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Message in the Bottle – Life’s Irony

message in a bottle

Rima was scrubbing her gear when Gary came running towards her, little eyes beaming with excitement and heart-thumping so fast that she could hear it …

Flash Fiction

To the Moon and Back!

Vandana looked impeccable in a red and beige gown with golden peacock embroidery work from her favorite artisan. Adorning her signature heart-melting smile, she is …

story writing

And It Begins… Chapter 6

It was Maya’s birthday everyone surrounded her for a cake cutting celebration and coffee, Jatin too joined them. Maya could see tension building inside her …

untold bargain

Untold Bargain – Chapter 4

The annual performance report was tabled to discuss rewards and recognition of all factory workers. Sushma awaits for this time of the year eagerly, she …

Silver Lining by Dipika Singh

Silver Lining – Chapter 1

Sushma was anxiously looking at the door ignoring the sea of human figures blocking her vision, she knew it is almost time. Hurriedly she glanced …

spooky tales

My Best Friend – A Tale of Two Friends

Viru was sitting beside Vikram, holding his hand tenderly tapping it with soft feather-like fingers. The nervousness was palpable in both the kids. After all, …

Love Story

Voyage to the Heart

Susan moved from her hometown in India to New Zealand last year. Lateral job promotion provided her with an opportunity to move out and explore …

Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer – Part III: Short Love Story

Quest of love

Queen of Hearts – Short Love Story

College mess was bustling with all kinds of sounds, utensils clattering in the kitchen area, students inflated voices, traffic in the nearby road, it was …

Haunted love story

Possession – Haunted Love Story: Part Two

The villagers told many stories to Meena, along with Rohu and Banu’s undone love story. She was rather intrigued to know what happened next with …

Just you and me togetehr

Just You and Me, Together! Part 4

Into the unknown

Into the Unknown – Part 3

Previously we read the weary relationship between Nikkie and her father Savio Givani, muscle-man of Latvia. Joseph and Nikkie had a past, which left her …

Love story

Girl in the Tower – Part 1 #BlogchatterA2Z

Jovian’s Art Exhibition is one of its kind, extremely famous among art enthusiasts. The opening ball at London’s Art Gallery invited the highest dignitaries and …

Short love stories a quick read

Embracing Feelings: Short Love Stories – Part 3

Short Love Story quick read

Altering Ego – 26 Short Love Stories

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