Voyage to the Heart

Love Story

Susan moved from her hometown in India to New Zealand last year. Lateral job promotion provided her with an opportunity to move out and explore a new country. The initial excitement turned sour when she started missing her home, friends, younger sister, and mother.

To keep herself busy after office hours, she picked up a few online courses but that was just a temporary solution. Soon the courses got over, she was lonely again, and terribly homesick. This also affected her productivity at the office, which she recently got reprimanded about.

In order to distract herself, she started searching for a sustainable option that will keep her busy, and also happy. The coral reef cultivating farm nearby was open for volunteers. She applied for a conservation job which involved in nursing the floating coral-nursery.

She found few people like her, occupied in a full-time job but working at the farm to keep themselves busy. There she met a man called Korri, an investment banker from Philippines. They instantly established a connection and started developing feelings for each other.

During one of the snorkeling sessions, Korri was cleaning reef pods from algae, debris, and plaque when a jellyfish’s venomous tentacles accidentally touched his arms. He felt excruciating pain and began losing consciousness. Others pulled him out from the ocean and called for paramedics’ help.

Susan was heartbroken after learning about the accident, she rushed to the hospital. Doctors informed her about the damage, Korri may lose his left arm or the worst-case scenario hemiplegia, one arm and one leg paralysis. She was devastated, they just began dating and such a tragedy occurred.

On meeting Korri she didn’t show her fear, nor admitted defeat. It was moment of truth for both of them, he suffered hemiplegia and both limbs on his left side lost functionality.

Korri has tried his level best to persuade Susan to leave him and carry on with her life. But she isn’t among those who give up without a fight.

They accepted life how it represented itself, one step at a time. Eventually, with the best medical care and the unconditional love of Susan, he gained a 40% movement in his limbs. One year later, the two decided to make it official by signing on the legal documents.


The post is written as part of #A2ZChallenge & #BlogchatterA2Z. To read the previous post, please click hereMy theme this year is Short Love Stories.

Disclaimer – This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. Reader discretion is advised.


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  1. A lovely journey depicted in the post. I love the way you have written this. Thank you for the lovely post.
    Happy A2Zing 🙂

  2. Aww… lovely story!

  3. Lovely narration as usual but a special story of celebrating true love with strength and togetherness. Loved this one… Kudos to you 🙂

  4. Thats what is called true love. In tough times, your loved one should be the pillar of strength. And Susan had done what a true lover will do. Korri was lucky to have her my his side.

  5. This story about the special love of Korri and Susan underlines the long held belief that True love conquers All. I really love your story telling skills and I think you should go for a longer format as I wish to read more.

    1. Thank you so much

  6. I had just finished reading your book and love this chapter. this one is beautifully expressed love story and I felt connected with both Susan and korri as a reader.

  7. It’s difficult to find true love. True love that is selfless and needs sacrifice. Nice to read such a beautiful love story. Plus someday I would really want to try snorkeling.

  8. Loved Korri and Susan’s tale, the weave is beautiful and heart-touching. I have to speed up reading your book now. I so so love, love stories.

    1. I am so glad you liked it, thank you so much.

  9. This is such a beautiful heart touching tale of true love. True love is a rare blessing. One who gets it can ivercome any difficulties in life.

  10. Very well-written. I liked how tbe story picked momentum in between and then a sweet ending. Love stories have their own charm. This is indeed a beautiful one.

  11. This is what we called a true unconditional love, when tuning of two souls matched which matters all above, I have read your few posts of A2Z challenge and willing to read all through your book so just downloaded it.

  12. It’s actually a blessing to find true love and I am so happy to read such beautiful love stories!!

  13. I have always been a fan of your fiction stories. You write so well, this was such a lovely read. What a beautiful love story, unconditional love indeed.

  14. I love it when i read some true love stories like this one. Eventually Susan and korri won as Korri regained his limbs movement. That’s what I call Happy Endings.

  15. Very engaging and beautifully told story. I have a thing for sweet ribs tic stories like this one.

  16. This is such a perfect romance short story with the most perfect ending. I could totally connect with Susan and Korri, great narration.

    1. Thank you, so glad you like it

  17. I am a big fan of your fictional stories especially love stories. You depicted the story very well. Every time when I read a line, I feel a connection, like just watching a cinema. This is the power of your writing. Well Done Dipika!

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