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Hands-on Learning & Growth: Role of Educational Toys For Kids

educational toys for kids

Hands-on learning through educational toys for kids – Gone are the days where students are carefree, and school is synonymous with fun! Today, education is all about mugging up theories or just parroting out some standard definitions and concepts. And …

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children vision

A Vision for Future – Embrace Change

‘Change is the Law of Nature’ – Embrace Children’s Vision for Future. We often find ourselves at crossroads with children when it comes to change. But can we stop the change; no we cannot and should not. Because change is …

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5 Best Return Gifts Ideas for Kid’s Birthday

Birthday Parties are the most loved and special occasion for kids and parents alike. A lot of planning, scheduling, and handling goes into organizing even a small birthday bash for your child. Children wait a whole year to celebrate their …

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Learning is Fun with Engaging Educational Toys

“FUN + LEARNING = The Best Educational Experience” – Tamara L. Chilver Toys; just the word brings mammoth joy on the kid’s face. Toy shopping is a ritual at our home, which occurs monthly. Or at times fortnightly! (birthdayโ€™s exceptional). …

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