    1. I agree, BYJU’s is the current market leader, but there are other good platforms too.

  15. True this is a time of online education. This has ensured everyone’s learning and growing plus employment has generated for the teachers. A win win.

  16. These online education apps are really helpful during pandemic.

  17. During the phrase of this Covid Pandemic, learning apps are stepping in to provide good quality learning techniques and content. You have shared the best in your post.

  18. All these learning apps you have mentioned are very useful these days. As online learning is the study option these days , all these learning apps are good for kids .

  19. I really need to check VEdandtu and Unacademy. Haven’t heard about them before. Coming from you, I am sure these are worth a try. Such Tech startups are helping in changing the face of our education system in such a wonderful way.

    1. Absolutely, they are shaping our country for better future.

  20. Indeed, anything but traditional education formats used to be discouraged and looked down upon. and now, education has evolved, as have the times, and to a great extent, this crisis, has created this new environment where edtechs are the preferred platforms for education.
    I am glad that quality is something that these companies are focusing on and helping the children really enjoy their studies.

  21. This is so true that shift of skill-based learning through online or offline channels gave rise to so many edtech startups .I have recently downloaded Toppr and it is a great app.

    1. It is indeed, thank you for stopping by.

  22. Pandemic gave a good boost to edtech startup of India. I am aware of Byju and another prominet one growing is Skillezza. I should check out the other mentioned in the list. Surely there are much more to explore.

  23. Distance learning in the online world has been boon for all ,and in this pandemic when we have so many choices I am sure parents can choose best for their child according to their study rate and interest.

  24. There are a plethora of choices in digital education. I am out of this league now thankfully. But you have to choose the best there is. I am sure your list will help many to decide what is best for them.

  25. I agree with you, Dipika. Indian Edtech groups are on a roll especially now after getting a push from the education sector and thanks to the extended lockdown many parents are choosing these platforms for their kids over the conventional methods of learning.

  26. Vedantu, Byju these are really good for kids even now there are so many options for them. I will definitely try these apps for my son.

  27. This and the future is all about online education Thanks for listing these edtech startups .. Byju’s is the forerunner and I think it is better than others.

  28. There are quite a few others. Infact even story reading mobile apps that are not really enforcing screentime as much as creativity. All-in-all, what a useful post.

  29. There is a definite shift towards online learning in the global educational system. #MyFriendAlexa #TinaReads

  30. I have experienced BYJU and Unacademy coursee and found them helpful. Was not aware about other platforms. A very useful list.

    1. Thank you, glad you found it useful.

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  32. I feel a new education app is being launched every week. I don’t where this competition will end up. As far as children enjoy learning through these apps, it is fine. I hope parent don’t pressurise children.

  33. Thanx for sharing this list

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