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My Best Friend – A Tale of Two Friends

Viru was sitting beside Vikram, holding his hand tenderly tapping it with soft feather-like fingers. The nervousness was palpable in both the kids. After all, it was a kind of ‘life-and-death’ decision for them. Vikram’s parents have finally decided to shift to Gurugram since his father got a better opportunity and his mother expressed a desire to resume the French-tutorial classes.

Almora is Vikram’s ancestral town, they own a large estate sprawling across acres with huge Chinar and Pine trees enclosing the boundaries from all sides of the property. A massive two-floors wooden bungalow in the middle of ancient gardens with bushes, and yellow-gold flowers. A small figurine fountain in the middle of the pathway is his most favorite spot.

Many different species of birds come to take a dip or quench their thirst here. He enjoys their cacophony and loves surprising their flock, but Viru gets naughtier at times. He aims and hits them with stones, sometimes little birdies fall down, Vikram feels sad but Viru ensures to take care of the wounded ones.

Vikram was born here and so was his father, the same room he is currently sitting in with Viru, once belonged to his father. Virat Singh Shekhawat, good that their initials match, (VSS) as he still keeps getting the old hidden treasures from his father’s past with V.S.S. engraved on them.

Just a few days ago, while searching a lost compass box, he stumbled upon a loose wooden wall chip by the bedside. After scouring it, he saw a cavity in the wall, inside was kept a little box with initials VSS. Treasure! He found many such small articles from the different areas of their home and saved them as his own pride possessions.

Coming back to where we began, Vikram has to leave this home and his very best friend Viru behind. He tried to convince both his parents to not shift from Almora, but the decision was already made.

Shambhu Kaka, their cook, and caretaker of the property informed Vikram to get ready soon as sahib and memsahib have planned to travel today for booking the new house. A sudden surge of rage took over his otherwise composed behavior and he dashed towards their room and yelled to cancel everything right now, or else he will run away!

This uncalled ultimatum infuriated his father, who commanded that Vikram won’t be traveling with them to Gurugram as a penalty for his rude behavior. ‘Let him stay alone for two days, without mummy and iPad, he’ll get back to his senses back. Shambhu, no need to treat him royally. Let the lad learn to behave.’ The instructions were clear, and no one speaks when Major Virat Singh Shekhawat is talking. It’s been around two years since his dad opted for the VRS (voluntary retirement services) from the army. But the whole family and estate workers follow and live in-discipline life.

Back in his room, Vikram shared his disappointment with Viru who was quietly listening to all the commotion from the other side. He gingerly told Vikram to forget about it, we still can have a lot of fun and play games when they are gone. This uplifted Vikram’s sulking mood and he started removing all the old articles from the study closet.

This is their most favorite game, explore and search for hidden treasures from the property. Today, it’s decided to search in the barn as there will be nobody to watch over. Shambhu kaka has a habit of taking an afternoon nap, this will give them a long time to go out and explore the barn.

Vikram loves challenges, he was ready for the new mission when Viru asked him to search for a box that is made of black-iron with weird markings. Vikram was curious to know why he mentioned such specifics? ‘How do you know about the box, when we haven’t even found it yet?’

‘Arre baba, when your father was a boy, such boxes were so common. Even I had one in my home, my mother kept her clothes in that box, simple.’ Viru answered.

They began searching for a ‘mysterious’ black-iron box with weird markings. Hens started fluttering around their coop when they entered the barn. Horses looked uneasy and stressed in the stable, Vikram wondered if animals too take their afternoon nap like Shambhu Kaka or if it is going to rain today. Mother once mentioned to him, animals can sense things or phenomena we humans cannot, like rainfall, earthquake, or thunderstorm, etc.

The search continued for a few hours, both were covered in mud and dried grass in their hair, it was Rocky’s loud bark that got Vikram’s attention. ‘He is always mad at me, God knows why dad loves him so much, Viru. He is a spoiled dog!’ he glowered at Rocky while going out of the barn.

Shambhu Kaka took one long look at Vikram’s clothes and asked him to go to wash immediately and to remove the shoes before entering the veranda. Don’t want mud footprints on the wooden flooring.

Vikram obliged! He was in the bath when Kaka started yelling from the door.

He peeked out from the shower door to check what’s wrong? ‘Vikram Baba, I told you TO REMOVE your shoes before entering the veranda. Come and see what you have done. Sahib will get very angry tomorrow to see the marks on the floor polish’

Surprised Vikram came out in a towel and looked down from his room’s porch while murmuring that he removed the dirty shoes outside. But he could also see the shoe marks clearly from the top floor.

