Back to the bylanes of Childhood


Not so long ago, I witnessed an unusual phenomenon! Away from the bustling city streets. A silent courtyard with some ruffling banyan tree leaves. High windows of a castle-like, gothic-looking place. A few white robes walking silently in the empty corridors.

Who lives there, what is this place I wondered? My mind was spiraling around the lonely corridors, it looks like an abandoned dorm or a mansion in its heydays.

Wait I heard a giant bell, tearing apart the silence with its spell. The corridors are now bustling with loud voices, some shrieks some screams and a lot of commotion.

A strange view for city eyes, kids climbing walls and running around. Holding branches of the mighty Banyan tree, jumping, swinging and monkeying around. It took me back to my childhood days when playing meant just the same way.

Childhood is fun with snakes & ladder, tick-tack-toe, and kai-po-che! Hide and seek, langdi, were so much fun. Sun never gave us sunburn, it was our partner in crime.

Candy Crush saga, Tom Gold Run, or the temple run can never suffice the fun childhood is. Go out, be wild, climb some walls, break some windows, that’s the essence of real CHILDHOOD FUN.

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