A Vision for Future – Embrace Change

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‘Change is the Law of Nature’ – Embrace Children’s Vision for Future.

We often find ourselves at crossroads with children when it comes to change. But can we stop the change; no we cannot and should not. Because change is inevitable. We try to contain change as per our convenience, but when it goes beyond our control, we give it the name of ‘generation gap‘. Is it actually generation gap? Or our inability to accept the change? We should introspect on this.

A Vision for future – Family Values

As the time changes, generations pass new changes are bound to happen. Family patterns have changed and so has the equation of relationships. I have shared earlier in the series how parent-child relations have broken many barriers and got more comfortable with each other.

Family values are passed on to every new generation, we cultivate our history with pride and love. However, the clash of opinions occurs when we make it rigid for our children to adapt. To pass on the legacy of values, we must consider their vision for future. After all, they are our future.

Transforming Education – A Vision for Child Education

Education has changed dramatically over last few decades, and as an educator, as a mother, I am very happy with this change. In our childhood, books were the only source of learning (especially when you are from a small town). Today I see children are more empowered with ideas and creativity. Education has evolved into pragmatic approach towards life. Early childhood education is bringing positive change in the life of children today.

Are we ready to change with their futuristic vision? There are many times when daughter tells me, ‘this is not how the teacher has taught me’. It takes the patience of steel to accept what they expect from us. Growing together by adopting change is the best way possible. Help them focus and learn from the synergy of school and home. Today, the education has grown beyond the boundaries of the school. It’s holistic learning with social, moral, family all combined together. Accept their vision for education.

Children Vision for Futuristic goals

Let them dream; soar high with creativity and imagination. Creative minds are best and happiest minds, as per various child psychological research. Be flexible to accept the change from the regular, there is no harm to have a ‘different’ interest or hobby. I recall my childhood days when every parent and child only aspired to be either a Doctor or an Engineer or into the Civil servant jobs.

Child Development

Have you seen Indian Bollywood movie named – ‘Lakshya‘(aim). This particular movie struck a chord with me. Especially the scene where support characters make lead hero realizes; he is missing ‘Lakshya‘ in his life.

We as parents must inspire and motivate to have an aim in life, and support their vision without any prejudices or doubts. Child education is crucial, but so is child development.

This post is written for #BlogchatterA2Z series by Blogchatter, and my theme for this challenge is Gleeful Parenting.


T for Thankfulness.

U for United we stand.

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  1. Children today are indeed fortunate that they have many options. Smart parents are evolving with the changing times and adapting these changes. As always a sensible and insightful post, Dipika.

  2. I remember our times Dipika, doctor, engineer, MBA, CA, teaching were some of the accepted professions. Glad the times have changed and new avenues are opening up for our kids. They don’t need to pursue something because they need to, today, they can follow their heart and still survive.

    1. Yes Anshu, that’s what we should do with our kids. Let them dream and achieve what they wish for. Thank you dear for reading.

  3. From only black boards to remotely abled smart boards the classrooms have witnessed a sea of change. The outlook of education has changed from simply informing to empowering. The world needs future ready children and change in our old ways of thinking is a must! If we dont, we will not only will perish but will cripple our children.

  4. I truly love the education system nowadays so much creativity with easy learning process. Smart Technology and Smart board make them more smarter..

  5. I totally agree with you… Supporting a child in his passion and making him realize his potential is very important! ❤

  6. I so agree with you childhood or 80’s was much different then what it is today. Learning has evolved a lot and it no more really about books. Its an holistic experience that children get from the outside world and they learn a lot. We as parents hold a huge responsibility of giving direction to them for a good future ahead.

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