right growth and development of your child

Ensure Right Growth & Development of Your Child with PediaSure!

Combat Poor Nutrition with PediaSure And Ensure Right Growth & Development of Your Child #GrowRight! Being a mother, the most important concern in my life is my kid. I keep worrying about her physical, emotional and mental development. Like any other mother, I too try to provide a diet that can achieve proper nutrition levels and is in no way less. But my kid is a fussy eater. Something that she prefers today to eat becomes boring, tasteless the very next day.

And to combat this, her Pediatrician prescribed PediaSure’s 90 days challenge. She says, right from foundation years, you have to be cautious about the nutrition levels of your child. PediaSure ensures proper growth and development with 37 essential nutrients in a glass of flavored health drink. Not just that, it also supports proper development of brain, immunity, height, and weight which enriches their future achievement.

Diet Chart of Your Child

food chart for kids
The Food Pyramid: From the National Institute of Nutrition ICMR. Dietary Guidelines for Indians – A Manual. 2011. http://ninindia.org/DietaryGuidelinesforNINwebsite.pdf

While the food pyramid is a great guide to decide what food groups constitute a balanced diet for your child, I have found the following works best for my daughter:

  • Daily two glasses of cow’s milk,
  • 1 egg,
  • 1 medium bowl of rice,
  • Vitamin C enriched fruits,
  • Two bowls of fresh curd, carrots, spinach, cashew nut, animal protein are advisable.

So, does PediaSure really work?

All the foods mentioned above are enriched in 5 scoops of PediaSure. Calcium, Protein, Carbohydrates, Vitamins, Amino acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Zinc, Phosphorous, Magnesium, and a lot more nutrients are present in it.

Just two glasses of this nutrient drink and I am a happy mom and my daughter is a happy child. While I do my best to ensure that she eats well at home, it is impossible to maintain a balanced diet all the time, for all the meals. That’s where PediaSure has been helpful for us.

Brain Development

Few health drinks can boast of containing neuro-nutrients like Taurine, Choline and Omega 3 that support brain development. PediaSure is fortified with these nutrients which helps in supporting brain development.

Help your child grow right with PediaSure

ensure right growth for your child

I don’t think there ever comes a time in a mother’s life where she is satisfied with how her baby is growing or how much she is growing. Because of my daughter’s fussy eating my biggest worry is how much of the nutrition on that plate of good, home-cooked food, she is actually getting.

As their own personal nutrition helpers, it is our number one responsibility to provide them with healthy and correct growth. And I have observed that PediaSure has worked well for my daughter’s overall nutritional demands and visible growth signs.

You can see visible growth in 90 days. It comes in four delectable flavors to treat the little craving taste buds. So, get it today and keep away from worries and diseases.


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  1. Anita Singh says:

    Ma k liye yehi sabse bafi tension hoti hai, chaliye accha hai, pediasure k barey me bitiya ko bolti hu, uska chota beta bhi khane me pareshan karta hai , thanks a lot for review ??

  2. Yes I am an avid lover of Pediasure and my fussy eater is satisfied with the strawberry and vanilla flavors too

  3. Ruchi Verma says:

    Pediasure is really a blessing for mothers like me who has to struggle daily with little toddlers … Thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Great to learn from your post that PediaSure works well for the overall nutritional demands and displays visible growth signs. Will try this for my boys too.

  5. My aunt has recently started giving pediasure to her lil one due to his fussy eating habits. And he is loving it!

  6. Having an alternative in hand when you know the child’s growth is lacking because of fussy eating is a peace of mind. It would be helpful for many parents.

  7. A boon for moms, Pediasure truly ensures value added nutritional benefits in kids growing years.

  8. You have explained it very well Dipika and your recommendations have struck a chord with a mom’s heart in me. Pediasure indeed is worthy.

  9. ask me, i have dealt with a fussy eater for 2.5 years. Now i have worked on him and he’s getting better. Pediasure helped in the journey.

  10. Pediasure is definitely one of the best supplements out there when it comes to ensuring child nutrition. Sometimes, even after doing everything by the book, a child turns out to be a fussy eater. At those times, Pediasure can really make a mothers life easy.

  11. Noor Anand Chawla says:

    It is so important to ensure a child’s proper growth by providing the right kind of nutrients in their diet.

  12. Pediasure is the best option for ensuring groeth and development of kids. The 37 essential nutrients are a great advantage.

  13. Pediasure is a nice option to provide enough nutrition to little kids who are fussy eaters. Would get it for my nephew.

  14. My daughter’s favourite. It is really a good option for fussy eaters. It helps to get the nutrients which they lack due to their fussy eating habits.

  15. My son was prone to cold as his immunity was quite low, thanks to PediaSure he’s gaining immunity and I’m worry-free that he’s getting the right nutrition.

  16. Complete nutrition in kids is always a doubtful topic for moms. Pediasure seems like an answer for mom’s queries.

  17. Kavita Singh says:

    The visible difference in 90 days, wow, that’s really impressive. To tell you the truth, I too have been little apprehensive about this because of lack of knowledge I guess but after reading this it makes sense. I am surely picking it for my little one too.

  18. Ruchi Srivastava says:

    This is a great supplement which I am using for my kids and I can easily see the changes!!

  19. Pediasure is a popular brand for Kids. they love the different flavours it has. It is wonderful for the overall development.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day.

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  22. Hey!
    Great post.

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