How to Start Organic Food Business in India

organic food business

Operating an organic food business doesn’t only involve handling products, but it’s also concerned with location. The perfect location is vital for the future success of the organic products business. Selecting a location with the local community’s ideal support goes …

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How Hard Water Ruins Laundry and How to Fix It?

How Hard Water Ruins Laundry and How can you fix that? – Are you not satisfied with the way how your washing machine is cleaning your clothes? If you have changed to a new location, know your water quality first …

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gender equality

What can we do to Support Gender-equality

Gender equality – How can we support gender neutrality! This is the third post in the series of Gender-Talks, the cause that I chose to write in the coveted #CauseAChatter challenge by BlogChatter. We have discussed the basics of gender-neutrality, …

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STEM Learning

8 Ways to Begin Building Extreme STEM Learning Environments

“To raise modern questions, unused conceivable outcomes, to respect ancient issues from a modern point, requires inventive creative energy and marks genuine development in science.” – Albert Einstein The acronym for STEM stands Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM instruction …

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international women's day

Real Women who changed the World! International Women’s Day

Whether it is Sarojini Naidu or Mother Terresa, Queen of Jhansi, or Oprah Winfrey we have stories of great women from every walk of life to inspire us with their ineffaceable desire to empower everyone. This International Women’s Day, I …

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gender equality

Gender Equality – Why do we need to talk about it?

In the last post on Gender equality, we discussed the need for a gender-neutral society. Now, that we already know the basics of gender-neutrality, it is time to deep dive further into the topic. The helpful step towards any cause …

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CBSE schools in Kolkata focuses on overall growth

Role of Education in the Cognitive Development of Children

Role of education in the cognitive and psychological development of Children – Education is one of the vital pillars of life. The cognitive development, psychological, and personality aspects, largely feeds from the quality and versatility of the kind of education …

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spooky tales

My Best Friend – A Tale of Two Friends

Viru was sitting beside Vikram, holding his hand tenderly tapping it with soft feather-like fingers. The nervousness was palpable in both the kids. After all, it was a kind of ‘life-and-death’ decision for them. Vikram’s parents have finally decided to …

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avoid plagiarism detection tool

4 Common Ways How Students Avoid Plagiarism Detection

How students avoid plagiarism detection – Modern Technology and the internet are changing the ways of learning. It is offering many shortcuts for students that are proving harmful in many ways. Today, students have the key to access any information …

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republic day significance for children

How to Explain Significance of Republic Day to the Kids

Teach kids and students the significance of Republic Day – In the current academic year, schools were shifted to online learning due to coronavirus pandemic. Which inadvertently involved parents to a greater extent with the academic and co-curricular process with …

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