‘How is this even possible? I removed my shoes before entering, Kaka. These are not my marks!’

‘Now, you will say these are Viru’s shoe-marks! As always, all you do is put blame on him. Didn’t the last time you mention he doesn’t even wear any shoes?’ poked Shambhu Kaka.

‘Where is Viru, show me? Today, I want to see that scoundrel’s face, where is he hiding? Chalo call him… Viru, where are you? Vikram baba wants to talk to you. Come and show me your dirty shoes, nalayak ladke kahan hai tu?’

As always, he was nowhere to be seen. Whenever Vikram talks about Viru, they all snub him away saying he is your imagination, a pretend friend. No one believes him, that his best friend is real and with him all the time. Viru is like a true partner, a brother that he doesn’t have, a friend but more like his own blood and flesh.

Disappointed, Vikram returned to his room when a huge thud caught him by surprise. He dashed to see what has happened when he saw Viru standing on top of Shambhu Kaka’s lifeless body in the veranda. Engraving VSS in blood on Shambhu Kaka’s forehead with his forefinger.

Viru was smiling back at Vikram with his bloodless white eyes, while tears rolled down from Vikram’s panic-stricken eyes.

VSS – Virendra Singh Shekhawat – elder brother of his father, who drowned and died in the nearby lake when he was just 8 years old.

 This post is written for StorytellersBlogHop FEB 2021 by Ujjwal & MeenalSonal.


© Dipika Singh. Unauthorized use or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Dipika Singh (Gleefulblogger). With the right and specific direction to the original content.

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  1. Spooky and spine chilling! Young boys are up to mischief always and have friends as partners in crime. But your story offers a unique twist of a ghost who is the partner of Vikram! Maybe he got angry that he was going to lose his friend if he moved away. Curious to know what the black box may have contained….

    1. Thank you so much, blog buddy! Glad you like it. The box, I leave it on readers imagination 😅

  2. I’m sure we all.had that imaginary friend. Good take on a story that tells the story of our imaginary friend.

    1. Oh! He wasn’t an imaginary friend, I guess you haven’t read the whole story ;(

  3. Praby says:

    Zapped with the twist in the climax… Dint expect a Ramsay twist to a friendship tale. Exciting !!!!

    1. Hahahah! Thank you, buddy

  4. Ruchi Verma says:

    Oh, God!! I really loved the climax, was not expecting this one, I was expecting something different but turned out to be entirely different from my thoughts!!

  5. The twist at the end was totally out of blue and I had to reread the last paras to get the gist completely. Simply mind-blowing and of course as Vasumati pointed out, even I was curious about the black box and while rereading, I was checking for more clues about the box.

    1. Let me try a sequel to this story.

  6. Deepika Sharma says:

    Wow what an end. I like the VSS take, amazing narrative and build up to the climax. Wonderful story, though i feel sad for Shambhu Kaka
    Deepika Sharma

    1. I am so glad you like the post. Thank You

  7. hey Dipika how are you? I am Back to blog reading after 2 years and glad I read your story today!
    Ah, what an ending you have given to this work. I was in some other direction and your story took me to new horizon. Twists are definitely my kind of reading preference. Great use of the prompt also.

    1. So glad to see you here, Romilla. I followed you on Instagram a few days back too. Thank you, if you appreciating writing, that means I have done a good job. Really happy 😊 thank you so much. Glad you are back!

  8. The end was like a punch in the gut, and terribly spooky as well. Great twist, Dipika! Enjoyed the read!

    1. Thank you, Mayuri. Glad you like it 🙂

  9. Dipika, you nailed it. That climax was very unexpected. And your name choice was also very perfect. VSS gave a feel of army personnel and could imagine the disciplinary environment in their house. I saw your Insta stories today and I must say, you did full justice with writing this piece- something you love as a reader. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Alpana. I am so gad you like it. I am a huge horror fiction fan, and try to write some without making it look or feel a cliché. Glad you like the climax.

  10. Lovely story of two friends or should I say partners in crime. It made me remember one of my childhood friend who was my partner in crime 😀

    1. Thanks for stopping by, did you read the whole post? I am sure, your friend won’t be like the one mentioned in the post.

  11. Dipika, the end took me to the surprise, it was spine chilling to read. I re-read last few lines to gather it again. Elated to have a great StoryTeller like you.

  12. Priyanka Nair says:

    Didn’t saw it coming!! What a twist you gave to the story, I was shocked for a while and read the last line twice ..haha..Good to read from you after a long time Deepika, although I read you on Instagram regularly 🙂

    1. Thank you so much, Priyanka. You made my day 💕 Glad to see you here, and I too enjoy reading you on FB.

  13. Oh my… So eerie! I was almost left guessing who can VSS be… Initially I thought maybe he was the grandfather itself as a little boy befriending Vikram…. Quite a twist at the end :)!

