8 Ways to Encourage Good Reading Habits in Children

good reading habits

Today, in this post, we will discuss ways to develop good reading habits in the children. Good reads are like nirvana for many, for some it is a relationship of life. Books are the best friend, who never leaves your side. Good books leave you rich with knowledge, emotions, command on the language and experience for a lifetime. This is one such habit that we must develop in our children.

The More that you Read, the More Things you will Know. The More that you Learn, the More Places you will Go.

Dr. Seuss

Reading has always been part of life, either via school books or career related. But, it is much more and beyond the ‘must-read’ chapters and courses. Good reading habits in kids have many benefits. Reading books develops knowledge base, vocabulary, keep screen-time to minimum, and enhances concentration span in kids.

how to develop good reading habits
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How to Develop Good Reading Habits in your Children

1. Read books to your baby inside the womb

Reading is relaxing, it helps in reliving stress. Read happy books to your baby in the tummy. Develop habit of reading books daily at the same time. Preferably in the evening to sooth the baby inside. Smile and enjoy your books while reading, that will make a positive connection with the baby. Talk about the book before beginning the book, for example – ‘This is our reading time’. ‘Let’s read x,y,z, book today’ etc.

2. Continue the Journey of Reading even after the Baby is born

Books have the ability to open mind towards a wider perspective. They also play a vital role in developing healthy vocabulary. Reading books to a toddler is highly recommended, as kids brain works faster than that of an adult. Hence, they develop linguistic variation faster and easily. Develop a reading bedtime stories for your child. Read them a book for 10 – 15 minutes before sleeping. It relaxes the mind and they sleep calmly, into sweet dreams.

3. Developing a good reading habit isn’t a task
get your child interested in reading good books
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Never make reading a forced choice for your child, it will only make them repulsive towards the books. Create an environment of reading, by being a supportive parent. Set reading time and join the party, share some funny anecdotes of your favorite books or reading adventures with them. Let them earnestly incline towards reading.

4. Don’t give up on reading good books

Books train your imagination to think Big.

Taylor Swift

Do not give up on developing good reading habits after a few failed attempts. Cultivating a habit takes time and energy, keep trying with positive mindset and different books. Some kids like visual effects, and some prefer funny stories. Identify the interest level and accordingly pick books. Best way to get them read books is by following the age-wise reading. Start with one word visual books to one liners and so on.

5. Library visits are best getaways

Outdoor with kids is always super fun, convert these outings into reading trips. Enjoy a visit to nearby library and explain them the process of borrowing a book. New things and experiences excite kids to a different level. Library visits will bring joy and adventure of reading books among kids.Get a library card for your child.

develop good reading habits
6. Read your favorite books to them (age related)

Share your favorite stories with children along with the author and book names. Ask them to finish their book and share it’s story with you. This will help them to understand the perspective of the book and connects it to them.

7. Create a book reading area in your home

Creating a reading corner brings a new excitement among kids. Build a positive environment by clear lighting, comfortable sitting, and decorate the space with good quotes on the wall.

Books are a Uniquely portable Magic.

Stephen King
8. Lead them by an example

Kids learn from their parents, when they see them reading books with pleasure, they will reciprocate. Read books with them, and talk about how good that book is. This will enhance their interest level in reading good book.

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  1. Reading is an excellent habit to enhance your knowledge and vocabulary. Reading good books shape your personality. You have shared some good tips to encourage reading in fun filled manner.

  2. That’s one amazingly written article 👍

  3. I have 2 children , I am doing best as per me what i can do for them but from here i got some really helpful ways to encourage them for reading good books. I found here what i was looking for .Thank you for sharing this wonderful Article

    1. I am so glad you liked these tips.

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