I Hate You More – Part 2

Romance story

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Disclaimer This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Reader discretion is advised.

The ships were unloading at the dock, bustling with daybreak’s chaos, the port is the last place anyone would like to visit first in the morning. But some people don’t have a choice, they follow what is asked from them – obediently.

Cranes were busy picking up the cargo from the ships and placing them in chronological order for further inspection. A green-colored container, hanging from a giant crane was moved directly to the truck standing at the back of narrow passageway. The inspector signs the clearance papers and waves it to move away.

“Move it!” yelled an authoritative voice and truck started rolling out slowly. He has done the task assigned, perfectly yet again, proving his dominance for the role.

Driving his own car, a Range Rover Extended Wheelbase, black beast an embodiment of luxury, power and a killer drive, Joseph looks all but dangerous. Entering the Givani estate he killed the smoke and pulled out of the driveway. A long look at the pastures and he can see Nikkie galloping with Marrie, her favorite mare.

She is an adorable thing, beautiful but furious like a tigress enclosed in a cage. He likes her temperament, his instant aphrodisiac. Keeping the kinky thoughts away, he enters the veranda to meet Savio Givani.

“The cargo has arrived Boss,” he said in a low-keyed tone. Savio doesn’t like high pitch voice inside these four walls. He is the only master of his universe until Nikkie gets married off, and soon.

“How many times I told you not to call me that, I am like your father, Josie boy!” he gave Joseph a gentle pat on the back. “as always, my boy, as always. Well Done.”

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Joseph doesn’t like it when Savio calls him ‘Josie’, ‘it makes me feel like a girl,’ he cursed inside, but could never muster the courage to say it loud. Seeing Nikkie descending from Marrie to come inside, he straightens up a little to look taller and powerful.

Already six feet two-inch-tall or maybe little more in height, broad shoulders, masculine chest, chiseled body with a strong jaw-line. He is everything, girls desire in their private room behind closed doors.

Nikkie entered the sitting area, in a better mood after spending time with Marrie. Placing a swift peck on her father’s cheek, she got up to leave them to their business-talks.

“Won’t you say HI to Joseph? What did he do now, forgot your gift or birthday?” blurted Savio in dismay. He never understood women despite of marrying thrice!

She looked back to her dad with frowned brows, “he is your pet, not mine,” and she walked past Joseph with her nose high.

Her floral fragrance entered his senses and the urge to have her returned with a vengeance. He took an excuse to talk to her and started following Nikkie. Just around the corner, he pulled her towards the outer wall and clutched her waist tightly.

“What the hell are you doing?” she shrieked when he placed his masculine hand on her soft mouth to shut it. Coming close to whisper in her ears, “I can be your pet again, but you just have to ask nicely.”

His tone was sensual, she hates him to the core but this voice still turns her on.

Joseph inhaled her fragrance deeply and loosened his grip, she didn’t move despite being free. He still has magic on her, it’s the raw desire which defeats her determination. Her eyes were melting under his carnal stare, she can feel the sensual tension building up between them.

It took a strong resolve to move away from him, she stepped back and hurried towards her room. Once inside, she bolted the room and went straight to her bed. The images from the past came rushing back to her, their bodies on this very bed, entwined together, exploring each other wildly.

Before her mind could go any deeper into the memories, she picked up the phone to call an inter-state taxi.

I hate you more

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12 thoughts on “I Hate You More – Part 2

  1. All relationships go through hell.. real ones go though it..
    The hatred sometimes ignites the fuel.. 😍🔥

    1. Thank you, Shilpa. I liked that series too, but had a poignant ending. This story has some snippets of ‘dirty-money’ and racy romance. I look forward to your return tomorrow for the next part

  2. This one’s turning out to be quite different than I imagined… I thought she hated her father’s choice…. But this seems to be love hate kinds… Interesting!!

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