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Only For You

Only FOR You; Love Story – Part 4


Everything happens for a reason, and that’s true! Shalini is a smart woman who has full control over her life when a wave of fresh breeze […]

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blogaleague by Dipika

Back to the bylanes of Childhood


Not so long ago, I witnessed an unusual phenomenon! Away from the bustling city streets. A silent courtyard with some ruffling banyan tree leaves. High windows […]

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write bravely

Lessons from the Past


“The past can hurt. But the way I see it, you can either run from it, or learn from it.” – The Lion King The white […]

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mental health

Open-up and Talk; We Are Listening!


‘Depression‘ a term we talk off so casually, is a monster instead. A devil which lurks around us for an easy target, a vulnerable one. You […]

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Co parenting

Your Parenting Fears – Gleeful Parenting


We all have fears as a parent for our children, it’s only natural to have such worries. When the child enters our life we fear for […]

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comparison among children

Comparison – Kill the Comparison not Competition


Kill the Comparison not Competitiveness Namita was 10 years old when she won inter-school swimming championship, and national level when she reached 12th standard. An all-rounder […]

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