Girl in the Tower – Part 1 #BlogchatterA2Z

Love story

Jovian’s Art Exhibition is one of its kind, extremely famous among art enthusiasts. The opening ball at London’s Art Gallery invited the highest dignitaries and riches of art lovers. Ladies flaunting their best gleams with gents dressed amicably to impress. A masquerade ball with personal invites ONLY for a selected few who could afford fancy art for the fame.

Such parties are more of showcasing your wealth than understanding the art in real. No one complains when the purses open and cheques signed with additional zeros in the denominations.

The theme of this year is ‘painting on the wall’, names known best for their art are enlisted for this coveted exhibition. The tall frames of structures, paintings, figures were hung on the wall. Everyone was eager to see the masterpieces hidden behind the silken veils.

Best wines, European cheese, truffles, caviar, sparkling jewels, its the intoxicating cocktail of all. When the clock struck 8, the party proceeded from the dance floor to the exhibition center. All eyes on the ‘wall of fame’ when master cut the string, veils fell on the floor, baring the colors on life-size canvases.

The guests were awestruck with the art and creativity open at their dispersal. The whole mood changed from an uber-rich ball dance to negotiating the numbers and learning what’s the most exquisite.

It was larger than life canvas hung at the end of the aisle that got attention from every corner. A life-size water-color painting of a young lady is the one that got everyone’s jaw dropped. She is named – ‘dragonfly’ by Joshua Gibson, an artist known for his ‘nude’ art on the canvas.

The attendees were curious to know about the value of this particular masterpiece, a heavy commotion took over the peace when they were told it’s already SOLD.

Joshua was surprised himself, in just 10 minutes of the exhibition is open for sale and his painting was sold. Not only it’s been purchased by an anonymous buyer in a discreet move but also fetched the highest amount. Something that is hard to match for anyone present here to bid for it. Period.

You are my daughter and not some cheap motel’s whore, for God’s sake what were you thinking before getting naked in front of that paint boy?” Givani hurled an angry look towards his only daughter Nikkie, an heiress to his estate and business.

She was mum, didn’t utter a word nor moved a single inch since she is pulled back from the exhibition. She learned this art in childhood, whenever Givani yells or shout, she becomes a ‘statue’ not answering, not moving only absorbing all the anger, until he gets back to lecturing mood.

Savio Givani is a ruthless businessman from Latvia, he is one of the most successful businessmen’s this country has seen. A power manager, who can make or break the political arenas with just a stroke of his pen. The rumor has it, he is into the smuggling of arms and ammunition to rebel forces in and around Latvia. But it is just a rumor, as authorities could never find any sustainable proof to nail Givani.

Married thrice but blessed with just one child, that too a girl, made him bitter inside out. Not that he doesn’t love Nikkie, she is his moon and stars, but she is just a little girl.

“Will you answer me for Pete’s sake daughter!”, he is infuriated seeing her nude portrait.

Nikkie looked up to her dad, meekly replied, “I am sorry, Papa if my actions broke your heart.”

“Stop fooling around! You are 26 already, very soon you will be married and then I will retire. Your husband and you will manage this (he gestured towards their empire), it is all yours, my child, don’t destroy your own reputation.” he explained her the family dynamics yet again.

She hates it, when Savio brings the topic of marriage, as if she has been bread only to marry and breed. The biological process that makes her precious to the Givani family.

“I can do that too Papa, why do we need marriage for that?” she prodded her father, this is a constant argument point between father and daughter.

Givani laughed a hearty laugh, you are a little girl my child. You need a man to manage things like these, a man like Joseph.

Nikkie flinched her eyes listening to this name, she smacked the wooden floor with her heels and left the room exasperated.

“I will kill that bastard one day.” she mouthed his name with a palpable anger and left for the horse ride.

Girl in the Tower

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  1. Very interesting. Just hop to your blog to check what you writing these days. Not at all disappointed… my bad…this was a series…waiting for the next one…. whose Joseph !

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