Are you a Kind Mommy??

Kindness, Empathy, Compassionate these are certain qualities we parents wish to have in our kids!!! I recall a funny subject called ‘moral science‘, been taught to us when we were at school some decades back…. which spoke big about being morally correct all the time with classic illustrations from all time greats, But that was merely a SUBJECT to raise some brownie points on result cards. Today this equation is changed; my kid is very much learning the same social adaptations but in a much practical manner called – community service!

The moot point is….. You cannot teach kids being polite when you yourself are on top of your lungs all the time.

You cannot teach your child to be kind, UNLESS you give them basic guidence of human love/humanity.

You cannot teach love & compassion to your kid, when you as parents keep pulling each other down in front of them.

And most importantly,  you cannot make your precious a better human being UNLESS you stop ridiculing others around them.

But are we as mothers following all these basic principles of empathy/kindness?? 
How many times I have seen parents talking rude to their kids on public places. Well, here you are definitely not imbibing discipline in your child, but teaching them – anger outrage in public is OKAY.

When you shoo away a begger or a hawker at traffic snarls or such places, you indirectly teaching your kid – these are some alien creatures crawling over your space. No school or teacher can teach your child basic mannerisms or etiquettes, we at home have to imbibe this in their system by following it ourselves.

Kindness towards others, respect to elderly, compassion for mates, affection for surroundings; these are pillars of our social system. I have witnessed on many instances that today’s young cult of metros (specifically urban areas) young kids, teenies, they are aloof from social beings – it’s either the fault at our upbringing or over disposal of luxuries.

I as a mother make sure my daughter grows up to a gentle, compassionate, lovable person. But at the same time, aware of her surroundings-  she must know what is wrong or right for her. If she’s kind, she must also have courage to raise her voice against wrong. Preaching on such topics is always easy – real task comes when you adapt it and start following. Many a times she stops me over trivial faults of mine saying mom – this is bad manners! It’s a kind enough bring me back on track of making a good human at home.
Make sure you never talk low about people around your kids – specially their teachers and other family members.

Do not LIE to kids, their mind is as fast as super computers – such tiny things which we do inadvertently, makes a mark in their RAM.

Teach them about social behaviour in a ‘fun-to-learn‘ manner, instead of being laid down as RULES. Tell them if they say Hello Uncle/Aunty, they will get rewarded by “proud mumma smile“.

I am trying my level best to bring a happy, kind kid wish you are doing the same at your end.

Do share your tips & tricks in  comments… sharing is LOVING 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Are you a Kind Mommy??

  1. How diligently we try to teach values to our Kids. How we come up with new techniques to imbibe moral values in them day and night. This is how we grow as parents. Nice read Dipika.

  2. I agree with you Dipika..a balance is needed as we need to teach them to be strong but kind too. We cannot expect them to do things which we dont follow. Thanks for writing for #mmm 🙂

  3. as much as i am trying not to lose my cool around my almost 2 yr old sometimes he drives me crazy! But yes i know he will learn what he sees – Patience is what i need

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