7 Splendid Wall Hanging Ideas to Decorate your Home

Hanging Wall Decor

Let’s be honest, we all love to see our home neat, clean, clutter-free, and yet can’t stop ourselves from shopping for something new for home decoration. There was a time when I had piles of photo frames (bought and gifted) …

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Furniture ideas for home

5 Furniture Arrangement Ideas for your Home under Budget

Living rooms or small apartments can be given a larger look just by rearranging furniture strategically. Redecorating your home isn’t always about a big-ticket budget and bills. These ideas make your small home look smart and chic under a budget. …

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Etsy home decor

Unique Home Decor Ideas from ETSY!

Home Decor Ideas from Etsy – An honest confession, I am a huge fan of ETSY style art and craft, and I am sure most of you nodding heads after reading this line. Don’t we all love the creative stuff …

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Chairs for home decor

5 Stunning Chair Ideas for your Home Decor

Stunning Chair Ideas for Home – The latest trend in home decoration making round these days are designer chairs – there are different types and styles of chairs available today in the marketplace to uplift the mood and look of …

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Boho home decor

6 Ways to Decorate your Home in Bohemian Style

Bohemian home decor or boho chic home decor is the current mood of most decor enthusiasts, do you know why? It is one of the easiest and free-spirited designing ideas, as compared to the modern or contemporary style of home …

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organic food business

How to Start Organic Food Business in India

Operating an organic food business doesn’t only involve handling products, but it’s also concerned with location. The perfect location is vital for the future success of the organic products business. Selecting a location with the local community’s ideal support goes …

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How Hard Water Ruins Laundry and How to Fix It?

How Hard Water Ruins Laundry and How can you fix that? – Are you not satisfied with the way how your washing machine is cleaning your clothes? If you have changed to a new location, know your water quality first …

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gender equality

What can we do to Support Gender-equality

Gender equality – How can we support gender neutrality! This is the third post in the series of Gender-Talks, the cause that I chose to write in the coveted #CauseAChatter challenge by BlogChatter. We have discussed the basics of gender-neutrality, …

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STEM Learning

8 Ways to Begin Building Extreme STEM Learning Environments

“To raise modern questions, unused conceivable outcomes, to respect ancient issues from a modern point, requires inventive creative energy and marks genuine development in science.” – Albert Einstein The acronym for STEM stands Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM instruction …

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international women's day

Real Women who changed the World! International Women’s Day

Whether it is Sarojini Naidu or Mother Terresa, Queen of Jhansi, or Oprah Winfrey we have stories of great women from every walk of life to inspire us with their ineffaceable desire to empower everyone. This International Women’s Day, I …

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