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I am a MOM, Your Superhero! #MujheSabNahiPata

I am a Mom, and Mom knows best! Being a mom is about learning and discovering new, sometimes trivial, things that you never knew existed before. People rightly say that motherhood changes everything. It’s the phase when a free bird settles on the ground and start nurturing a new life. Motherhood is a journey, an …

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Improvise for Happiness

The human mind is a very complex processor, it never stops learning new things. Research has shown, the brain cells develop until teenage years. Another set of scientific research suggested the brain fully develops in 25 years or later. As far as I understand, it never stops learning. We keep on improvising on the knowledge …

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friends are forever

Friends make Us Happier – #AtoZChallenge

Friends make us happier, Friends = Happiness. There is hardly anyone who doesn’t have any friend. We all love to be around like-minded people, those who make us feel good and happy. Friendship is a relation that we choose, make out of our free choice. If you ask me, friends make our life a little …

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Silver fashion jewelry bollywood style

Handcrafted Fashion Jewelry by Sangeeta Boochra Silver Centrre

Ask any woman what’s her favorite fashion accessory, her answer would be – ‘jewelry’. Be it small or big, gold or silver, stones or crystals, we love them all. Especially, if it comes from the house of Sangeeta Boochra, called Silver Centrre. A name which pioneered for handcrafted silver ornaments, infused with traditional and tribal …

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Happiness mantra

My Happiness Mantra – Theme Reveal

Don’t think too much. Just do what makes you Happy. – Buddha Teachings It’s time for A to Z with Blogchatter and blogging family again, what better start than gratitude towards life and a happiness quote. After brainstorming high and low, taking advises from friends and a few from husband too finally I picked what …

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