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Depression‘ a term we talk off so casually, is a monster instead. A devil which lurks around us for an easy target, a vulnerable one. You are rich, significant, successful or a daily struggler, nothing matters. All it wants is ‘possession’ of your body and brain.

I remember my granny once told me, [ctt template=”4″ link=”Aua4G” via=”yes” ]If you believe in God, you must in Satan too. There are always two sides of a coin, it totally depends on you which one to choose.[/ctt] Depression is such a devil or that termite, which eats up everything from within. But easier said than done. The turmoil one goes through under duress or stress remains in his/her personal boundaries.

Is this a disease or just a disorder?

Depression is a mood disorder, not a disease. One feels constant sadness, lack of interest and disoriented at times. Clinical depression or major depressive disorder are the other two names for it. Depression affects our emotional and rational behavior. Feeling blue, uninterested, hopeless, insomnia, anxiety, restlessness are just a few of the symptoms.

As per Mayo Clinic, regular episodes of depression or once in lifetime depression is for real and one just cannot ‘snap-out-of-it’. There are various causes that can lead a normal person to be distressed. Unrealistic goals, family problems, studies, career, relationships, society, and many more. A person undergoing depression is not always suicidal, but yes he/she might indulge in self-harm or inflicting severe pains to self or others.

Who is more vulnerable to Distressed or Depressed?

There is no clear-cut demarcation to that, from young kids, children, teens to elderly anyone can get this disorder. A person who might look happy and pleasant from outside might be inflicted by stress from the inside. Celebrated life, single, workaholic, housewives, anyone can be a victim of depression.

With the staggering number of suicides reported worldwide, and few names were real shockers to one and all. Kate Spade, the label everyone wishes to own once in a lifetime. Robin Williams, there could be no one like him ever. Anthony Bourdain the one who made food look so fancy and exotic.


Is there any Help or Treatment for Depression?

With regular treatment and right counseling, people come out of depression. Treatments like Psychological, Medical, and other supporting sources help combat depression in people. Experts diagnose behavioral symptoms of depression, examine the type of disorder like bipolar or clinical. We all have to understand that mental health is as important as any other body related ailment.

There are various helplines where one can talk anonymously and share. Especially in the case of suicidal tendencies, where people feel extreme loneliness and detached from others. For someone who is suffering from the inside, the biggest challenge is to accept any help. Here is a list of some direct numbers, please take note of these number and spread as much as possible. You never know your forward message, might save a precious life.

iCALL: 022 25521111
Vandravela Foundation: 1860 2662345
Lifeline: 033 24637401
Sneha: 044 24640050
Sumaitri: 011 23389090
Parivarthan: 91 7676602602
Sahai: 080 25497777

So next time you see or realize someone needs help, hold yourself for a moment and listen. Your listening might avert someone’s drastic step. Talk to strangers, write an open post on social media and REACH out. Everyone around you is ready to listen, just open up and talk.

THINK. REACH. SHARE. TALK. Ping or mail if you need me or just drop a hello.


The content is not intended as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

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32 thoughts on “Open-up and Talk; We Are Listening!

  1. Depression is surely not a disease but it leaves us incapable of doing anything. Many at times due to mood swings we seem inactive not able to comprehend why we feel the way we do and it leaves us in a state of hopelessness. Coming out of it is really difficult but if we can rely on someone trustworthy it helps. At times medical advise is necessary but the mind behaves weird and senses that it’s losing its control. It is this time that is crucial . Thanks for the article Dipika and for helpline numbers. Hope it helps someone in distress.

  2. An important, but oft ignored topic. Glad to see more awareness being spread. As you rightly said, your listening may avert disaster…

    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  3. This is such a helpful post. I am sure its not as easy as it looks. I agree to what your granny said. Its always two sides. #BloggingDivas

  4. This is a great post! These days people really need to know about it 🙂 #Roarwillrock #OpenNTalk

  5. Nice!! Been through PPD I know excatly how it is. However, the funny thing the one who is going through depression is always in denial. Glad that there are now helplines to those seeking guidance and help. There should be more awareness about it. #roarwillrock

    1. So true, those who need help are the ones who are always in denial.
      Thank you for reading. Good luck for the league.

  6. With the recent deaths of Kate Spade and Anthony Bourdain, this disease has again come into the limelight. I hope people recognize depression as a major disease and act towards it. It’s not alright to suffer in silence.

    1. True Anshu, this disorder is slowly spreading itself into society. The rate at which suicides are escalating is scary. All I want to share via this post is SOMEONE is listening. Open up and talk, instead of sulking and harming self.
      Thank you for reading dear.

  7. Diseased are those who treat depression as disease and find it taboo to open up about it. Life is precious and needs to be preserved at all costs. Opening up and seeking right help is the only key which seems to get lost in the mirage of depressive state.
    A thorough and honest post, Dipika.
    #OpenNTalk #CrossBorderSisters

  8. Its sad but its the truth and as we hear more and more stories of ordinary people and celebrities who are undergoing treatment for depression or have taken an extreme step like Kate and Anthony, it busts several myths we have. #BloggerBabes

  9. A helpful post at the right time, Dipika.
    People attribute so many factors to depression..from social media to drugs to mental conditions.But what we forget is that even pregnancy could lead to depression which if unchecked can eventually result in unfortunate consequences. So,instead of being judgmental let us do our bit to help the person going through this condition.
    The need of the hour is checking for the first signs of depression, staying and working as a community, seek and provide help when needed.
    I am glad you have shared the helpline numbers.It is sure to catch the eye of someone needy!

  10. Very useful and informative post Dipika. It is the need of the hour nowadays.

    – Anami from #InvincibleGang for #OpenNTalk #Week2

  11. The rising number of cases affected by Depression is truly disturbing. Someone who hasn’t been through it will never be able to understand how it affects those in the grip of it.
    #OpenNTalk #JAMSS2018

  12. very well said pertinent points! You know even today, despite the latest spate of suicides, in a conversation i saw people being flippant towards a person when they shared that they were struggling with depression – I was beyond saddened to see this reaction even today 🙁

    #NISSAtalks #OpenNTalk

  13. Thank you for blogging on such a pertinent topic, the relevance of which is exponentially increasing in recent times.
    Sometimes all we need to know is that someone is listening…
    An informative and helpful post like this will not just help create awareness but also help create a support network.

    #CrossBorderSisters #OpenNTalk

  14. truly agree with you, people need to shell out from inhibitions and help themselves to come out of it. Supportive family, mentors and friends role will help the person more to gain positive outlook. #BlogAMile #OpenNTalk

  15. Nothing is sadder than a life lost because there was no hope left. People need to give depression the understanding and attention it deserves. Suicide is the last step. We fail to realise the path and thoughts that must’ve led to it. #OpenNTalk #BloggerBabes

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