hair transplant

What are the Guidelines for Washing Newly Transplanted Hair?

Haircare guidelines after a Hair Transplant Surgery – Hair transplant is a cutting-edge hair regrowth technique. According to hair transplant experts, people who have significant baldness or hair loss should go for it. Because hair transplantation is a surgery, patients must adhere to strict pre-and post-operative guidelines to get the best results. Based on hair …

marscoin project

A Lifestyle Blog: Let’s Talk About the Marscoin Project

Let’s learn about Marscoin Project – Cryptocurrency use has skyrocketed since its inception in 2009. In fact, around 13% of Americans have dipped their toes in the crypto currents in the last year. From Bitcoin to Ethereum and beyond, many coins have made their appearance in the crypto ecosystem. But there’s a new coin on …

raksha bandhan special

Raksha Bandhan Gift Ideas for Brothers and Sisters

Raksha Bandhan gift ideas for your brother and sister – There are very few occasions when we get fixed in a situation of ‘what to gift him or her’, rakhi is exactly the spot where siblings often get at logger-heads on gifting ideas. From flowers to dresses, watches to smartphones, at one point in time, …

Mental Health

How to Deal with Personal Grief

How to process grief – Grief is the emotional pain and suffering you feel when you lose something or someone you love. It is one’s natural response to loss. The pain that comes with grief and loss can be overwhelming as a person goes through many emotions, like anger, denial, disbelief, sadness, guilt, and more! …

Horror Ficion

Man from the Shadows!

It was a crisp winter morning, fighting her way from fog and cold sharp breeze, Vijaya continued with her brisk walk while listening to Pink Floyd on her ear-pods. She is following the same route and routine for the last two decades, her dedication is inspirational for many. It was a pleasant morning, Vijaya loves …

spooky tales

My Champa Tree

The magnolia trees bloomed to the full glory today, Bindiya loves standing beside the front gate to smell the fragrant breeze flowing from the orchid. Her whole childhood she nurtured these trees by watering and talking with them as her best friends. It’s been months since magnolia stopped flowering and the leaves started turning pale. …

short horror story

Mortal Burden

Karthik woke up with the humming sound coming from the backyard. He remembers shutting down and parking his thunderbird correctly, last night despite having the torturous backache. Coming out of bed was as difficult as climbing up to his room with this insufferable pain, none of the orthopedics could diagnose the reason for his acute …

Flash Fiction

To the Moon and Back!

Vandana looked impeccable in a red and beige gown with golden peacock embroidery work from her favorite artisan. Adorning her signature heart-melting smile, she is a beauty to behold. Half a dozen pairs of eyes were stuck on her, cheering the moment and to be a part of this exceptional celebration. Ronit was elated to …

independence day quotes

10 Inspirational Quotes and Wishes for India Independence Day

Independence Day Quotes and Wishes for all – 15th August 1947 marked a new beginning of the Great Indian dream when colonial rule ended and India became a free country. The tricolor was hoisted on the Red Fort, Delhi by the then Indian Prime Minister Late Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, after being declared Independent from the …

baby care lotions
Lifestyle, Reviews

Top 5 Baby Care Lotions for Healthy and Happy Babies with Price

Best Baby Care Lotions for your little bundle of joy – From the second you hold your little one, you will want to give them only the best of things. From babycare products to toys to clothes and the list just gets bigger and bigger as your baby grows.   In the race to buy …

solar panels in Florida

What is the Cost to Install Solar Panels in Florida?

Are you living in Florida and looking for a way to save on your home’s energy bill while supporting a cleaner environment? If so, then install solar panels are definitely the way to go. Best of all now is the very best time to make the switch to solar energy thanks to the all-time low …

personality development in kids

6 Skills that Fosters Personality Development in Kids

Times have changed and so have the kids around us. Nowadays, ensuring that a kid goes to school to study is not enough. Personality development has also become crucial for a child’s growth. There are a lot of skills, particularly 21st-century skills, that a kid can learn to ensure success in this era. Here are …

acne treatment

Acne-proof your Skin in Anticipation of the Rainy Season

Acne Treatment during the rainy season for your skin – Because everything is green during the monsoons, it is a lovely time of year. The monsoon’s calming rains and mild temperatures will seem like heaven after the blazing heat of summer. However, humidity arrives with the chilly breeze and showers, bringing more germs into the …

men's work pants essentials

5 Things that Matter when Buying Men’s Work Pants

Things you must consider before buying Men’s Work Pants – Besides withstanding harsh working conditions, a quality pair of work pants should also add to your fashion quotient and comfort. But remember, do not meet these criteria. From materials to features and quality, clothing options like Workwear Hub men’s pants offer additional benefits. To make …

appendicitis treatment and causes

Appendicitis Treatment & Causes – Explained by the Best Gastroenterologist in Pune

Appendicitis treatment and causes – explained by an expert. What is appendicitis? It is an inflammation of the appendix, a finger-shaped pouch on the lower right side of your belly that projects from your colon. “The pain in your lower right abdomen is caused by appendicitis. In most patients, though, pain begins about the navel …