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Everyone has one person that inspires them the most. The person who makes a huge difference in your life’s decisions and everything around it. Mostly, this person is your mother, sister, friend, or family member. My mother is the most important person in my life, her support is unconditional and selfless. A self-motivated person who acts like a spinal cord of the family. She literally has the whole family balancing on her two shoulders, I am sure all mothers are made up of titanium, the strongest metal of them all. If I say, my mother is the one who inspires me even today, it will be a cliche, isn’t it! But, then some cliches are hard facts of life.

But in this post, I am going beyond the real-life inspirations and venturing into the world of fiction, sharing with you the strong women roles that inspire me the most.

Strong Female Characters that Inspire me –

1. Meredith Grey (Grey’s Anatomy) played by Ellen Pompeo

Meredith Grey, the female protagonist of the long-running medical drama Grey’s Anatomy, is a strong, brave empowered woman who wants it all – a successful career as a surgeon, a name, a loving husband, and a family. She is a hardworking smart-ass, numb-wrecking braveheart all at the same time. Her character goes through resilient situations, where she portrays courage, and perseverance beautifully.

Meredith is a positive role model for many as she keeps it raw and real. A hard-core professional who is emotional and sentimental at the same time. She doesn’t mind playing dirty to achieve, but not brutally. She calls herself ‘dark and twisty’ but what inspires me is her honesty. She is unapologetic about her life choices and always ready to give them a try.

She is a mix of so many emotions, and that’s why I connect with this character. Women are like a bag mix of many shades, good or bad we own up to our actions and face the music when things go haywire.

Meredith Grey’s famous quote is, ‘adapt or die‘.

2. Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones) played by Sophie Turner

Sansa Stark is born to be a queen someday, an ignorant young girl who is well-protected and raised with traditions and has a natural opinion about life. She is shallow, naive, non-political, and a big dreamer. She chooses traditions, popular opinion, and the validation of others over her own judgments.

Life turns upside down and Sansa is lost in the cruel brutal warring world to fend for herself. She learns the art of survival, it’s her against the ever-conspiring world. Sansa responds to the challenges by taking baby steps in the power games. Her role portrays growth from a naive dreamy girl to a seasonal politician who never forgets and always delivers her revenge.

I truly loved this fictional character from GOT, there is no wrong or right way to find your path. Some are born to be leaders and others find a way around it. Sansa Stark faced the worst nightmares and learned a lot from life. She is a winner in the end.

Sansa Stark’s famous quote – ‘I am a slow learner it’s true, but I Learn‘.

3. Christina Yang (Grey’s Anatomy) played by Sandra Oh

Christina Yang is a shark! She is this super brilliant cardio geek who lives, breathes, and dreams of heart surgeries. She is unapologetic about being focused on her goal and there are absolutely zero deviations from that. Christina is competitive, stubborn, talented, and visionary.

You see, we find very few people in life who are focused, and many don’t accept the fact they are extremely focussed thinking it might hurt the general sentiment. Christina Yang is near-robot-like when it comes to her focus, but she is also very emotionally attached to her extremely small inner circle.

What inspires me in Christina Yang is her immense strength, she can operate for 20 hours in a stretch, is very ambitious, and strong pillar of strength for her people. She doesn’t care what others think about her, it’s her way of the highway. She never hides away from challenges and makes her own decisions, life has taught her to value her instincts the most, and she is unapologetic about it. That’s one aspect I absolutely admire in Dr. Yang.

Christina’s famous quote is – ‘be unstoppable‘.

4. Claire Underwood (House of Cards) played by Robin Wright

She is a woman on a mission! Claire Underwood is a power-hungry, manipulative, strong-headed woman who becomes the 47th President of the USA. She is absolutely ruthless when it comes to her ambition. A lone wolf who trusts no one and strongly believes in her own capabilities.

Claire is an intelligent woman who knows she can do a man’s job better in the oval office. She doesn’t mind using people to reach her goal and has shown a refreshing tale of women with ambitions. Nothing comes her way, she knows how to handle any given situation. She learned her art from keen observations and intelligence.

The idea of mentioning such a strong ‘ruthlessly power-hungry’ women role model here is that there is nothing wrong with being ambitious. We have seen men playing this game for generations, so much so, that their thirst for hunger has been generalized by society. But when women choose her ambition over everything, she suddenly becomes a villain.

I see that things are changing slowly and women are too accepted in the ‘male-centric’ world of power games, but we still have a long mile to cover.

Claire Underwood’s famous quote is – ‘The blood is on all over hands, and doing nothing is the same as pulling the trigger.’

5. Hermione Granger (Harry Potter Series) played by Emma Watson

She is an odd one out, but most honest and admirable person in the whole series. She is the glue that kept the story alive and on various occasions outshined the main protagonist. I truly love the strong build-up of Harmione’s character. Very real and no-nonsnse girl who puts in twice the efforts to outshine the nepotism of wizardry.

She stands against gender stereotypes, fight giants, does all sort of things ‘women’ aren’t supposed to in the magical school of Hogwarts. She is witty, smart, and inquisitive to learn.

Hermione stood for those who could not take their own stand, she was vocal against ‘lame-rules’ and often challenged the authority. She is everything I would like to see my own kid grow into.

Hermione’s famous quote is – ‘I mean, it’s sort of exciting, isn’t it, breaking the rules?

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