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7 Easy Ways to Handle Exam Pressure

The word ‘exam’ inadvertently bring lot of pressure in students life, and also those in their ecosystem. I remember the time, when during examinations, dad would cut off the television network and other distractions. It was only study and no nonsense time. It was simpler then, as we had very few distractions. However, today exam pressure is huge and definitely worth addressing to.

It is not the load, that breaks you down. It is the way you carry it.

Lou Holtz

Lou Holtz, described the situation brilliantly in his quote. Stress/pressure or anxiety keeps us focused around certain things, in fact, it also keep students motivated and stimulated. However, when the tenacity increases it gets disruptive and need immediate attention. According to Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) student support, stress is a natural process, one must learn how to deal with it.

While a little stress of good to keep us motivated, it is also essential to know how to contain it when goes out of hand. As parents, we must ensure a healthy and clean examination time for our kids. De-stressing students during exam time enhances productivity and better concentration.

There are some easy and quick ways to deal with exam pressure in school going kids.

How to reduce exam pressure in kids
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Easy tips to deal with Exam Stress in Students

1. Have a Timetable – This may sound cliche and rhetoric, but having a time table actually helps in exam pressure. Create one keeping in mind to given equal proportion to other activities too. A schedule also makes us manage work in given time limits. Time management is a useful aspect for life, and following it up from the very beginning makes it a healthy habit. So, prepare a timetable for handling exam anxiety in kids.

2. Proper and complete nutrition – Kids require wholesome and complete nutrition while growing up. Especially, during exam-time, give them food rich in Omega and other micro-nutrients. ‘A healthy body wields a healthy mind, and vice versa‘ says Zig Ziglar. Healthy diet, plenty of fluids, timely eating, and no skipping meals is crucial during examination.

3.Comparison is the Thief of Joy‘ – these is no second thought to it, comparing self with others won’t bring any good to you. Even if you study in a group with friends, keep comparisons at bay. Each individual is unique and so are their qualities. While comparing might bring competitiveness at times, but during stressful times it simply add chaos.

4. Taking regular breaks helps in dealing with exam pressure –

regular intervals help mind to unwind and start afresh. Mindful breaks help the most to deal with exam pressure, move away from books and studies at regular intervals. Stretch your body, cook your favorite dish, meditate, drink green tea (avoid caffeine) or just take a power nap. Long hours at same place isn’t good for body posture not for mind.

how to deal with exam anxiety
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5. Say NO to Social Media during Exam Time – I don’t believe; I said that! Being a blogger, social media is a part of my life and occupation. However, for students, social media could bring stress during examination. Firstly, it is addictive and secondly it may can tweak your perspective. So, keep your phone away as far as possible. Bid adieu to Facebook, Instagram, Snap chat, YouTube for a while.

6. Get enough sleep

Regardless of saying, exam anxiety is due to higher stress levels and anxious mind. Regular sleep pattern and completing 7 hours sleep routine is essential to curb exam pressure. Remember, sleeping right makes your mind happy, relaxed, and fresh. Which is good for concentration and clear focus.

7. Talk; if feel pressurized – handling stress is real deal, when you feel that exam pressure is getting up to you talk to someone. Preferably elders, school teachers or parents. Banish all negativity from your mind and talk to others who can help. Taking expert guidance is the best solution to handle anxiety.

how to handle exam anxiety

These are few tips to handle exam pressure and come out of it in flying colors. Examinations are essential to ensure that you have learned what’s been taught in school/college. It should be not be considered anything else, especially not life’s choices. Following a round-the-year plan of studying also helps dealing exam anxiety.

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  1. Useful tips on handling the exam pressure. The exam is the time period when the mind needs to focus more but pressure can ruin everything if not handled carefully.

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  3. Getting ample amount of sleep is very important as it will keep your mind and body fresh. This will help you perform better.

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    You have really given perfect and right tips to follow during exams

    1. Taking break and refreshing mind is also very important otherwise at one point the brain stops accepting more

  5. As we feel more stressed or panicky towards exams, we tend to concentrate less on our preparation thus, doubting our true abilities. Working towards examinations or other tests are always going to be straining us. If this stress increases further, it can begin to have a deteriorating effect on our performance.

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