Message in the Bottle – Life’s Irony


Rima was scrubbing her gear when Gary came running towards her, little eyes beaming with excitement and heart-thumping so fast that she could hear it from a distance.

Without saying a single word he started pulling her towards the shore; ‘What is it, Gary, where are you taking me? No more diving or sea shells for today, I have already told you that.’ Rima is done with today’s class and combing the shore for sea shells with him. They do it every morning after the diving class, but not at noon when the sun is shining brightest right above their heads.

‘Okay young boy, tell me what is it now’, demanded Rima, she wanted to get over with the day’s work and reach home early. This is her time to relax, sip a cooler, and go back to slumber.

Gary was set on a mission, he hardly talks or gets excited about anything when not diving. But once inside the ocean, he turns into a different being; as if he is the master of deep blue. She was thinking of her little pupil when suddenly Gary stopped in his tracks.

He pointed her towards a satchel washed ashore, it was in depleted condition and badly moss-infested insides. The bag was smutty and emanating sea stench but her eyes caught the contents it was holding inside safely.

She pulled out a miniature bottle of a scotch brand she once loved. A sliver of a smile flashed across her face remembering the past while removing the bottle from the bag’s clutches.

‘Woah! Gary looks like you got treasure here, buddy’, she said looking at the tiny paper neatly rolled inside the greenish bottle.

They marched back to the trainer’s cabin eagerly to unearth the secret of this Ginnie bottle. She cleared her desk to safely keep the bottle, removed all the muck, and dried it with a towel. Now it was ready to open, Gary was exhilarated, this is his very first ‘Message in the Bottle on a Beach‘ treasure jackpot.

Rima pulled the cork out and carefully removed the paper scroll using the eyebrow tweezers. Her hands are pretty steady despite her age and held the entire operation with acute precision.

‘Okay buddy, are you ready for this? Sit close, we will read it together, Gary.’ her voice started to tremble. Gary was peering into the scroll, unable to bear it anymore. He gestured to hurry up with it, already.

Hello, If you are reading this message please call my wife on (number) and tell her -‘I love her the most in this world. I will try to come back to you my love, but if somehow I cannot fulfil my promise, please follow your passion and live your life fully. I will always be with you, watching you my love.’ For – Rima Marie Ann. 609/3rd Alley, Colin Street, Queensland.

Love, Patric Lambay. Dated – February, 2, 1987. Beechcraft Baron, Mt. Daine, river Plamer.

Speechless and stunned by life’s irony, she looked towards the sky, tears streaming out of her eyes. Clutching the message to her heart she whispered looking at Gary, ‘as you wished, my love.’

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