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‘An Enthusiastic Heart Finds OPPORTUNITIES Everywhere.’ – Paulo Coelho

This is my last post in ‘Gleeful-Parenting’ series! We started with ‘A‘ and today it’s over-whelming writing the last alphabet – ‘Z‘. Over these 26 letters, I have learned many things and introspected through the journey of writing. It is funny how positivity leaves it’s marks everywhere. This series by Blogchatter is the Live example of spreading cheer and positivity. I have made many friends over the #BlogchatterAtoZ journey and rekindled with old ones too.

Zeal for Parenting Goals

Enthusiasm and energy are directly related to kids, they get pepped up for anything big or small. A walk in the park, or evening stroll by the beach. Car wash or grocery shopping; a yes greets you with twinkling eyes. By nature kids are over-zealous, and it is our duty to divert this raw energy to positive efforts.

I am an avid follower of ‘Calvin and Hobbs’, during pregnancy ‘What you wish for?’ is the most common question we face. My reply would be same across nine months – naughty kid like Calvin! And they say – “when you truly wish for something, the whole universe conspires to get it for you“. God wholeheartedly fulfilled my wish and blessed with a super naughty daughter. Ms. Chatterbox, I was anxious about her energy levels and even reached experts seeking if she is ‘hyper child’, but she laughed it away. Saying, she is just full of energy, utilize her energy in the best way.

Over-Zealous to Zealous Parenting

With children, it’s easy to divert their energy into constructive work, how to work around with over-enthusiastic parents? I have narrated an incident earlier in one of my hyper parenting posts. This parent who wanted to check tenth and twelfth class workbooks, before finalizing her son’s admission in the nursery (pre-primary). Read the post here. There is no harm in foresighted, but there is always a threshold of everything. Deciding on if my child will be taking competitive exams in future, or study in IIT is as equivalent to as ‘khayali pulav’. (Build castles in the air)

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My parenting goals are to provide happiness and imbibe few basic things to my child. Compassion, Empathy, and Courage. Education and scores are all part of living, we cannot make them our goals. If she grows into a humble compassionate person, who is capable to manage her life I will be the happiest parent in this world.

‘Zeal without knowledge, is like Fire without Light’ – Thomas Fuller

With this note, I would like to thank all my wonderful friends – Mayuri, Anagha, Ruchie, Deepa, Varsha, Roma, Sudha, Meenakshi, DeepaK, Anshu and many more who helped me with my debut AtoZ journey. Blogchatter, thank you for challenging us to take #AtoZ2018 head-on and keeping it lite with all secret activities and enthusiasm. Hope to convert the Gleeful parenting series soon into my very first e-book.


W for Word of Wisdom.

X – xfactor of parenting.

Y for Your Parenting Fears.

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  1. I am not a parent, which is why I am a bit clueless when it comes to Parenting Posts. I have been telling you throughout and i will say it again, your parenting series had me hooked, Dipika. The fact that you spoke from experience gives your posts an honest feel.
    Kudos to you for completing your A to Z debut, and how!
    What a pleasure it was, accompanying you on this journey!

    1. Thank you so much Mayuri, if not you at my back I would have given up on this challenge long back. Thank you for your ideas, encouragement, and valuable advise 24/7.

  2. It was wonderful reading ur parenting series dipika. Reminded me my parenting days and i could realise few mistakes i made. U survived the challenge. Congrats. Following u.. Follow me back.. Lets keep in touch.

    1. Thank you Deepa, yes we accomplished the challenge! What a wonderful feeling this is.
      Yes, I am following you. Thanks.

  3. This was truly a wonderful series Dipika and you pulled it through marvellously dearie. There were a lot of inputs worth emulating and it was truly a pleasure being here each day ♥️

    1. Thanks, Roma Glad you liked the Gleeful-parenting series. I am total awe with your extraordinary slice of life series.

  4. What a wonderful series, Dipika. Many bloggers write on parenting, but what I love about you is the way you pick an issue and write about it, that it doesn’t feel like an issue anymore. There is so much positivity in your posts. Have picked up quite a few wonderful pointers from you! I am glad we connected through AtoZ and would like to stay in touch from now on.

    1. This is what I call real ‘take-away’ from the challenge. Freinds like you and feedback that appreciate efforts. Thank you, so much Anshu. Glad we connected over A-Z.
      Keep blogging and more power to you dear.

      1. Thanks a lot Dipika!

      2. Hugs and love, Dipika!! <3 <3

  5. Great series Dipika. Glad to know you through this challenge. Congratulations. 🙂

  6. Congratulations Dipika for coming out with flying colours! My sincere request to you is just one…please, please continue this series. I am sure you have a lot more to share regarding “gleeful parenting” and we have lot more to learn from it.

    1. Thank you Anagha for always be so generous and kind with your words. I am so fortunate to have a friend like you, not only that you motivated me with your positive energy but also helped me contain my typos.
      Thanks again.

  7. This has been a lovely series Dipika. I loved analyzing your write-ups and co-relating them with my kid and with myself as a parent. Got some very valuable insights along the way.

    Going to miss reading your posts. Do keep in touch.


    1. Thanks, buddy, glad the posts from Gleeful-parenting series turned relatable. Loved all your proses and beautiful lines. Missed few in the last, will read by due.
      Gonna be regular on your blog, by subscribing to inbox notifications.

  8. Wonderful, congrats on completing this challenge successfully and ending it with yet another positive and educative post Dips

  9. Lots of positivity is reflected in this post. Mentioning experiences from your own life makes the post more interesting and relatable. Congrats on finishing the challenge.

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