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School Safety for our children is a joint effort of Parents and School administration.

The recent episodes of violence against children have shooked the entire nation. Everyone is talking about the safety of children and measures to create a safe environment. Two out of three children in India are subjected to some form of abuse, as per this survey. Parents try their best to give a safe environment for children. However, are our children really safe in school? Many schools have upgraded child safety framework and included new parameters. But we cannot leave everything for the school. Keeping our children safe is everyone’s responsibility.

“School Safety” is creating safe environment for children, right from their homes to school and back. The framework of School Safety ranges to providing safety to children from any kind of harm. Mental, physical abuse, violence, natural or created disaster, transportation, etc.

Definition of School safety for children as per NCPCR (National Commission for Protection of Child Rights). You can access the detailed report here.

Point to ponder – School safety changes

Recently daughter’s school has integrated few changes on various levels. As every new change brings some discomfort so did these. From transportation report checks to entry and exit level points, new norms and regulations implemented. The changes are in lieu of Government child safety guidelines, to keep children safe.

From the school’s perspective, this is a massive change. The entire transport infrastructure and support staff are verified under the purview of the legal system. We have new school buses as per regulations and verified attendants. Parents were well aware of the structural changes and requested to support the move.

However, parents were with school till it was on papers. Once the implementation began tempers raised high. Even the smallest of deviation raised and we all turned into devil’s advocate. Everyone started advocating ways and means to school authorities and voiced objections in whatever way possible. At the macro level, the change is to upgrade safety measure for our children at school. With the sudden rise in incidents related to child safety at school, it is everyone’s responsibility to protect children from any harm. But are we really helping authorities to create a safer environment for our children or negating their efforts?

Change is the only constant, and certain changes are for good. Parents play a major role in ensuring the safe environment for children.

Role of Parents in School Safety measures –

school safety

Know the law – The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act (POCSO Act) 2012. The Act addresses sexual abuse and sexual exploitation of children effectively. The government has recently drafted new changes to address mass appeal from citizens. As aware parents, we should know the laws and circumstances to take legal help if required.

Awareness about school safety environment

School safety requires a paradigm shift from earlier comfort zones to cater new challenges. Many schools are implementing these changes, as a prerequisite from governing authorities. However, it is our responsibility to inquire about the safety measures at school.

Participate in school-parent meetings or forums. Every school has Parent-Teacher Association to discuss issues related to education, facilities, and administration. Parents should raise concerns through the correct channels, and help schools become a safer place for children.

Educate children about school safety protocols. Provide children a checklist to follow when in danger. They should know whom to reach for when in an emergency. Create a trust-based relationship with children and school authorities.

Creating a safe environment is everyone’s responsibility. School safety and parental awareness together bring a better change for our children.

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20 thoughts on “School Safety – Creating safe environment for Children

  1. School safety is the joint responsibility of the school and parents. Its unrealistic to expect the school to be able to succeed in implementing a fool proof method unless there is cooperation by parents. Great post Dipika

  2. Another great post, Dipika and a concern for most parents and schools. It is also a grey area as schools think they alone can’t take responsibility of the children, and the parents are unable to help while their kids are at school. However, small steps helps. For example, not letting strangers come into the vicinity of the school during school hours and also when kids come and go out. If a child is absent, the school sends a msg to the parent that it is the case. No parent is allowed into the school premises without an authorized photo card from the school authorities.

    1. Completely agree with you Anshu, this is a joint responsibility and holding each other responsible for lacuna is not acceptable. Glad you could connect to the post. Thanks a lot for spending time on blog.

      1. My pleasure, Dipika. Seriously, love the way you offer personal angles in the post and also your careful research. It is a sure shot way to connect to readers.

  3. This one is so much needed at the moment Dipika. There is a greater role of school to play; at the same time the parents also have an important part. Let the children be safe. Its our future, we must take every measure to protect them, their surrounding.
    One of your best dear! (Its difficult to choose though)

  4. You brought in the right topic, it is on each of our nerves these days. I find the measures really inadequate and feel as nervous as hell. I deeply agree on the joint responsibility front.

  5. Our children deserve a safe environment to live, learn and grow. If the schools are implementing new processes for better safety, as parents we must help them do that. My son is in a boarding school and they have some amazing processes in place. It is sometimes inconvenient for us, but we know that it is for the larger good!

    1. Agree to each word you mentioned here Shilpa, our kids need safe environment to grow to best of their abilities.

  6. You have raised some valid points. School safety is important especially with so many things going around. Everyday we hear incidents which make us scared as parents.

    1. True that Deepa, picture is quite scary and needs direct attention from higher authorities. Thank you for reading.

  7. Like they say, it takes an entire village to raise a child. Merely having laws and stringent penalties will not help, parents, teachers, school staff, and the general public at large need to be watchful and alert to help children stay safe.

    1. Yes, the responsibility of joint and needs to be equally shared. School provides safe and secured infrastructure and rest we as parents have to be alert and aware. Thank you for reading and connecting Chris.

    1. I too hope we think of a bigger picture rather than fussing over small obstacles. Thanks for visiting Mayuri.

  8. Yesterday only me and my husband are talking about this. Our daughter is only 1yo now but the scenario all around made us worried already.

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