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Premium quality education at affordable rates with Eduauraa! Education is everyone’s basic right, the instantaneous shift to online learning in 2020 has given nightmares to many parents. Especially to those who faced the daily fight of meeting the demands of online schooling. In a country with a large young population, basic education is a prerequisite for securing a better future. What happens, when things go out of budget? We cut corners, and try to evade things hampering the learning process.

Education is what remains after one has forgotten everything he learned in school.

Albert Einstein

But not anymore! Zee5 Eduauraa EdTech start-up to provide premium education at very affordable rates worth Rs. 999. Education now with ZEE5 Premium offering a kids safe environment and available for a limited time offer up till 31st Oct. So, with an Annual ZEE5 subscription, you can avail of entertainment and education with just an Eduauraa app download.

quality education at affordable rates
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Quality education for children –

What is a good education? There could be numerous answers to this question, but the best-suited one would be – ‘the kind of education that will help learners to enhance the economic, social, and academic capabilities. Eduauraa works on the same belief by providing high-quality education to children without any demographic biases.

As we know 2020 is a trendsetter year in many terms, online learning, home-schooling, work-from-home, social distancing, and much more. Many parents have adopted the home-schooling shift openly, the few who had inhibitions earlier are now opening up to EdTech progressions.

How Eduauraa Educational App is bridging the gap?

Parents are permanently under pressure when it comes to the schooling of their children. Searching a reputed school, providing an exhaustive environment of gaining knowledge via various channels is often consuming for students as well as parents. Eduauraa learning app by ZEE5 puts an end to all these traditional practices of learning.

The unparalleled debate of screen-time v/s real education time is also fading away with the new education policy highlighting the role of technology in the general education scenarios.

Why choose Eduauraa over other EdTech platforms?

quality education at affordable rates
Image Source – Eduauraa

Technology is the most convenient way of making education accessible and affordable for common people. Eduauraa has created an online education platform that provides quality education using interactive tools like audio-video collaboration for imparting result-oriented knowledge.

Eduauraa: a premium digital learning platform is robust and connects the industry experts, leadership legends, highly qualified teachers from top Indian schools for a common goal – create a high-quality educational ecosystem for students at a convenient cost.

Akanksha Chaturvedi, founder and CEO of Eduauraa said, “India can be transformed if superior quality education can reach every child. The challenge was that world-class education was expensive and only the rich could afford it. With a philosophy of empowering children and playing catalysts to equal opportunities, Eduauraa was created to democratise education by using technology, making premier quality education reach every corner of India at an affordable price.

Benefits of Eduauraa Online Learning for Students –

Online education is here to stay, we have seen and realized the benefits of learning online without the hindrance of physical boundaries. However, affordability is the only concern for most parents. With the vision to democratize education, Eduauraa has recently entered into a strategic tie-up with ZEE5’s OTT platform to provide affordable and quality education at every door-step.

E-learning subscription pack at 999 a year is super affordable for providing premium education by any EdTech platform.

affordable education

Key Features of Eduauraa Online Learning –

  1. Concept-based learning – gone are the days when students would simply rote the theories, algorithms, and formulas. This is the time to understand the concept of using technology and tools that go beyond classrooms. Eduauraa is best experienced with desktop and laptop. Interactive videos explaining the concepts thoroughly using technology is a great feature.
  2. Educational Boards – Indian education is divided into various national and regional education boards. CBSE, ICSE, and the state boards on various Indian states. Eduauraa covers classes from 6th onwards, competitive exams preparation, and spoken English.
  3. Study Material – E-Books, we all know the benefits of study material for a student’s personal growth. Eduauraa provides complied e-books from renowned authors, expert research papers, elaborate details of each concept along with reasonable answers.
  4. Practice Hours – Students can freely practice for hours on the subject of their choice; a highly interactive syllabus is designed to keep students engaged with concepts.
  5. Value-added services like EPQ (Eduauraa Proficiency Quotient) which enables students to scale their own performance. That same data is used to map the learner’s performance into a learning curve with the help of AI.
  6. Eduauraa Assistant – Your own personal assistant! This service allows the student to plan and schedule classes according to the time and gap between other activities. Isn’t this a great feature?

