Gleeful Parenting – How to make food yummy again!

Gleeful Parenting – How to make food yummy again!

Ask any mother, what is her first and biggest concern? The answer indisputably would be – Food and Child Nutrition. Meeting with friends or family invariably ends on discussing food habits of children. Messy eaters, picky eaters, are the most commonly used words while talking food for kids. Various books and parenting portals are dedicated to addressing this gigantic concern. Social media platforms are filled with appetizing recipes filled with nutrition and great taste.

But the question still remains the same – Are kids eating healthy and getting adequate nutrition?

I remember the time when daughter was 2.5 years of age and a play-schooler. My biggest concern at that time was her eating habits. Her appetite was weak and she heavily dependent on milk. Breakfast-times were the most dreadful time for me in those days. She would not accept anything in the morning, from fruit to porridge, or cereals to Indian breakfasts. And if forced, it would end up in vomiting. However, correct guidance by the pediatrician and nutrition supplements helped me overcome that stage.

Food for thought – Child Nutrition

Food for kids needs to be yummy and healthy at the same time. A well-balanced diet for a healthy child must comprise macro and micronutrients. Carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, minerals, and fiber in sufficient amounts are deemed necessary for growing kids.

Carbohydrates provide energy, whereas protein helps in growth and muscle build-up. Fat is absorbed as energy and essential for growth, and vitamins help in boosting immunity. Fibre keeps their tiny over-working intestinal system on track. For a healthy and active child, all these nutrients are crucial. Do our daily meals fulfill all these requirements?

We all have time and again seen the food pyramid and also know its importance. But the real snag is in the implementation!

Yummy food for kids

Picture source – Abbott PediaSure

Make food yummy again for Child Nutrition

Food and taste are inseparable. Who doesn’t like yummy delicious food! But at times, in pursuit of feeding kids with an appropriate diet with taste, nutrition is left behind. There are many such yummy healthy recipes which are loved by kids all the time:

  • Fruit salads with maple syrup
  • Egg and cheese sandwiches
  • Apple tart
  • Peanut butter cookies
  • Pediasure Cookies and Cream milkshakes
  • Healthy oats idli
  • Spinach and Cottage cheese fritters

These are few dishes which my daughter loves, and her super favorite is a glass of ‘Cookies and Cream’ PediaSure milkshake. Just recently Mumbai witnessed a wonderful gathering of health enthusiasts and nutrition experts, over the launch of PediaSure latest flavor. Cookies & Cream; kid’s all-time favorite. I was honored to be part of #TimeToGrow mega launch along with celebrity couple and hands-on-mommy Lara Dutta Bhupati.

Do you know one glass of PediaSure provides 37 nutrients? When the pediatrician recommended this for daughter, I was not very keen on starting with supplements. However, with just one month of usage, it showed a significant difference in her energy levels and immunity. Healthy immunity means fewer infections and flu attacks. It’s #TimeToGrow for healthy happy children.

PediaSure cookies and cream
Image Courtesy – PediaSure India Facebook.

child nutrition

Image Courtesy – PediaSure FacebookAs parents, we should make use of the things which provide full nutrition to our kids. Be it via food or with the help of health supplements. Insufficient nutrition may lead to various deficiencies in the long run. Hence, it is crucial to provide a healthy well-balanced diet for the child in early growth years.

Brain development food like Folic acid, Iodine, Taurine, Vitamin B is vital for holistic growth. But the source of these neuro-nutrients is found in dark green leafy vegetables and seafood, etc. Not all kids are a fan of such food, hence it becomes necessary for parents to search for a trusted nutritional supplement for children. PediaSure is one such trusted name in my family, and the latest flavor is mouth drooling good.

I have secured my child from various infections, and nutritional deficiencies. Have you?


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  1. This is really a great new launch for kids to really grow healthy and enjoy their fav cookies too.

  2. Great news for Mom’s! Kids will surely enjoy the Cookies n Cream flavour!

  3. Pediasure is one of the tastiest nutritious products I came across recently and my daughter is loving the taste of new flavor

  4. Thank You for putting up an informational write-up.
    Its definitely very helpful to learn and understand about Child’s nutrition.

  5. My kids love Pediasure! It’s new flavor is something my kids will like instantly. Wonderful tips on food habits for kids.

  6. You have shared some interesting ideas for yummy, healthy snack recipes. Going to try the spinach and paneer fritters for sure

  7. A glass of milk with Pediasure surely takes care of all the nutrients my child misses out on during his food intake. I am so glad I introduced him to pediasure and he loves it.

  8. Woow I think my nephew will love this new flavor from pediasure

  9. cookies & cream is irresistible flavour and now as a healthy option for kids! Awesome

  10. Ira is loving the cookies and cream flavour and is ready to drink milk now!

  11. My boys are in love with this variant! And yes, getting the kids to eat nutritious food is a struggle!

    1. Thank You Pratibha.

  12. It was such an informational event & loved your insight on the same.

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  14. Your perspective was awesome,its a boon for me as my elder one is a fussy eater

  15. […] These are a few of my favorite snacking options at home. I also give her plenty of protein via eggs, the richness of cheese and curd smoothies on odd-even days. This keeps the mundane out of eating and we enjoy our palate. Hope you like these healthy options for snacking, do share yours in the comments below. Healthy can be tasty too, like Cookies and Cream. […]

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