What is Inclusive Education and Why it’s Important?

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If you are a parent, whose kid or kids are studying in a school, I am sure you know what is Inclusive education. I first heard this term, during our daughter’s admission at the school. The counselor proudly informed us, “this school is an all inclusive“.which I thought means – this is THE school for your child. Ignorant! yes, guilty accepted! Though, in a few days I learnt what she really meant by being an all inclusive institute.

Disability is a matter of perception. If you can do just one thing well, you are needed by someone”

Martina Navratilova
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What is Inclusive Education?

UNESCO Convention against Discrimination in Education (1960), prohibits any discrimination to educational opportunities on the basis of sex, race, region, disability, language, nationality, economic background, religion, ability.

Which clearly prohibits any kind of discrimination among children, when it comes to education. In the earlier posts, from this series, I have written about basic education as everyone’s fundamental right. Under no circumstances, one should be prohibited to get education.

In simpler terms, Inclusive education means students from diverse background learn together in the same environment. They interact, play, sit, and eat together sitting side-by-side without any discrimination.

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Stickman Illustration of Kids Doing Common Activities at School

Every country and government are partners in all-inclusive education, wherein children get equal opportunities to learn and get education without any biases.

All children despite their diverse backgrounds and qualities/personalities share a common classroom and school. Every school has their own guidelines for inclusive education, in terms of trained staff and faculty members.

Why is Inclusive Education important for the Society?

With the help of inclusive education, schools can bridge the gap in society based on gender, race, religion, or physical disabilities. Children learn and understand how to respect each other and the values.

Inclusive Education for Disabled Children

Children with special needs are often neglected when it comes to education. Mostly due to the fact that, disability is still not accepted openly in any society. Secondly, due to ill equipped school and untrained teaching staff. All inclusive educational institutes, hence gives equal opportunities to children with special needs.

Do we really need Special schools for Children with Disabilities?

Special children need special schools! That’s what we have been hearing all through our lives. But there is nothing that a person cannot achieve if determined. So, Why Special Schools? These amazing children do not require any special school, but acceptance to be a part of the all-inclusive society. However, the special institutions have been pioneer in helping and bridging a gap in needs and availability.

The Special Schools, missions, and directives like The Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) empowers education system to accept and cultivate healthy all inclusive society. They also accept and educate children with multiple disabilities like cerebral palsy, retardation, etc.

special needs children school in India

Inclusion in education given power to the children with disabilities to learn and grow in the same environment with others. These educational settings also allows children with special needs full support and participation from peers, at the same learning place. Which makes it all inclusive society structure.

The Purpose of Education is to replace an empty mind with an open one.

Malcolm S. Forbes

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