    1. Thank you so much, Ira. Glad you like it.

  14. Honestly dear, when I had read the title of story, I thought it is a sweet and cute tale dedicated to childhood friendship. but while reading and reaching up to end, you had changed my perspective completely. as everyone said, the ending was so unexpected and add a shocking twist to story. as usual, you are brilliant with narrations and story setting. I had also re called movie bhootnath and recent laxmi bomb while reading your story.

    1. You are too kind with words, Surbhi. Thank you for appreciate, glad you like it 😊

  15. What did just happen? 🤐 omg, I wasn’t prepared for the end. Your story around Vikram had this super surprise. I was imagining the whole story along the read. you caught the right emotion and the big bang in the end with Virus eyes was nailing it.

    1. Thank you, Urvashi. I am so happy to know you like it.

  16. A scary twist, my God! After reading such stories, I shelter some trust issues;)
    Btw, nice one 👍

    1. Hahahah! Thanks for stopping by.

  17. Chilling story, Dipika.
    So well expressed with attention to details. I remembered my visit to Almora 🙂
    Two friends, but so different- separated by time & space.
    Hope Vikram is safe. What happens next? Time for sequel.
    One of the characters in my story is named – Veeru- Veerendra! 🙂

    1. Wow, glad to know the coincidence. Thank you for appreciation, means a lot

  18. A story with a very unusual twist, very unique way of writing. This hop is truly a box of interesting stories.

    1. Thank you so much, glad you like it

  19. Omg! My heart skipped the beat on that THUD—what a gripping storyline Dipika along with a totally unexpected ending. The imagination of the VVS mark in the end still haunting me.

  20. D! It started as such a sweet story of two friends and by the time it ended I had goosebumps! I loved how detailed a picture you created with the chinar trees, the birds and the wooden house. VVS, I could never have imagined. Howcome his family never mentioned him? Were all the treasures Vikram found his in reality? Really spooky!

  21. Dr.Amrita Basu says:

    That is such a gripping and chilling narrative. I was not able to guess till the very ending.

    1. Thank you for stopping by.

  22. This was gripping and spooky. I didn’t expect this end at all. Amazing character and scene building.

  23. Wow, I did not see that one coming. Interesting take on the prompt and something that started as a simple tale of friends shifting base suddenly became a spine chilling one.

  24. I really enjoyed this tale with an unexpected twist! It seemed like an innocent tale but soon turned spooky.

  25. Oh my god !! seriously! This was my reaction after reading the end. It was really unexpected. Great story.

  26. Those last 2 paragraphs took me completely!! I could picturize the horror in those revelations!! There’s always something spooky about these heritage bungalows in the midst of forlorn nature. Your narrative was gripping!! Well done!

    1. Thank you so much, your feedback made my day

  27. Spine chilling. At one point in the story, I somehow thought that Viru must be an imaginary friend but what a twist the story took. As evryone else, even I’m wondering why Viru wanted Vikram to find the black box? What was in it? And I want to know what happened next?

  28. I didn’t know you can write a thriller/horror genre too. Straight from a friendship tale to suspense, in the end, was simply mind-blowing.

  29. Oh my god! That was spine chilling and actually gave me goosebumps! Your story was really gripping and I could have never guessed it would end this way.

  30. Wow, love the climax.

  31. Honestly at first I thought it is really an imaginary friend then later I realise its actually a ghost story. It actually scared me.

  32. A gripping thriller indeed.. But I didnt get the context of Virendra got co-related with Vikram’s split personality. Or was it former’s ghost?

  33. That was an unexpected and gory twist! I liked that you merged a ghost story with the concept of imaginary friends that are so common during one’s childhood.

  34. Wow, now that’s such spooky twist to the story. I loved how it started with two kids playing, exploring the places and then taking a spine-chilling turn towards the end. Loved your write up Dipika!

  35. Gripping story and the climax at the end was a bang on which completely changed the perception. Good story telling.

  36. Quite a twist towards the end, and much left to the imagination of the reader, the box story, I didn’t find a culmination or was it just a distraction.
    Nicely written, enthralling and the climax did send some chills down the spine.

  37. Prisha Lalwani says:

    what a twist in the end!!! well written with a seat edge plot 🙂

  38. Loved the ending! Nicely narrated! Glad to connect with you once again, through this blog hop.

  39. Love the read… and the end is awesome

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