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5 Ways to Make Learning Fun for Your Kid

Little children are innately curious and love to explore. They love to learn new things and literally soak up knowledge like a sponge. It becomes all the more essential to make learning fun for them to grasp and enjoy the process.

“If we succeed in giving the love of learning, the learning itself is sure to follow.”

John Lubbock

But with time, many children lose their natural love for learning as the focus turns on getting good grades and the pressure of the competition begins to get to them. Most of them end up dreading school and learning altogether, and that’s where things start to go out of hand.

Each child is different. But one thing that remains common with all children is a simple fact that they learn better and more effectively while having fun.

“Every student can learn, just not on the same day or the same way.”

Ensuring that your child has fun while learning rings more true in the current time as the entire world is fighting the pandemic. The children are confined to their homes for over a year with no school, friends, an outlet to unleash their inner curiosity. 

So it falls on parents and teachers to devise newer and better methods to instill the love of learning among children by making learning more fun for children. 

How can we make sure that learning is fun?

Follow these techniques or steps to encourage learning and keep your children engaged and motivated while learning.

1. Introduce Them to Live and Interactive Online Courses

As a mother of a growing kid, I see how sometimes shefails to grasp simple concepts taught by her school teachers simply because she is distracted and bored.

The pandemic and the lockdown have resulted in students being exposed to extended screentime, and trust me when I say that not all the things they see online are helpful!

One way to keep them busy and ensure they are having fun is to introduce them to the concept of unique courses offered by online learning platforms.

AOL (Always on Learning) is one such platform that offers live and interactive online sessions for children between the ages of 4-12 years. Students can pick their preferred time slots, the topics & lesson plans, and batch sizes. You can also decide on the kind of tutoring your child may need, meaning the child can go for personal one-on-one tutoring or go for group tutoring depending on their comfort level.

AOL’s live online classes for kids help them master various subjects and concepts like literacy, numeracy, language, public speaking, and many more. AOL’s teaching formats are fun and super creative, unlike the traditional approaches made by schools and other educational institutions. They also encourage children to develop their hobbies and personal interests by opting for extracurricular activities such as theatre, music, dance, etc. They also organize online French classes as well as a course on robotics for kids over 8 years.

That’s not all! The team at AOL is a lifesaver for parents as they help keep track of the child’s performance with performance trackers, so the parents would know where their child stands.

Check out their lesson plans and courses for all subjects and personal interests on their website and choose what would help your kid stay more motivated and open to learning as they grow older.

make learning fun for kids

2. Focus on Your Child’s Interests

Never ignore your child’s interests and attempt to force something they do not enjoy doing simply because you think your child should know those “skills.” It will not work!

And I say that with experience, no matter how much I try to get my daughter to read books, she escapes, and eventually, the book stays in the corner of the room!

When your child is learning concepts and subjects of their interest, learning becomes fun and engaging. So if you intend to help your child to develop into a good learner, encourage them to explore more about the subjects that interest them.

For instance, if your child finds the topic of dinosaurs fascinating, then encourage them to read up more on them and then challenge with a quick trivia or activity that can help the child retain all the learnings in a better way.

3. Play More Games

Try and find time to play as it helps in the learning process, no matter the subject. Our kiddos love to play, and that is the best time to put learning into motion. Even if just a simple game, there is a learning in that too.

“Children learn as they play. Most importantly, in play, children learn how to learn.”

If you have a preschooler at home, start with a simple scavenger hunt that can help the child learn about farm animals, colors, shapes, and many other concepts to help them remember and retain whatever they have learned while playing. Adapt the games according to your child’s age and include play to make learning more fun.

4. Encourage Honest Communication With Your Child

Encourage your child to express his/her opinions more freely, especially when it is about his/her education. Try to create an open atmosphere where your child is at ease and feels comfortable talking about any concerns regarding their education, their personal hobbies and interests, and so on.

Ensure that you validate his /her feelings even if it is something you do not agree upon, as children tend to lose interest and get demotivated when they feel like their opinions do not matter.

Reassure them and encourage them to do well and improve rather than judging them or ignoring their opinions. Good learners are those who know and understand that their opinions matter and are not afraid of voicing out their views, especially regarding their education and hobbies.

5. Get More Actively Involved in Your Child’s Learning

Join in if your child is studying or doing some fun activity as it can help you model their study habits, help them with their problem-solving skills, and who knows, you can also learn something new while you are at it!

If your child gets wind that you are not interested in whatever it is that they are doing, they may eventually lose interest as they may think it is not worth their time.


Children crave affirmations all the time. Make sure that you give it to them, and trust me, it works! Your help and encouragement will eventually pave them on their way to become good learners! Let go of your worries for the eventual outcome and allow them make their choices. Your continued interest in your kid’s learning will eventually become their best motivator.


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  1. Interactive classes are always a big hit. Keeping in mind their interest and getting involved in their studies ad activities can give us a better idea about their inclination.

  2. I am a big supporter of learning with fun. AOL is a great learning platform especially as they have performs taker which is much needed as you can have continuous evaltion of kids learning.

  3. Kavita Singh says:

    The one thing I learnt in the last year with online classes of my little one is, one has to be present and see if your kid is comfortable with the classes. It is difficult for an adult to sit in front of a screen for hours so we can imagine what goes through the mind of these little humans. I agree, interactive classes definitely help a lot.

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    Making kids sit at one place and make them learn is the toughest job and I am glad you shared these tips to help me how to make Viraj learn with fun!!

  5. My kiddo is a huge fan of interactive classes, these are some helpful pointers to make learning super fun for the kids

    1. Glad to know your kids too like this.

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  7. Amazing points you have picked up for kids and it’s really important for them to create a fun learning… And these days online education is the only option.

  8. This is a much needed post in the current scenario. As you said it should be more inclusive. This is also a reminder to the parents

  9. Learning has to be really engaging and interactive to keep kids engaged. The challenge is to sustain their interest levels, as their attention spans are low. You have given some really sensible ways to bring in the fun element in education.

  10. Great pointers dear and luckily I follow most of these. making a honest communication with your kids and being more actively involved in their learning always work great and it also help in strengthening the family bond too.

  11. Roma says:

    How honest are your tips Dipika I can feel with how much soul and concern you have weaved them for us buddy. I am sure checking out AOL buddy

  12. Having a 3 year and a 5 year old toddlers and online classes are too much to handle sometimes. I so agree to the point where parents sould be activity involved in the leaning part

  13. Milan Singhal says:

    Interactive online courses from AOL looks a fun way to teach kids. Shall check this for my daughter too.

  14. Now that online learning is here to stay it is important that we explore amazing platforms like AOL for better understanding aided by interactive learning of our kids.

  15. Surbhi says:

    I am on the lookout for decent online classes for my kids. They enjoy interacting and doing activities. Will definitely check out AOL.

  16. Given the current situation, kids have suffered the most and online classes have been a saviour in these times. And to ensure kids reap the most benefits it’s indeed important to have ways learning becomes fun for kids. This is a wonderful post ways we can make it educational and fun for kids.

  17. Both my kids give me a though time when it comes to studies and you have shared some great pointers. AOL is a wonderful platform and I am going to check it out further for my kids.

  18. If learning process isn’t fun, that’s not an option I like to explore for my girls like most parents. I am glad I bumped into AlwaysonLearning right in time. I totally agree they have one the most engaging and fun platform.

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