What’s your X -Factor of Parenting?


What’s your X-Factor?

We all have that one thing, which makes us proud of yourself and others, isn’t it? In marketing, we call it USP – Unique Selling Proposition. We all have this X-factor, however, at times take few attempts to realize it. Like for me I always had a flare towards writing, but never tried it as passion. Reading is always been, and even today my first love. But when friends coaxed me to start writing, I gave it a try. Eventually, weaving fiction came naturally to yours truly. For creating a captivating story, all I need is just a happy place and calm mind.

Today, I use the same skills to explain good behavior and life’s principles to daughter. In the family, this ‘narrating-stories’ skill has gained quite accolades, and I am truly proud of that 🙂

So what is your X-Factor as Parents?

As parents, we don many hats, few are innate and some we learn over time. The aim is to provide the best of everything to our children and encourage them to give their best shot in whatever challenge they pick on.

I have seen parents who are really good at sports, instead of encouraging by words they participate in sports and spread the positivity around. We know that positivity has this ripple effect, and seeing parents being sporty kids come out their inhibitions. This is win-win for parents as well as kids.

With the current scenario knowing our innate abilities is very crucial, today when children are young and in learning, stage find that hidden x-factor. Parenting roles and relations have evolved for the better good, we are their friends, mentors, teachers, and providers.

Family and peers overburden children in today’s competitive world with over-expectations. As parents, we should act like sponges and absorb that pressure. The x-factor of parenting today – Be their friend more than the parent. guide them while stepping into their shoes and understanding their perspective.

For me, x-factor of parenting is when you let go your usual parenting avatar and bring more children connected version.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z series by Blogchatter, and my theme for this challenge is Gleeful Parenting.


V for Vision.

W for Word of Wisdom.

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