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mental health disparities

Health Disparities and Effects on Mental Health


Mental health disparities and how to address the issue – Health disparities are one of the significant elements in society, and many people face rough treatment […]

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improve your mental health

10 Effortless ways to Boost your Mental Wellbeing


Easy and Effortless ways to improve your mental wellbeing – We all want to help other people, helping others bring peace and a feeling of contentment. […]

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Mental Health

Effects of Social Media on Body Image and Mental Health


How Social Media Affects body image and mental health – Everyone loves social media and its numerous advantages of bringing the entire world to their fingertips. […]

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anxiety and depression

My Struggles With Anxiety and Depression


Anxiety and Depression are real, so are we! Have you ever felt an all-encompassing feeling of dread or helplessness? A feeling that consumes you till only […]

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handling teenage aggression

Teenage Aggression: How to Deal With Angry Pre-Teens & Teens


Parenting a teenager or pre-teens is not easy. You may even think they are savages or aliens from outer space, but the fact remains that they […]

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How to Deal with Personal Grief


How to process grief – Grief is the emotional pain and suffering you feel when you lose something or someone you love. It is one’s natural […]

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gender equality

What can we do to Support Gender-equality


Gender equality – How can we support gender neutrality! This is the third post in the series of Gender-Talks, the cause that I chose to write […]

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