How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s

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How To Prepare For Pregnancy During the 40s – things to consider for getting pregnant during the 40s

Pregnancy is one of the most special phases in the life of a woman. This is that stage when a young woman transforms into a mother having the responsibility of nurturing a new and vulnerable life. This is a phenomenon that can bring a large number of changes in the life, body, and psyche of a woman. The process is full of new experiences, challenges, and choices. However as many specialists will comply with the fact, the process tends to get difficult with the growing years of a woman.

It is a common fact that many women who start trying for their first child at the age of 40 have o face some fertility issues. This is a very common state of things although not a universal law. There are many women who can get pregnant and can give birth to healthy children without the aid of any treatment, medicines or process like IVF. These treatments and process are quite pricey like the skyrocketing IVF costs in Bangalore.

However getting pregnant at the age of 40 can be a challenge from many different aspects. Let us take a look at some of the probable pitfalls and how can one pass them all with flying colors.

Planning a baby in your 40s here is a quick checklist to go by. Late Pregnancy Checklist

Checklist for getting pregnant during the 40s

Health –

At the age of, 40 you must remember that your health is no longer what it was at the age of thirty or even less than that. Now it is likely that you must have developed other medical common problems such as blood sugar and pressure. Hence pregnancy at this age can become a bit more complicated than at the younger ages. Hence if you are planning to get pregnant at 40 or have actually conceived already then it is time that you have visited your doctor and have brought the medical problem with a check. Contact your doctor and see that whether all the medicines that you are taking are conducive for the health of the fetus, if not then the medicines need to be changed.

getting pregnant in the 40s checklist for all those who are planning late pregnancy

Very important many women tend to put on weight at the age of 40. Hence try to get into a good habit such as light but vigilant exercise. You can consult a dietician and see every item that you eat. However please do not deprive yourself of anything at this stage.

Remember that yours and your partner’s health factors contribute to the strength of the fetus which is why pregnancies in 40 always are at larger chances of miscarriages.

Psyche –

Pregnancy means that you will experience a large number of hormonal changes due to which you can have major mood swings. This is something that is unlikely to change even at 40, although you are likely to get more patient and understanding at this age.

Career –

Please plan in terms of your career as well, at this stage. Please do not exert yourself too much which could be harmful to you and the baby.

Pregnancy is a wonderful experience. Investigations have revealed that a larger number of women at their 40s are getting pregnant and are giving birth to healthy babies. Hence good luck to all your ladies in their 40s out there!


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  1. Great post. It is important to get checked regularly and know the status of health.

    Thanks for sharing, have a good day. 🙂

  2. Bahut hi accha topic hai, young age me to waise bhi health issue nahi rehta per agar 40’s me baby ko duniya me gealthy laana hai to ma ka healthy hona bahut jaruri hai
    Aapke points dhyan me rakh liye hain, aaj ki lifestyle me pata nahi kab kisko jarurat pad jaye

  3. Good post, Dipika. At 40s, conceiving and delivering can be difficult, stressful and complicated, but a lot of it actually depends on your mental and physical strength. If one is physically fit and mentally ready for a baby, she will have lesser issues than someone who conceives by accident.

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