With features and content like this, the Eduauraa learning app is the best choice for your child’s concept-based learning and better understanding. With the changing times, we should adapt to the best available options. Quality education at a cost this affordable is a double whammy! so, wait no more and BOOK your DEMO session, now.

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For more details they can refer to this link.


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  1. This app is really great for kids learning and even my daughter is using this, she loves the test papers!!

    1. Thanks for stopping by.

  2. yeah i heard about this recently only. i have to check it out. educational apps are always useful for kids as well as adults. we also need to google a few answers every now and then.

  3. Wow loved all the features of this amazing app. With recent pandemic situation when we all need more edtech platforms for making our kids education easy and stress-free, this one sounds really exciting. Will check out this for sure . Thanks for sharing all insights dear.

  4. Awesome app. “Eduauraa was created to democratise education by using technology, making premier quality education reach every corner of India at an affordable price”- I liked the idea behind this app. With virtual learning, we need such apps where ids are able to gain the most out of their time and efforts.

  5. That’s great. This pandemic gave us a chance to explore online education and the strategic tie-up with the ZEE5 platform would give it a good reach to students. Additionally, the affordable option is a huge add-on.

  6. I have been reading great reviews of Eduauraa. It seems like what our kids need in today’s times. I am amazed that it has content for 9 different boards!! And that one can prepare for competetive exams too through this digital learning platform is simply wow. Also that is pretty affordable is a big plus too!  

  7. This is a great development in the field of education since affordability is a factor that deters many people. Online education is here to stay and glad that ZEE5 has created this wonderful platform for it.

  8. Thank you for this informative post!
    I have been reading a lot about Eduaraa in the recent times. Thanks for this useful post – it has lent me information and knowledge on how to navigate through a flood of educational apps that are available for kids these days.

  9. Combo of Eduation & entertainment for kids & us toghther in Just INR 999 / year .. It’s surely a deal I don’t wnat to miss specially when the app is so useful & full of features

  10. Everybody is taking about this I think it’s time for me to explore this app. Thanks for explaining all the features of Eduauraa, seems to be user friendly.

  11. Edtech seems to be the way forward for all education programs in India and abroad. I was not familiar with this platform, thanks for telling me about it.

  12. Eduauraa is indeed a revolutionalising and affordable way to keep up with their high-quality learning at home. Their mapping techniques is quite interesting to know about

  13. Wow, this learning application seems great for kids . I will definitely download it for my son. There study materials seems good .

  14. Finding a good learning platform for kids is not easy. Thanks for sharing your experience with eduauraa. It’s is well designed for providing quality education at affordable prices.

  15. Yes Eduauraa seriously looks to be a great online learning platform that too in so affordable prices. Zee5 has done a great job in partnering with them for sure.

  16. Great to see newer and better apps coming in the market for online learning. Much required as it will be some time before kids can get back to school.

  17. interesting app. and good tie up with zee5. zee5 definitely has a good reach, especially in smaller towns, so it will be great for the app to reach all kids and help them. the platform is well priced and sounds well thought out and planned,

  18. You very well explained the reasons why this app is the best among the all online educational app. I appreciate the efforts of Zee5. Surely it is a great help for board students.

  19. In today’s scenario online learning has become an integral part of education and such online platforms like Eduauraa are really a great option. It’s good to know that new apps and platforms are coming up and integrating educational needs with the current situation. Thanks for sharing about this platform.

  20. I have been hearing about this app quite a lot from fellow mom-bloggers. After reading your review I am quite intrigued to know more and have a feeling that this will be an option for my little one 🙂

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  22. such a nice article. Thank you for sharing. This is a very valuable thing you shared. good stuff!!

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