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Importance of stimulation to feed IQ to your baby

When a child is born, so takes birth the responsibility to bring up a smart, healthy, and wise human being. We as parents provide them with the best nutrition, education, social and moral understandings. For a parent, the biggest goal of life is – see the children do good in everything they undertake. But to achieve success, the efforts need to begin from the very start.

It was not long ago when I was having this casual discussion with an auto-rickshaw driver, about school-based education. He mentioned how his son would solve crosswords puzzles and number maze in old torn newspapers. Seeing the talent of this six years old boy, he enrolled him in some Mathematics classes and the kid excelled in all sorts of number logic exams. The boy later took part in the state-level competition and won it with flying colors.

I was amazed by this little story, how this daily wage earner gauged the interest of little boy and enrolled him in stimulation classes. We parents are the basic necessity providers for children, and it is our duty to create a conducive environment of growth for them.

Importance of Simulation for the child’s overall growth

simulation exercises for children
Image source – Simmom

Do you know that the first three years are most crucial in a child’s life? This is the time when the brain develops and grows at its fastest pace. In this stage the brain acts like a sponge, absorbing everything inside those tiny neural walls. The child learns to communicate and develops a relationship with the outside world.

The brain learns the basic structure of communication, emotional and mental reasoning, social behavior, and more. Hence, proper nutrition becomes the focal point during this growth phase. Complete nutrition makes smart and healthy kids, but often we ignore the aspect of the brain or cognitive development in the quest of making them healthy.

Brain simulating games, mental exercises, puzzle games, and plays, stimulate the brain to make children active, alert, and smart. Cognitive development takes the focus in this learning stage, making kids inquisitive to seek more and more information. Hence, nutrition and health should be integrated to create an environment for children to learn.

Role of Nutrition and Feed IQ

Family plays a crucial role in cognitive development and growth

FeedIQ; the concept I have covered in my previous health & child-development posts emphasizes the holistic growth of a child from early pregnancy. Cognitive skills are the intellectual skills developed over time with the help of various mental stimulating activities.

“The growth and development of a child are facilitated by providing care, responsiveness, and stimulation. Responding to babies with love and warmth makes them feel secure, loved and assured about the fulfillment of their needs. The more you interact with your young ones, the more rapid their development is. As a mother/caregiver, you play many roles in the physical, emotional, social, and intellectual development of your child.” – reference indexed.

With the current scenario at studies and fast pacing world, adaptability is the biggest virtue. As a mother, I emphasize more on building adaptability and presence of mind in kids as compared to bookish know-how. Simulating intellectual growth help kids to learn the basic of overall education paradigm.

Cognitive Development and Feed IQ

As a family, all members must equally participate in boosting cognitive development in the children. This brings different views and perspectives on shaping a better understanding. I remember during childhood days when granny would delegate a few of her ‘social-work’ jobs to me. For the role of junior committee coordinator, my job description was to – interact with all members and to keep track of numbers. This helped me to get over the basic hesitation of meeting and interacting with new people. During the hostel stint much later in life, this trait helped in breaking-ice easily, making new friends and building new relationships.

need and role of cognition development in babies. The need of simulation is crucial for infants to connect with the surroundings.


Role of a father during early development in children brings a new perspective of growth. Quite obviously a male will have a different aspect of understanding than that of a female. Hence, when fathers encourage or inspire a child to learn or perform it brings a positive push towards accomplishment.

Also, it helps a child to learn gender equality and a wider perspective of life. I have seen my father doing kitchen chores or school duties many times in life. So does my partner. He doesn’t mind being the chef for a day or cleaning dishes when required. This opens up the barrier of mindsets and a child learns easy adaptability for better growth prospects.

All you need is…

Listen to kids by giving them undivided attention. Attending to their questions or welcoming opinions are the ways of building strong emotional trust between parents-children. Playing is the foremost element of early childhood stimulation and central to good mother-child interaction. Babies, infants, and children learn through play. Play strengthens the bonds between parents and children.

Healthy growth of a child depends on the environment we provide them. A conducive and happy environment with growth stimulating activities and positive response from parents boost cognitive development in children. As parents and nurturers, we must inculcate healthy relationship with kids and invest time in brain-stimulating exercises like plays, mental-verbal development games, storytelling etc.

Always remember the brain adapts as per the surroundings.


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Ref. 1. Integrating Early Childhood Development activities.

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  1. Healthy growth of a child depends on the environment we provide them. A conducive and happy environment with growth stimulating activities and positive response from parents boost cognitive development in children.

    I so agree with this thought, Dipika. We lay the base for a child’s development in it’s early years.

  2. Superb post, Dipika! The environment we provide to our babies and the stimulation through various activities plays a major role in a baby’s cognitive development. You are right, parents often ignore the aspect of brain development in the quest of making their babies healthy.

    Neha Sharma
  3. I completely agree .As a mom and as a nutritionist, I focus on the aspect of cognitive development for kids. Parents must remember that they can help in stimulation and overall development of the child.

  4. As you rightly said Dips, a gender neutral upbringing starts from home and begins when the baby is very young. It depends on how interactions work at home. A secure and happy environment and right stimulation works wonders for babies.

  5. A parents actuin is so important. Our children observe us and learn. This is indeed a very exhaustive post on the topic! We need to create a very nurturing environment for our offspring’s!

  6. Providing healthy environments ensures proper and complete development of kids even history is full of icons which fought all odds and proved the importance of healthy relationships in their growth. Much needed article in such times

    Priti tiwari
  7. Lovely post and I could relate so much. A child’s brain is all about the surroundings and stimulation. I wondered how well that autoriskshaw man observed his sons potential and got him enrolled in the right classes at the right time . As parents we need to provide kids with enough opportunities and observe their signs.

  8. As a mother, I have realized so many times that when you hug your child and listen to him/her wholeheartedly and loving, they respond affectionately too. However irritated you may be but just one smile makes their day. It actually helps in their rapid development.

  9. I love my parents but honestly I always felt they tried to force me into becoming an ideal kid which further forced me into depression! I loved this post! Love, warmth and understanding are very essential to make kids feel good…

    1. Oh! darling, thanks for sharing your views. We often do not understand the boundary and unnecessary end up pushing kids for unrealistic things. I truly hope you are fine now and out of that sulking stage. Let me know if I could be of any help to you.

  10. Beautifully written post, Dipika. A child’s brain absorbs all emotions and inputs, positive as well as negative. As a family we must encourage activities that’ll help in its growth and development.

  11. Totally agree; Dipika, with what you shared about providing an emotionally & mentally stimulating environment to our kids is very crucial & instrumental in develop their cognitive skills & IQ.

    And yes, parents often overlooked this aspect of growth in the rush to increase only their height & weight.

  12. Being a mom to a 3 yr old, i completely understand how important it is to pay attention to them. We often make the mistake of ignoring their halfly spoken words but they have a lot of things to express and we should help them do that.

  13. Child is learning from his/her parents and from the surroundings too. As a parents we have to give them the right education. Cognitive development is imp and im trying to give my kid the gender equal education too.

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