Activities to Enhance Cognitive Development in children – An Early Beginning

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Activities to Enhance Cognitive Development in children – An Early Beginning!

Have you ever wondered why ‘peek-a-boo’ is all time favorite game of all generations? Or Guess what – riddle solving is best family playmate? Well, we shall surely talk about it later, but first things first. Why do we need to do activities to boost cognition development in children as small as three years to five years?

Cognition Development among children begins as early as under 3 years –

Cognitive learning or brain development is an early start of stimulating the brain to learn from the environment. Our tiny tots look at us and learn from imitating our actions or reactions. This is the most crucial time of brain development in a child, the brain is in its highest reception phase. Scientific research has found that an under three years child’s brain makes 700 to 1000 neural connections every second.

Pre-schooler kids are inquisitive to learn and gather information about their surroundings. As parents, our focus should be on channelizing this energy into a positive framework. Balanced nutrition and brain food also mark a huge importance during this phase in the child’s life. As mothers, our focal concentration is on Feed IQ to our children through various fun-to-learn brain exercises. Along with the brain development, this also strengthens the bond between the child and the nurturer.

Answer those doubts and brainstorm with them –

Kavya was in pre-school ‘nursery’ when during one Parents Teacher Meeting the class teacher informed me about her over-inquisitiveness. This got me rattled as she was not the first one who raised the point. I decided to take this up with the pediatrician if she was a hyper child? However, the meeting with the expert shelved all my fears and introduced me to a newer aspect of channelizing energy. We started doing many activities from building card games to puzzles.

Cognition or Brain development must be initiated in the children from the very beginning. Peek-a-boo is a brain exercise where the child tries to recognize faces and hidden places. During our recent visit to the family home, I met my 16-month-old nephew. Such a cherub he is, cute and smart. We played peek-a-boo a few times, and he learned the trick quite fast. Thereafter, wherever he would find me, he would giggle and keep a hand on his eyes.

That’s cognition; brain recognition as his memory stored the activity and associated it with my face. Hence, the peek-a-boo is such a famous play among families with infants.

Activities that boost Cognition in Children – 

cognitive development in kids


Puzzles are everyone’s favorite, be it adults or children. Solving puzzles works on body and mind coordination. It also helps in problem-solving skills and developing fine motor skills too.

Building Blocks

Another great way to hone brain development in children. This is my daughter’s favorite and she has been doing it since the very beginning. She likes making architectural buildings with spaces for parking and penthouses along with helipads and train-stations. This helps in two ways, one the child is deeply involved in creating and it boosts imagination. Different shapes, colors, designs and models bring reasoning and logical coordination in children.


We played this in our childhood days, and kids love it equally today. I Spy – Simon Says tell me the color ‘Pink’, she is almost 6 now and we still enjoy playing this. The only difference is now we do it with words and spellings. Children grasp the things in sight and memorize the sequence with I Spy. Pre-School classic game to sharpen cognitive development.

ABC Letter Sounds

We began this game little late, but she learned it nevertheless on time. Phonics is crucial for reading and learning. Her school advocates reading a lot, from the early start which is really good. Books are a mecca for knowledge, and there is nothing as good as gaining knowledge. Jolly Phonic sound songs are fun and children memorize the sound with the respective Our favorite is – We are clicking castanets \c\c\c\ we are clicking castanets. Try them they are fun.

Pretend Play

This is a classic activity to work on creativity and give them space to think aloud. Imaginary games not only sharpen the brain but also boost situation handling in children. They learn about the surroundings and connects to the environment I remember in her play-school they had games on ‘I am the community helper?’ Each kid had to learn about one community helper, like a doctor, lawyer, plumber, electrician, cobbler, etc and then pretend in school.

Baby cognitive development
Credits – #FeedIQ

Baby’s brain growth and cognitive development is crucial –

These are few of the brain-stimulating activities which we can do with kids to boost their cognitive development. Brain development is a natural process, kids learn at their own pace and time. A little push from our side by feeding IQ to our children through brain development activities, we not only help their brain development but also ensure a well-rounded child.

Knowledge of surroundings, clear speech, face recognition, fine and gross motor skills are all part of cognitive development process. We have the role of a provider, by teaching them the right way and make learning interesting.


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  1. These are some amazing brain stimulating activities.. and its so amazing to see how our earlier generations too used these same techniques in their simplest form

    1. True Sabeekta, thanks a lot for stopping by.

  2. We are loving the building block sessions now will my soon-to-be three yr old. The other day he made something and asked me push a car on it breaking his structure and then said – London bridge!

    1. haha.. that’s so cute for him Tina. Thank you for stopping by.

  3. These are definitely some of our favorite activities too. My 2 yr old has got his first bag of big building blocks and I could see his imagination soar high with every design he makes. Thanks for sharing these ideas for parents.

    1. Thanks a lot Neha for reading and connecting to the thought.

  4. Kids surely learn fast as they observe and follow. Cognitive development depends on a lot of things and activities and games help in overall development of a child.

    1. Truly Deepa, thanks a lot for reading.

  5. Nice article, Dipika! I remember playing I spy with my daughter when she 3 years old and that is the time when she started pretend playing with her first doctor set.

    1. True Anshu, these games are kids and parents favorite and help enhance memory. Our favorite is Simon Says, and she always cheats 😉

      1. Ha ha!! 🙂 <3 Simon is my fav too!

  6. Those are wonderful tips Dipika. I love he Simon says game too. So glad I read this

    1. Thank you for the kind words Akshata.

  7. I am going to share this post with friends who are new Moms. Really helpful guide.

    1. Thank you Mayuri

  8. interesting effective ideas for kids brain development

  9. Kids have a unique ability to catch everything we do around them. Advances in cognitive development during the preschool years allow children to communicate, play and logic in ways that were not possible in toddler hood

  10. Hey this is such a useful posts for moms like me who are in the constant search to find out how we can better help the babies with the right kind of development. Thabks

  11. Love this post. Such a boon for moms like me who wonder how and what to do to help the development of a baby

  12. Very true some of the games work well in kids brain development & they learn it too easily. Me & zumi enjoy pee ka boo, jigsaw, abc puzzle & block games a lot. Nice & useful post for new moms.

  13. These games are definitely helpful. They teach a lot in play way method and also helps kids stay away from gadgets.

  14. these games are really helpful for kids. I will surely pass this information to my mommy friends.

  15. Honestly many a times parents think that their child is hyper if they ask too much… My parents thought that too.. I am glad now people are realising the cognitive development needs and working for it! Loved the post

  16. Since I have a toddler I always read your parenting tips & guides thoroughly. I will definitely start off with this sort of games for her.

  17. my daughter is very good at blocks, puzzles. On 2 birthday of my son, bought a box with activity, keeping busy with some or another activities help in brain development.

    1. Correct, activity boxes are always interesting for engaging.

  18. After reading your blog I gotta to know that I use some of these methods and I never realized that something like a pretty play can go a long way to help my child. Thank you for this wonderful post.

  19. I play some of these games with my daughter like puzzle and pretend play but I never realized that these can go a long way in cognitive development of my baby. This is a wonderful post

  20. That’s a lovely post Dipika. Channelizing kids energy in positive framework is upmost important. My son also enjoys legos, hide and seek and pretend plays.

  21. wow, this was such an informative post specially for parents who do not have an idea what activities they can do for babies and toddlers.

  22. Thanks to having a doctor in the family we took some measures to add such kind of games during both my kids upbringing.

  23. Thanks For Sharing these amazing brain stimulating Activities for our kids. Ansh and Virat also love playing with blocks and puzzles from starting !

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