Only FOR You; Love Story – Part 4

Only For You

Everything happens for a reason, and that’s true! Shalini is a smart woman who has full control over her life when a wave of fresh breeze came in from the window and shakes her belief.

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She has seen and suffered a lot in the past, her failed marriage not only broke the core belief in love but also made her an isolated island. A land safeguarding itself against all odds. She made a decision a long time ago, never to fall for the four-letter ‘L’ word, but life has given her another chance. Will she accept it?

Samar has an art of keeping people involved, be it his business associates or personal interests. He is a people’s person and prefers long term relationships in business and life. After the tragic loss of his girlfriend, he rebooted all his life to create wealth and fame. Today, he masters in the art of ‘eco-sustainable solutions’ in interior design. Among the best in the world, that’s what brought him to India to strengthen a foothold in the Indian market.

His business meeting with Shalini is making him do all the things again, which he thought were left him for good. These are two people with troubled pasts and broken hearts, sometimes when two broken hearts meet, miracles do take place!

“You look pleased sunshine! what’s the good news? We have done something great, didn’t we?” Leena asked Shalini handing her the coffee mug.

Shalini is happier than her usual self, or is it because of the warm brown-colored sheath dress she is wearing today? Her eyes seem smiling too, there is something different about today morning, Leena hasn’t seen her like this in the longest time.

The week has started with a happy note, but the task ahead is gigantic. The most awaited verdict of the big-fat case Daruwala & Associates undertook is happening in a few days. The whole team is stressed to get every minute detail checked when Leena informed about Samar’s arrival.

He stood by the desk, encircled by the blueprints rolled up nicely, crisp and smart. His powerful gaze and sensual smile filled the reception area with warmth. She could feel the sensations reverberating through her body.

“You look hot! What’s the reason, don’t break my heart please”, he gave the most animated look she could imagine.

“Samar”, her voice had a hint of smile and desire despite of her best efforts.

“What’s all this.” Glancing at the piles of rolled blue-prints spread across the visitor’s table.

“So that you don’t get any chance to push me away anymore, here are the designs to renovate this grimly place.” he gave her a kinked smile.

Carla cheered up from behind the desk, “didn’t I say last week this place require a turn-around?”

“Well, yes Carla, but we don’t need any renovations NOW.” Shalini looked at him irritably.

Samar isn’t going to let it go without a fight, “Look, you have to give it a thought, this place needs a change of perspective.”

“Not now Samar, I am very busy and don’t have any time to discuss things that are not relevant.” Her eyes darkened with irritation.

He took a deep breath, picked up the rolls and started walking towards the lift in dismay.

She looked uncertain and dashed to stop him, entering the lift she braced herself, “What do you want Samar?”

“Maybe we can go out on a date tonight?” he said modestly.

She wasn’t expecting this, it was a sudden to her system. Her throat went dry and she couldn’t mutter a single word.

His eyes gleamed, and she could feel the shivers raising on her body. His broad shoulders, boyish grin and elegant charm made her core numb with desires she buried deep inside.

“Why?” she mumbled.

“Please! Just one date.”

“That’s it?” she said numbly. “Okay.”

His eyes lit up, he picked her up in arms with joy, kissed her on the cheek. “I will pick you at 8.”

Only for you



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  1. I had missed third part..but I am really impressed with your writing style and the way you are narrating whole scene. keep it up great work.

  2. That seems to be a beginning of an affair that would change both of them forever.
    Lovely, feel good story, Dipika!

  3. This keeps me waiting. What would he do next .
    #tmmreads #blogchattera2z

    1. That’s a beginning of something happier for both of them. The story ends here 🙂 thank you so much for stopping by

    2. Thank You Sindhu, glad to know you liked it.

  4. I don’t know why but I want the stories to be longer…. I just love the built up and narration so much…. I don’t want The End to come so soon 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Ira. I am so glad you liked the stories. Will try to build up more in upcoming stories

    2. Thank you Ira, I am so glad you like the stories. I am so sure, our reading-relationship is going to bloom further 🙂

  5. This is great going. I liked reading through it. WIll check the next part too.

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