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cognitive development

All you need to know about Infant Cognitive development

Stop worrying about infant weight, let’s talk about Infant Cognitive Development –  Motherhood brings various challenges with it, some tricky and few outright trivial. Challenges from basic hunger need to the overall development of the child. The first six months …

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best parenting

A Zeal for Gleeful Parenting

‘An Enthusiastic Heart Finds OPPORTUNITIES Everywhere.’ – Paulo Coelho This is my last post in ‘Gleeful-Parenting’ series! We started with ‘A‘ and today it’s over-whelming writing the last alphabet – ‘Z‘. Over these 26 letters, I have learned many things …

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child development

What’s your X -Factor of Parenting?

What’s your X-Factor? We all have that one thing, which makes us proud of yourself and others, isn’t it? In marketing, we call it USP – Unique Selling Proposition. We all have this X-factor, however, at times take few attempts …

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Words of Wisdom – Gift them the Knowledge

Words of Wisdom – Positive and inspiring quotes every parent must share with children. Have you ever wondered how few positive quotes and words fill us with energy and good vibes? I always had a thing for good quotes and …

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children vision

A Vision for Future – Embrace Change

‘Change is the Law of Nature’ – Embrace Children’s Vision for Future. We often find ourselves at crossroads with children when it comes to change. But can we stop the change; no we cannot and should not. Because change is …

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United We Stand – Supportive Parenting

Supportive parenting – we all like to be a supportive parent, but at times misjudgments lead to a deadlock between parent and child. Our daughter is going to be six soon, and she is a chatterbox. I have seen our …

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Child Development

School Safety – Creating safe environment for Children

School Safety for our children is a joint effort of Parents and School administration. The recent episodes of violence against children have shooked the entire nation. Everyone is talking about the safety of children and measures to create a safe environment. …

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Respectful parenting

Respectful Parenting – Child Development

During my research work for Gleeful-Parenting series, I stumbled upon ‘Respectful Parenting’. For me, this style of parenting is an immediate connection. I am groomed like an individual since childhood, parents have always given me the liberty to say my choice. …

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Anger management

Parenting and Patience – GleefulParenting

You ask any parent, the first thing ‘parenting’ taught them; the answer would be – Patience. I am no different, parenthood taught me patience. The virtue I was badly lacking in my life. Being an impulsive and little rebellious my first reaction …

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Never Say No

Never say NO – Gleeful Parenting has no space for No

“No, you are not supposed to touch that.” “Never say that again.” “Do not open that please.” “You should never do anything like this.” These are most frequent statements we use with children throughout our daily conversation. Many cannot find …

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Kind Attention Please – Act of Balancing

Kind attention parents – Parents of grade 1 children please wait in the reception area. The class coordinator will address you soon.’ The announcement was made by school staff and we waited eagerly to be addressed by the primary class …

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clean room for kids

Housekeeping Time – Clean up is Fun

Housekeeping – You need to keep it Clean Around a year ago or so, when daughter was playing with her friend at home, I was traumatized seeing all the mess. Toys, games, books, crayons, play doh and piles of puzzle …

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child education

Education Beyond Books

Child – Education beyond books Sunita worked as house-help all her life; washing dishes, mopping floors, sweeping, laundry she accepts any of these chores with a smile. With fixed changes for each job, she is highly recommended house help of …

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Are you a Kind Mommy??

Kindness, Empathy, Compassionate these are certain qualities we parents wish to have in our kids!!! I recall a funny subject called ‘moral science‘, been taught to us when we were at school some decades back…. which spoke big about being …

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