Teach kids Gratitude and real joy of Being Thankful

“No matter how good or bad life is, wake up every morning and be thankful that you have one”. – Anonymous

Golden rules or words is our top motive when it comes to teaching good behavior to kids. But ‘please‘, ‘thank-you‘, and ‘gratitude’ is much more than just a few good words. Being thankful and kind is a mindset with the right approach towards life.

Being Thankful – have a big heart, pray, and say thank you

Granny always taught me to be humble and use right words. Every wrong word popped out of mouth called repentance. Especially with the works which I never liked, say cleaning road lead to the home entrance. Trimming outgrown bushes, watering plants and being gran’s company at ‘gurudwara‘. As a kid, I never understood why is she so keen on good/bad behavior? But yes, all those ‘punitive activities’ refrained me from being mean or using foul words for anyone.

Another valuable lesson from her is that do not ‘ask almighty for grants’, that’s being mean and greedy. Instead, pay thanks for giving us everything that we have. She told me a story a long time ago about the man with a golden egg. Every morning his hen laid ‘one golden egg‘, which was quite sufficient for them and their wealth increased. So is his greed and he decided to cut open tummy of the hen to get all ‘golden eggs’ in one go. Next day morning when he butchered his hen, neither he found the golden eggs, nor is his hen alive now. Moral of the story – Be happy and thankful for what you have.

Her lessons stuck with me for life, even though I never liked those ‘strict instructions’ in childhood. But I thank my stars for blessing me with a gran like hers. She is still keeping an eye on me from up above, as I am using all her strategies with my daughter today.

Being Thankful is a blessing, teach kids ‘gratitude’

As I mentioned at the beginning of the post, ‘thank-you’ is just not a word. It’s an expression of mindset. Teach kids the real value of being thankful, tell them how to appreciate happiness. Children are like wet clay, mold them with caution and right principles. Teach them to ‘appreciate‘ things life has given us – water, air, sun, moon, stars, nature and many more.

be thankful

Gratitude pie – ask children to draw a pie-chart and mention five things they are thankful for. The answers or mentions would be outright hilarious but this will give them a chance to understand happiness. When I asked my daughter to draw one such pie, her third mention was – ‘eggs‘. She loves eggs in her breakfast and thankful to God and hen for giving her eggs. Didn’t I tell you hilarious 😉

P.S. I learned about the gratitude pie from a dear friend, and a wonderful blogger Upasana Sethi.

Children learn it from You – I have learned it from my family and my child will take it from us. Children pick smallest of the things looking at us. They try to imitate us, and in the pretense of aping, they get lessons of life. I have seen this with my daughter, who imitate her Dad in morning prayers. He never forgets to pay homage to almighty supreme one. She enacts exactly like her dad, comes out fresh from the shower in a bathrobe and straight away walks to pay her respects. This has become her ritual, and everyday morning after bath we can hear her saying ‘Gayatri Mantra‘ with joined hands.

I recall my mother’s favorite lines – ‘ati sab ki buri‘ which means an excess of anything is bad. An old adage is – “everything in moderation“, we must include this in parenting and teach same to our kids. Explain them the value of minimalistic lifestyle. Giving in to their demands everytime is not right, and gives a bad precedent in terms of utility and advantage. Let them understand the need and alternate of their demand. A new toy comes only when you give away your old toys to those who need it. Or what else ‘needful’ thing can be bought in the same amount of money as the toys or dress. Recycling is another such wonderful thing and goes well with current situation of saving mother nature.

Certain things in life are good to be taught in young age, they stay with you for life. Like ‘Gratitude’ and ‘Thankfulness’.

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13 thoughts on “Teach kids Gratitude and real joy of Being Thankful

  1. What a lovely relationship you shared with your Grandma,Dipika. Your Grandma taught you to be thankful and you’re passing that legacy to your daughter. How wonderful is that!

    1. She was a taskmaster, and I used to hide away from her whenever see her sitting ideal. Knew she would call me and ask to do things I never liked. Listening to ‘mool-mantar’ was one of that.
      But today, that same jaap helps me in agony or duress.
      Thank you Mayuri for reading.

  2. Great to hear that your daughter and hubby recite the gayatri mantra. And true what u said, anything in excess is bad. Thanky you for this wonderful post. Well written.

  3. Its so important to be thankful for all the blessings in life and as parents we need to inculcate this in our kids. Its a wonderful thing you chose to write about Dips

  4. A very pertinent post, Dipika. More often than not we are grumbling about the things we lack in life. So rather than being grateful for what we have, our kids learn to complain about what we don’t have. Let’s teach our kids to be happy and thankful about what they have. I tell my daughter that we didn’t even have 1/3 of the toys that she has, and she should be grateful for it. We should teach our kids to be grateful for the food they get, the clean water they drink and loving parents they have. Henceforth, I am telling my child to say thank you every night for a wonderful day. It’s time I did it too! 🙂

    1. This is brilliant what you are doing Anshu, we have to keep our foot down and explain them the need and comforts they are getting.
      Life is hard, with gratitude and right attitude they can overcome any hurdle. Thank you dear for your valuable comment.

  5. My take away form this post is “Gratitude Pie chart”. Let me have my children undertake this exercise. Thanks for this valuable tip Dipika. Owe you a treat for this.

  6. You are right when you say it’s vital for us to imbibe this gratitude attitude in our little ones early on. I value your posts in this series buddy. It is so wonderful knowing you more through this series.

  7. All these stories and lessons took me back to my own childhood with my nani. We were such innocent kids then and found so much joy in these tales. Perhaps thats what has shaped our personalities today.

    1. I agree Tara, those lessons have designed and molded us into what we are today. Hope we could impart some of those vices to our kids too.
      Thank You for stopping by and read.

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