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5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Kid

make learning fun for kids

Little children are innately curious and love to explore. They love to learn new things and literally soak up knowledge like a sponge. It becomes all the more essential to make learning fun for them to grasp and enjoy the …

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CBSE schools in Kolkata focuses on overall growth

Role of Education in the Cognitive Development of Children

Role of education in the cognitive and psychological development of Children – Education is one of the vital pillars of life. The cognitive development, psychological, and personality aspects, largely feeds from the quality and versatility of the kind of education …

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early childhood education

Why Early Childhood Education and Care is Important?

Early childhood education and care – a single thought that can bring sleepless nights to many parents. Admission procedure at schools is grueling, but searching for the right one is overwhelming in itself. And then, the thought of leaving your …

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children vision

A Vision for Future – Embrace Change

‘Change is the Law of Nature’ – Embrace Children’s Vision for Future. We often find ourselves at crossroads with children when it comes to change. But can we stop the change; no we cannot and should not. Because change is …

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Child Development

School Safety – Creating safe environment for Children

School Safety for our children is a joint effort of Parents and School administration. The recent episodes of violence against children have shooked the entire nation. Everyone is talking about the safety of children and measures to create a safe environment. …

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Respectful parenting

Respectful Parenting – Child Development

During my research work for Gleeful-Parenting series, I stumbled upon ‘Respectful Parenting’. For me, this style of parenting is an immediate connection. I am groomed like an individual since childhood, parents have always given me the liberty to say my choice. …

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teach kids value of money

5 Ways to Teach Value of Money to Kids

How do you teach value of Money to your kids? There are times when you get such a topic to write wherein you can talk a lot, but for writing the brain goes into splits – debating on what to leave or …

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Are you a Kind Mommy??

Kindness, Empathy, Compassionate these are certain qualities we parents wish to have in our kids!!! I recall a funny subject called ‘moral science‘, been taught to us when we were at school some decades back…. which spoke big about being …

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right parenting

Information Overload – Parental Guidance

‘It is not Information Overload; It’s filter failure’ – Clay Shirky Daughter came to me with a sheepish smile and asked timidly- “Mom where do kids come from?” Well I know most of us have faced the same situation when …

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