6 Innovative Ideas to Make Tasty & Healthy Meals For Kids

healthy meal plans for kids

If there is one thing that all moms universally dread is their children complaining – “Ma, I don’t want to eat what you have put on my plate!”. Life as a mom is indeed beautiful – there are plenty of cuddles, sweet baby talks, free hugs, kisses, and more. Then, there’s the other side – feeding a picky eater, especially during early morning rush hours. As a mom, I keep hunting for easy ideas of making tasty and healthy meals for kids.

healthy meal for kids ideas for picky eaters

Nothing is as frustrating as watching your child throw yet another tantrum for eating, or opening the barely-touched lunch boxes when your child comes home from school. So, is there any way to handle picky eaters without losing your sanity? How to ensure that your child’s meal is tasty as well as nutrition-rich?

Guys, we’ve got some excellent tips for you right here. This is the REAL deal – ingenious tips on how to make your child’s meals tastier and healthier, from other mommies just like you and me. We hope you enjoy this as much as we did and pick a tip or two that works for your family.

1. Fun Shapes and Creative Presentation – Healthy Meals for Kids

Kids love colors. If you’ve got a picky eater who runs a mile on seeing veggies, curries, and gravies on their plate, then this one’s for you. Instead of serving veggies and fruits as regular salads or curries, present it in new ways – you can give them popsicle sticks made of fresh fruit juice, veggie kebabs (raw cubed vegetables on a stick and drizzled with seasoning), fruits and veggies cut in fun shapes (use cookie cutters) and so on.

2. Load your Pantry with Nutritious, Kid-Approved Brands

You’ve got to rush to work, the kid has to get ready for school/day-care, and who has the time to arrange food meticulously, especially during the morning rush? We get you. It’s not possible to create a beautiful masterpiece in the kitchen all the time.

This is where kid-approved brands like PediaSure, the No.1 Toddler Health Drink, can come to your rescue. Filled with essential nutrients and minerals, adding a couple of scoops of PediaSure to your child’s milk not only makes the drink tastier but also healthier and filling. Serve them chilled PediaSure milk as a milkshake. You can even mix it up by using different flavors like vanilla, chocolate or even Kesar badam.

It’s a win-win for all. No more food strikes, as PediaSure is kids-liked taste, and you can feel happy knowing that your child has got their fill of daily nutrients.

3. Healthy meals for Kids – Switch the Ingredients of their Favorite Dishes –

Let’s say that your child loves pasta. Then, instead of giving them pasta made with refined flour, you can opt for whole-wheat pasta. This way, you can add an extra dose of nutrients to your child’s favorite meals. Other ideas include making Rotis with beetroot flour, pancakes with millet flour, etc.

Look for different ways to recreate your child’s favorite dishes with healthier ingredients.

4. Get Your Child Involved in the Healthy Meal Planning and Cooking

When your children are involved in the kitchen like – stirring, picking ingredients, plucking greens – then they are more likely to eat the meals you have prepared. However, make sure that you don’t give knives or let children unsupervised in the kitchen. Keep an eye on them at all times. Remember, they are not cooking, but just getting involved.

5. Extraordinary Eggs are Best wholesome and healthy meals for Kids

easy ideas for make tasty and healthy meals for kids

Eggs are a great source of protein. Most kids don’t like eggs. Here’s a way to get your kids to finish off their eggs – place a few large cookie cutters on the frying pan. Crack open an egg into it, load it up with veggies and cheese. Cook for a few minutes, remove the cookie cutter, toss and cook on the other side. The most delicious healthy meal in itself for anyone.

6. Draw a Face on It

This works for pancakes, dosa, rotis, and even waffles. Make a round pancake, dosa, or roti. Decorate it like a face – with olives or cut grapes for the eyes, carrot sticks for the nose, a peeled banana for the mouth. Your kid will love the funny face, and you get to sneak in veggies and fruits as well.

Use one or all of these ideas, and make mealtimes fun and healthy. So what are some of the ways that you use to make foods fun and healthier? Tell us in the comments below!


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34 thoughts on “6 Innovative Ideas to Make Tasty & Healthy Meals For Kids

  1. These are some great tips. I too believe in loading
    (read hiding) nutrients in my son’s diet. Pediasure is a great way to cover up the nutrient gap

  2. i totally loved the tips to feed toddlers. they’re very very choosy when it comes to food. it’s a huge task for mothers to fulfill their nutritional requirement.

  3. I think this is such a helpful post for me I will sure try to add your tips for Viraj’s breakfast and it will be good that he will finish without any tantrums !!

  4. I want to add one we can give veggies in the form of parathas. I make paratha of cabbage, cauliflower, spinach, Onion. They love to eat parathas.

  5. We all know kids are so fussy about eating.So making nutritional food and serving in a creative way really helps. Bottomline is they must get all the required nutrients.Lovely article.

  6. These are some great tips buddy. They are pro as well as can be easily inculcated in our daily routine. Pediasure is a bae in our household too

  7. Thanks for these helpful ideas.. my son is a picky eater but I try and find new ways for him to get nutrition including Pediasure.

  8. My baby is a fussy eater and I have tried all the tricks and yet it does not seem to work in my favour. But I have learnt to get her through the meal time with stomach full by associating a morsel with shapes or a story

  9. Such simple hacks but they definitely help in slipping nutrition in kids’ daily diet. Pediasure is a relief for mom’s of fussy eaters really.

  10. Such an important post. I totally agree that we need to ensure healthy growth with a properly nutritious diet. Even we get pediasure at home and ensure that Ira has it twice a day. Another thing that I also follow is planning the food with my daughter as it ensures she east healthy and her wish is also included in it.

  11. These are some cool ideas to make kids eat healthy nutritious food so that it benefits their body. Love the drawing face idea.

  12. Surely implementing these ideas for making my little one love what I try to give for a balanced diet. Particularly like switching ingredients for making their fav dishes.

  13. Feeding kids is always fussy and hard. These ideas are creative and useful to make the kid eat well. Thank u for sharing..

  14. That’s absolutely genius! Switching the ingredients, drawing faces and introducing kids to healthy meal planning… I am sure this will help many!

  15. When it comes to cooking, I am so bad you know. It’s really difficult to me for making tasty food for Mickey. This post will help me a lot.

  16. This is so helpful because kids food does need planning. Also, making it look attractive and load with nutrients can be challenging sometimes for moms.

  17. To make sure that children are eating meals properly and on time is a very difficult task. And to make them eat healthy food is even more difficult. As you rightly mentioned that one need to try different and innovative things to make them eat healthy food. I would suggest that one should try to engage children with the characters of nutritional brands, I think it will help the parents as they will come asking for the food when they are connected with that character.

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